100+ Cute Guinea Pig Names, Pictures, Videos and Cages

Cute Guinea Pig Names

What to Call Your New Guinea Pig

So you are obtaining a guinea pig? You should be screeching just like one with enjoyment! That would not at the news that you are obtaining one of the prettiest, cuddliest, and the majority of charming little fuzzy pets to life?

Guinea pig make wonderful family pets as well as are reduced upkeep. They do not need a lot of space, their housing demands are marginal, and also it’s a lot of enjoyable to develop them a little backyard! They appreciate the firm of various other guinea pig and also truly create a bond with their proprietors. You will certainly like them for their entire 5 to seven year lifespan, as well as they’ll like you right back.

So, do you have any kind of idea what you will call your guinea pig? Satisfying your suit at the pet store is the simple component, however providing it a name might not be so easy. If you are lucky, the name will certainly just involve you when you picked which one to take house. Many are not that fortunate, and, consequently, have to do a little research study.

Making this matter a little less complicated, I have actually compiled a checklist of the best guinea pig names that I might locate or consider. Scroll to discover various names in separate groups.

Cute Guinea Pig Names

Guinea pigs are adorably unclear little pests. These adorable animals deserve a name as adorable as they are! Take a look at these charming guinea pig names, excellent for men and females!

cute guinea pigs

Funny Guinea Pig Names

It’s simple to find up with a funny name for your furry good friend. Choose a name that uses their varieties or their small stature, for starters.

cute guinea pigs funny

Cute Guinea Pig Boy Names

Male names often seem more “strong” than girly names, yet whether your guinea pig is more of an attention-hog or a shy piglet, there’s a name for all!

cute guinea pig names for a boy

Cute Guinea Pig Girl Names

Woman names commonly have a “girly” really feel to them and also often mirror the foods we consume! Why? Since ladies are pleasant, so is food, and women like food. That’s not all that is on our listing, naturally, so inspect it out!

cute guinea pig female names

Cute Guinea Pig Couple Names

It’s not totally necessary to have matching set guinea pig names like Salt and Pepper, which are cute however do not truly check out characters completely.

Sometimes names can just fit together well, even though they typically aren’t in matched pairs. As an example, Minnie Pig and Walbert work well together and seem to include even more personality when matched by doing this.

Some other instances of charming guinea pig names for sets include:

cute guinea pig pair names

Choosing a Guinea Pig Name

There are plenty of names to choose from, and also ideally you have actually already discovered one you like by this point, yet if you haven’t, not to fret!

Whether you have a male or female guinea pig, try examining its personality and also outer look to help you select a name.

Does it go to you today, or is it still a bit skittish?
Is it loud, or does it make little sound?
What shade is it and also what “hairdo” does it have?

Answering these concerns could help when determining in between two or three names, also.

Let Your Guinea Pig Assist Choose

Still don’t have a name? I’m a follower of allowing my pets aid in this process just because I am so unclear when it concerns these things, as well as the ridiculous memories that it makes. There are a couple of methods a guinea pig could “aid” choose a name.

If you have an outward bound piggy, have a few friends being in a circle, assign a name per person, and put the guinea pig between. The guinea pig takes on the name of the person it mosts likely to first!

Create various names on a couple of index cards and put them around the area with some guinea pig food; you can also do this in the cage if it huges sufficient. Whichever card it eats off first is the name that the guinea pig chooses! Easy, right? I think so!

Whatever you do to identify the guinea pig’s name, have fun with it!

Cute Guinea Pig Pictures and Image

Cute and Funny Pictures of Guinea Pig

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Cute Guinea Pig Cages

Buying a store-bought guinea pig cage has its downsides. For something, the majority of the ones located at my local pet shop or chain store are not large, however yet they cost $59 and up.

Additionally, the ones I have discovered are not very trendy. In fact, they’re all rather ordinary as well as boring, and they all look the very same with little variant from one to another.

With a bit of initiative and also creative thinking, nevertheless, you could produce a beautiful house for your guinea pig that is larger, less expensive, as well as a whole lot extra elegant than exactly what you could discover in the shops.

Right here are some photos clips of some great guinea pig cages that have actually built. Use them to get your creative juices moving, and produce something even better. After that please return below and also share your picture with us!

cute guinea pig cage accessories


cute guinea pig cages


cute guinea pig hutch


cage of guinea pigs


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Cute Guinea Pig Videos

A guinea pig is such a charming as well as amusing family pet. Take a look at these cute and funny guinea pigs in this new animals collection.

Cute Guinea Pig Accessories

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