Best +20 Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Designs Ideas With Photo Gallery

This gallery features beautiful cherry wood kitchens in contemporary, modern, rustic and traditional design styles. Kitchens with cherry wood cabinets offer a warm and luxurious look and match well with a variety of different countertop materials and finishes.

This kitchen is directly open to the dining and the living area, separated only by base cabinet counters which acts as the partition between other common areas and the kitchen. The result is a bright and light-looking kitchen, despite using solid cherry wood cabinets topped with black granite. The natural wood grains and texture of the solid cherry wood cabinets, combined with black drawer and cabinet pulls, creates a more raw, industrial feel to the space, while keeping its elegant silhouette.

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry wood kitchen cabinets are beautiful and ideally suited for those looking for a warm and elegant kitchen space. With their rich wood tones, cherry wood is often used in furniture and cabinets. The wood can be stained, or left to naturally darker over time. Since the wood readily accepts a finish there are many different cherry wood colors used with cabinetry.

Cherry wood comes primarily from the US or Canada and often has beautiful characteristics that make it highly sought after. This beauty does come at a cost, making cherry cabinets one of the more expensive choices. Availability is also a concern, as they are not frequently found in big box retailers. Therefore one must seek out an experienced custom cabinet builder to get the job done. Typically cherry wood cabinets can increase costs over regular birch cabinets by 20-25% or more.

There are other options for those looking to avoid spending the higher price for cherry wood kitchen cabinets. One is to purchase a high quality cabinet and stain them with cherry. The stain will penetrate the grain of the wood to give you the cherry look you desire. Another way to get a similar look is through glazing. Glazing your cabinets cherry is a process where a glaze coating is applied to the cabinetry to produce an aged or distressed look. Both glaze and stain are popular choices that will allow you to cut costs and get the look you want for your cherry wood kitchen cabinets.

In the picture above the floors of this kitchen use solid cherry wood floors, so the kitchen opts for a darker cherry wood finish for its paneled kitchen cabinets, creating a subtle contrast between the two materials. Cornice details, vintage pulls and cream granite on the counters and the backsplash all combine to create a very elegant feel to this kitchen, creating a timelessly beautiful kitchen design.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Pros and Cons

There is no denying that cherry wood kitchen cabinets exude in elegance and stunning visual appeal, but aside from possessing exquisite aesthetics, cherry wood is also an archetype of practical functionality.

There are a number of reasons as to why cherry wood makes a sensible choice for kitchen cabinetry. First is durability. Although not as resilient as oak, cherry wood is strong enough for long term use. It is known for having a medium level of strength – heavy, hard and can keep up with the wear and tear of everyday use.

When it comes to cost, cherry wood kitchen cabinets are somewhere in the middle price range. They are not expensive and not that cheap either. Among dark woods, cherry wood is more affordable than ebony and mahogany while compared to maple or oak, they cost more. However they prove to be good investments, returning practical advantages in the long run. It is also widely available in the market and can be purchased from online shops, exclusive wood suppliers and cabinet manufacturers.

Going back to the primary reason as to why homeowners love cherry kitchen cabinets, aesthetic value is one of the positive attributes of this high quality wood. It comes in an elegant rich color and deep undertones that bring a luxurious look to kitchens. This richness also introduces a distinctive warmth to interiors, producing a cozy ambiance and making spaces more inviting. Consequently, this welcoming atmosphere makes guests feel at home.

Its beauty also increases as it ages, this being one of its most unique qualities. Since cherry wood is light sensitive, its rich reddish color darkens with age developing a lustrous patina that deepens with age. This beautiful evolution of color is one of the most sought after qualities of the cherry wood kitchen cabinets. Also, cherry wood kitchen cabinets have a timeless appeal.

It is traditional but it is guaranteed to never go out of style. It is versatile and works well with various design concepts. Cherry wood cabinets can easily match any type of kitchen decor and any design inspiration, whether it may be traditional, country, rustic, contemporary or modern. Depending on the type of millwork it employs, cherry wood cabinets can easily tie the prevailing look and style of a space. Its look is flexible enough to match with different color schemes. In addition to that, cherry wood cabinets can also function as focal pieces not only for a kitchen, but for a whole house as well.

There are still a few drawbacks to using cherry wood cabinetry, but still its positive features outweigh the negative ones. Just like any other type of wood, it is prone to termite attacks, however this can be addressed by employing preventive measures like treatments and termite proofing. Also, it is not water resistant. To keep water from seeping through your kitchen cabinetry, make sure to wipe any spills immediately so that it does not produce any stain.

Lastly, although strong and sturdy enough, there is still a tendency for it to be scratched over time. All of these disadvantages can be prevented with proper maintenance, treatments and care to ensure that your cherry wood cabinets are in good shape.

Kitchen Paint Colors with Cherry Cabinets

The natural rich deep color of cherry cabinets make way for a lot of possibilities in terms of design. Thanks to its red undertones, formulating the right color scheme to go with it can go anywhere from enhancing its luxurious look to toning down its richness.

There are several wall paint colors that can be explored to match dark cherry kitchen cabinets – from a crisp white color, to subdued neutrals, mellow pastels and rich shades. The right color will entirely depend on the look you want to achieve and the aesthetic attribute you want to stand out, whether it may be contrast or harmony.

Choosing the right paint color to go with your cherry cabinets can help you produce a kitchen design that is cohesive and stunningly attractive as well. Below we give you some paint color choices to help you decide which one is the best for your cherry cabinets:

Neutrals – Neutral colors are colors which are not reflected in the color wheel. This includes black, white, shades of gray and brown. It is also referred to as earth tones, the reason being they are dominantly found in nature. This sometimes include, greens and golden yellow as well. These colors are popular not only in interior design because they can go well with anything. Mixing and matching is the least of your worries when you go with a neutral color palette for your home.

When paired with cherry cabinets, a neutral colored wall greatly enhances warm undertones, making the space more inviting. It serves a subtle backdrop for the dark reddish color of cherry wood and does not compete with its richness. Also, it makes the wood look cleaner and brighter.

Gray – The color gray, being considered as the new alternative for white, works well with cherry cabinets because it creates a dramatic effect, yet it is still subdued and not overwhelming. It is also the perfect substitute for those who find white or beige too plain and boring because gray lends a quiet strength to spaces. On the other hand, warmer neutral colors like golden yellow, light honey or a mellow butter shade, all add warmth to cherry cabinets. This is perfect if you want to add a bit of color and introduce some cheery ambiance to your kitchen without creating too much drama.

Brown – Shades of brown, such as sand, tan or light mocha are perfect if you want to go with a monochromatic color scheme. These colors complement the inherent color of wood and its natural coziness, making the space more “homey” and inviting. However, when choosing a shade of brown for your paint, do go with a dark shade because this will camouflage your cherry cabinets Cherry cabinets are a true beauty in itself, the last thing that you would want to do is to hide that. Remember that in creating a visually pleasing monochromatic scheme, the shades of the color must be well balanced to create some dimension.

For the neutral colors, avoid black because it is too dark and might clash with the reddish undertones of cherry cabinets. This combination has the tendency to produce a design that is too heavy for the eyes and might feel too cramped.

White – White is considered to be the most versatile color as it goes well with anything. Aside from that, white walls have a timeless look which will surely never go out of style no matter what your decor is. This wall color works effectively well with both light and dark kitchen cabinets, including dark cherry wood.

White walls are perfect for creating a stark contrast between dark cherry cabinets. If your kitchen is small, this will aid in making your space appear bigger, more open and airy. Also it instantly brightens up a space, thus creating a perfect balance with the richness of cherry cabinetry.

The color white comes in different tones which one can explore. Ultra white walls and dark cherry cabinets are workable if you want to combine classic and contemporary. If you do not like the striking look of bright white walls and cherry cabinets, you can always choose another shade. Beige, creams, off whites and those with warm undertones also work exceptionally well with dark cherry cabinetry.

Pastels – Light colors are the ideal choice if you want to add a bit of color to your color palette. It introduces color without committing to the intensity of vivid hues. These pastel colors may either have cool or warm undertones in them. Pastel colors with cool undertones are light blue, light green and cool gray, while those with warm undertones are peach, light yellow. The cool undertones uplift the grains in the cabinets which makes the wood appear brighter.

Aside from pastels, you can always tone down a specific shade of color into a more subdued and muted one. Say green for example, can be mellowed into a sage green color. This provides for more options in decorating your kitchen.

Just like white, pastel colors create an illusion of a much bigger space. When used with dark cherry cabinets, the look is more balanced. The richness of the wood also pops out more. So use these colors if you want to make your cherry cabinetry as the main focal point of your kitchen. In addition to that, light colors also create a livelier mood in the kitchen.

Green – To create a stunning contrast between the walls of your kitchen and dark cherry cabinetry, try to go with its complementary color. Based on the color wheel, complementary colors are those which are found opposite to each other. The complementary color for red is green, and since cherry cabinets have a dominant reddish color, shades of green work well in creating contrast. The result of this combination is a visually interesting design that is full of depth. This also makes the color of the wood look brighter and its grain to pop out more.

Different shades of green can also be explored, depending on the effect you want to achieve for your kitchen. Deep and dark greens like forest green, hunter green and olive green are perfect for enhancing drama in the space, while muted shades like sage green and moss green helps tone down the richness of cherry cabinets. Mellow shades like tea green and celadon green, introduce a hint of color and creates a more subtle effect that allows the beauty of cherry cabinets to stand out.

Some additional tips in selecting the right wall color for cherry cabinets:

– Determine if you want to blend or contrast. This is the first step that you need to do in choosing the right paint color to match your cherry kitchen cabinets. Contrast adds depth and drama to a space, while to blend is to create a harmonious look. Both design principles help create a stunning kitchen design.

– Use the color wheel as your guide to creating stunning color schemes for your cherry cabinets. Knowing a few color basics will help you produce an effective and attractive color palette not only for your kitchen, but for your home. The color wheel is an effective decorative tool which can help you eliminate the guesswork in choosing the right color of paint for your walls. Through this you can explore a complementary scheme – if you want to create contrast, or an analogous scheme – if you want to blend harmoniously.

– You can never go wrong with a monochromatic color scheme. A monochromatic color scheme is all about finding the right balance and using the correct shades for each visual element for your kitchen. Since cherry cabinets are dark, you may choose a lighter shade of brown for your flooring, and a light tan color for the walls.

– Avoid red. Since red is the primary undertone of cherry cabinets, matching it with a red wall may overwhelm the space. Although they belong to the same color group, there is a tendency for cherry cabinets and red walls to compete for attention. Also, avoid colors which are too vivid and bright as they can overpower your cabinetry color. Orange, pink and purple also do not go well with cherry cabinetry.

– Consider all the other elements in your kitchen. The color of your walls is one of the major colors that is prevalent in your kitchen. Make sure to choose a paint color that will unite all the other elements in your design aesthetically. This includes the appliances, flooring material, countertop, hardware, accessories, furnishings, furniture, etc.

In summary:

Complementary Colors (green) = contrast, drama, makes cherry color pop
Neutrals (browns) = blending, enhances warmness
Pastels or Light Colors = tones down the color of cherry wood
White = makes cherry cabinets appear cleaner and brighter

Matching Cherry Kitchen Cabinets and Granite Countertops

With so many options to choose from, picking the right granite countertop color for your cherry cabinets can be quite confusing. However, the right type of granite color to match with cherry cabinets would greatly depend on the look you envision for your kitchen and the effect you want to achieve.

As each type and color of granite gives off a different character, you can either contrast, blend, complement or enhance. No matter which one of these you choose to achieve for your kitchen, the result will still be a stunning design that is attractive and appealing. Below, we give you some examples of granite countertop colors that go well with cherry colored cabinets.

Contrast with light colored granite – Light colored granite are those that fall under a white to creamy beige tones. Contrary to the belief that these colors may sometimes makes spaces look dull or plain, a white or beige granite countertop can actually brighten up a kitchen if paired with dark cabinets. They give off a timeless look and classic flair that will surely last for years.

Light granite colors are the perfect choice for lightening up a kitchen that is already dominated with dark red cherry cabinets. Since cherry wood are a bit rich, some homeowners opt for a light colored countertop to make the space less overwhelming. This color is perfect too, if you want to make small kitchens appear bigger.

Light colored granite also come in different patterns and most work well with the fine graining of cherry wood. When choosing for the right type of light colored granite to go with cherry cabinets, select those that have a veining pattern that is similar to marble because these do not have a “busy pattern” that is too heavy for the eyes.

Also, light colored granite work excellently in bringing balance to kitchens with cherry cabinets. It’s important to give emphasis to creating contrast as it is one of the elements in kitchen design.

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