Rex Guinea Pig Care – A Complete Guide

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Purchasing or adopting a brand-new family pet may be tough occasionally. If you wish to have a brand-new close friend in your life, you could would like to know even more about it. Information like exactly how its cage need to look or exactly what food benefits it must matter when you are considering a Rex Guinea Pig.

With our aid, you will discover all that you should understand about this varieties and also your choice will certainly be a lot much easier after you will certainly review this write-up. Right here, you will certainly discover all the details regarding them, from general details to their diet plan.

General Details of the Rex Guinea Pig

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Amongst the family of the guinea pigs, among the key types of that family is the rex guinea pig. Of the charming pets, it is likewise among the largest breeds. Its’ cuddy and affable nature character makes it extra obvious and significant.

This guinea pig is a brief haired pet since its hair is no longer than one centimeter. Likewise, its hair is thick as well as straight due to the fact that it has a wooly structure that makes it not to be level. Most importantly, the growing dimension in length of this pet is in between 20-40.5 centimeters. While their production, numerous types were combined as well as consequently, these pigs can be discovered in numerous shades and also with various sorts of hair.

Lots of people locate it perfect to acquire the Rex guinea pig as a pet dog since it economicals to preserve for it has brief hair that calls for marginal maintenance. However, many individuals obtain confused for they in some cases take into consideration the Rex guinea pigs as teddy guinea pigs because both of them are short haired.

The difference between both is that, compared to the rex guinea pig, the teddy guinea pig has a hair that is softer and also smoother. They have lengthy ears that are gone down around the head as well as large eyes. Likewise, compared to other breeds, their nails tend to grow thicker and also much faster.

The Rex guinea pig could grow up to 6 years depending on just what type of treatment they obtain and also the setting where they live. For the women Rex, between 20 weeks and also one year of age is determined as the most effective reproduction duration. Additionally, inning accordance with clinical study, their gestation period is in between 65-72 days and they could create 3 litters.

Beginnings of the Rex Guinea Pig

It is believed that the Rex guinea pig originated from South America between 1200 AD as well as 1532 a time when the indigenous people of South America were conducting selective reproduction of pigs for food.

Rex Guinea Pig Personality

Intelligence: The Rex guinea pig could get utilized to ones’ voice, and it will always show various action levels. It can likewise be feasible to educate this particular pig to execute a few of its natural tasks when the owner uses deals with as benefits to instruct it.

Sustainability for youngsters: normally, the Rex guinea pig does not welcome taking care of as well as brushing rather they require some high quality time invested in their coats. This provides the Rex guinea pig the best personality for being an exceptional pet for kids.

Temperament and also personality: Normally, the Rex guinea pig is sociable. This is due to the fact that it can live in sets or teams. Before they end up being by themselves, they must be interacted socially at a more youthful age. As illustrated in the representation below.
rex guinea pig

Resting habits: Night hours are the best moments for the wild cavies for they are much more energetic currently.

The Features of Rex Guinea Pig

The Rex Guinea Pig has a vast head along with a brief face. The eyes are great as well as fairly large. The ears are petal shaped and also droop in addition to their bodies are rather long. This Rex guinea pig has a distinctive curly coat.

The Rex Guinea Pig is a little domestic cavy with a thick, coarse wool layer comprised of twisted hairs. They whiskers have the very same appearance as the hair and are prone to breaking short. The upright growth of the hairs provides the guinea pig a hedgehog-like appearance.

Rex guinea pig establishes in various means compared with various other guinea pig. Their development lasts till they are 24 months old. They grow taller, evaluate a lot more, have curly whiskers, additionally level curly nails have thick, and also coarse wavy hair. The hair is likewise dental implanted in a manner that is truly recognizable. They have curls on their stomach. The stomach fur is instead very finely spread out.

Rex guinea pig can measure 20-40.5 centimeters in size. Some wild guinea pig could be as long as a meter. The appropriate age for the women guinea pig to start breeding goes to least 20 weeks of age in addition to prior to 1 years old as well as the gestation duration is in between 65-72 days.

Realities about Rex Guinea Pig

  • The Rex guinea pig is a primary classified type of the guinea family members pigs.
  • Their size is between 20-40.5 centimeters
  • They are out their own. This implies that they are of the non-self-variety of guinea pig. For this reason, they are divided right into three communities that include: marked, long-haired and covered.
  • They have wooly hair that is dense which significantly stands on and they have drooping ears over their large heads.
  • Their fur has no rosettes.
  • Their coat hair is not more than 1/2 of an inch. Which is likewise the size of their whole layer
  • Their coat does not go flat due to the fact that it stands in an upright way and also it curls as a result of the shortness of their guard hairs.
  • The Rex guinea Pigs have a recessive genetics in them which creates the curling as well as the coarseness of their smooth hair.
  • There exists a long-haired Rex Guinea Pig range whose hair seems bumpy.
  • The Rex guinea pig are excellent for youngsters to care for because, they love to be rubbed and also handled.
  • This is an indicator of an excellent character and also gentleness in them.
  • The Rex exists in different shades since it has been cross-bred with pigs of other hair types.
  • The Rex was available in many shades such as brownish, agouti or white.
  • The Rex does not require much maintenance expenditures. For that reason, therefore, they qualify to be great starter pigs.
  • Usually the Rex is puzzled with the Teddy pigs. What separates them is that the rex has a harsher layer than the
  • Teddy whose skin is much softer. The hairs of the Rex are curly while the Teddys’ are straight.
  • Most notably, they are genetically various given that, if you reproduce them together you will certainly develop a various breed which could be an American brief haired guinea pig most probably.

Rex Guinea Pig Diet Regimen

There is no certain diet plan for the Rex guinea pig, nonetheless, a food mix with nutritional values as well as specifics that any type of little animal needs are recommended for the guinea pigs as food. This ranges from proteins to fibers. It excels to note that, foods that are fresh for example vegetables and fruits could be given to the Rex guinea pigs however only as treats. Nevertheless if you give these pigs large quantities of veggies and fruits, they can diarrhea or get ill and also have liver issues.

Due to their little bodies, the guinea pigs can not generate vitamin c, yet their bodies need it. For this reason, lack of vitamin c in the Rex guinea pigs’ bodies can be supplemented with the assistance of veggies as well as fruits when it is needed. To prevent the health issue that might be triggered as a result of making use of veggies and fruits that are not good for them, listed below is a listing of fresh food that is optionally healthy and balanced for them:

Fruits: apple, melon, banana, blueberries, strawberries as well as melon.
Veggies: parsley, tomato, Chinese cabbage, carrots, broccoli, clover, corn skills, and dandelion.
Also in their diet regimen, water is extremely crucial as well as vital. This water needs to be tidy, fresh and also must be transformed daily. This is since naturally, one would not desire his or her little pal to obtain sick just because of infected water. Furthermore, guarantee that the water is accessed easily in the cage. Nevertheless, bear in mind that throughout the winter season, if the pigs, get enough water from the fresh vegetable and fruits, they may not consume alcohol water whatsoever however once again they might consume a lot of water throughout the hot days.

Taking Care of Rex Guinea Pig

A Rex Guinea pig requires the exact same treatment as a lot of other guinea pig types do, they call for no extra treatment apart from grooming their toe nails more frequently.

When real estate a Rex guinea pig, pick an enclosure/cage that is as huge as feasible. The minimal dimensions for your Guinea Pigs’ house need to be at the very least 0.5 meters by 0.25 Meters High.

When housing a Guinea Pig in summer season, ensure that their house is placed in a location with enough sanctuary from the sun, as they do not tolerate warmth stress and anxiety well in all.

We recommend making use of a “dripper” type water bottle, as well as including at least 2 of them to your animals cage. Sometimes these beverage bottles become obstructed, which is why we suggest having at least 2. Prevent making use of a water ‘bowl ‘ideally as these become extremely easily dirtied as well as could be knocked over leaving your pets with no clean drinking water.

When preparing your Guinea Pigs’ house, ensure you make use of bed linens materials like shredded paper, straw or hay and also change their bed linens typically. Whatever material is being made use of for your Cavies bed linen, guarantee it has not been chemically dealt with as well as is risk-free for usage by your Rex guinea pig.

For playtime, include some “hiding” locations for your animal, such as reversed boxes. Add at least one concealing location each guinea pig.

When brushing your Guinea Pig, keep in mind that a Rex might need their nails be clipped much more often than other guinea pig breeds. As their coat is short as well as rough, it does not require cleaning as commonly as other types, nonetheless you must ensure you do regularily brush your pet Rex.

Watch out for any type of possible Illness in your Rex Guinea pig by looking for interest from a qualified Veterinarian needs to your pet develop any one of the following symptoms:

  • Coughing or Open up Mouth Breathing
  • Nasal and/or Eye Discharge
  • Hissing
  • Overgrown Teeth
  • Any kind of skin problems, ireggularities
  • Changes in their food usage
  • Like most pets, Guinea Pigs gain from Normal check ups with a neighborhood Veternarian to ensure their health is on track.

Exactly what is the Distinction In between Teddy as well as Rex Guinea Pig?

The Teddy as well as the Rex Guinea Pig looks very same, nevertheless, they have various genetic make-up. Teddy and also Rex are caused by 2 different genetics. Teddy guinea pig is more typical compared to Rex in the US and also Rex guinea pig are a lot more usual in Europe.

Normally, the Rex Guinea Pig is often mistaken for the Teddy guinea pig. What separates them is that the rex has a harsher layer compared to the Teddy whose skin is much softer. The Rex guinea pig has short, blurry hair that stands on end over their entire body, and is uniform in length. They have no rosettes as well as their fur should not be more than half an inch.

The hairs of the Rex are curly while the Teddy are straight. The teddy guinea pig has an extra thick and also may have longer hair on their stomach. Most importantly, they are genetically different since, if you breed them with each various other you will develop a different breed which could be an American short haired guinea pig most likely.


For those that have actually not gotten an opportunity to adjust the Rex guinea pig in the past, it is very recommended that you possess one, this is due to the fact that it has actually been proven beyond any affordable question that they are charming animals that are very easy to care for. Furthermore, they always appreciate ones’ existence.

Also, the Rex guinea pig are excellent buddies for youngsters due to the fact that the bond between them as well as children is typically adamant. Kids will always take pleasure in the social presence of the Rex guinea pig for this reason making it a practice of playing with them.