8+ Varieties of Wrought Iron Doors for Your Properties

What do you usually have in mind when you think of wrought iron doors? Most people will probably associate them with fences or garden doors. Others may also imagine them as part of a mansion instead of a regular house.

Whatever it is, you can do a lot with wrought iron doors. You do not have to own a mansion or a fancy business property. To add some curb appeal, elegance, and luxury, you can use them for everything you want.

1. The Black Single Wrought Iron Doors

Even if your house is not that big and simple, you can still make it look elegant. One way to do so is to have a wrought iron door. You can have more than one, though. If you do not want to overdo it, the front door is enough.

Once of the weaknesses of having a glass window on the door is the peeping tom. Another one is a possible break-and-entry. To avoid the latter, apply some wrought irons to cover the window on the door.

2. The Dark Brown, Double Wrought Iron Doors

Having wrought iron doors does not mean they always have to be all black. There are other neutral or monochromatic colors to choose, like dark brown, army green, navy blue, and even dark grey.

These double doors are dark grey and pretty wide. Obviously, they are also for bigger buildings, like apartments or office spaces. For a more majestic touch, the handlebars are also made of brass and are on the center of the double doors.

3. The Black Single Wrought Iron Doors with Panels

For another variety, you can have your single wrought iron door with matching panels on each side. The wrought iron bars can be molded into the shapes of vines, so they will not feel like iron bars of a prison.

The matching panels (also with vine-like, wrought iron bars) make a nice addition to the already majestic-looking door. For the windows on the door and the panels, make sure they are not super clear to avoid peeping toms looking in easily.

4. The Black, Double Wrought Iron Doors with Mirrors

Here is another way to have your wrought iron doors look especially fancy and more private: place mirrors instead of windows. That way, your guests will not be able to peek inside as they stand by the door.

If the rectangular-shaped double doors feel too strict and rather uptight to you, the top can be made into a circular shape. The long, handlebars on the centre of the doors can also be made of brass or iron bars too. It is up to you.

5. The Black Single Door with Golden-Painted Wrought Iron

If you would like to have more colors, here is a design that might suit you. The single door is still black, but the wrought iron design is painted with gold. The design does not always have to be like vines.

In fact, this design is much simpler. If this is not for private homes, you can definitely use this design for your office property. Create your company logo on this door, and the signature sticks to the mind of every visitor.

6. The Dark Double Wrought Iron Doors with Stained Glass

These dark double wrought iron doors can be either black, blue, green, grey, or even brown. These doors are well-matched with a dark, red brick wall as the building exterior. They represent majesty, privacy, and perhaps they also feel a bit chilly.

What makes these doors look more private (and not-so-inviting) is the stained glass window behind the wrought iron design. It definitely helps to hide what is inside while the door stays shut. They look much better for companies or other business places.

7. The Dark Double Wrought Iron Doors with Steel Bars and Hinged Glass Windows

Why choose these dark double wrought iron doors? No worries, the steel bars in the design will not make you feel like you are in prison. They are quite widely-gapped between one another, and there is an ornament on the top.

The glass is hinged, so you can have easy access to clean and ventilate when necessary. There is even a window lock control for the opening and closing of the glass frame.

8. The Well-covered, Dark Wrought Iron Door

Last but not least, this is the wrought iron door without any window. Everything is well-covered in iron. You can go with any monochromatic colors you can think of. This type of door is usually created with electronic devices to operate it.

This type of door may not work well in tropical areas, because it can entrap heat inside. However, this type of door is also not that good when the temperature gets too cold. The bottom line is, whatever behind this door should be just stuff instead of humans.

You can vary the designs when it comes to wrought iron doors. Make sure that whatever you choose is suitable for what you need.

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7+ Creative Red Front Door Designs for Extraordinary and Elegant Homes

Have you ever considered having a red front door at home? Why not? Although black and other neutral darker colors are the most-chosen, why not be unique? Still, before you decide, let’s have a look at the brief history behind this idea.

The History and Origin of The Red Front Door

In Feng Shui, red is an attractive color to invite energy. Having a red front door at home or your store building means to “welcome” visitors. The meaning is the same thing with the early, old American traditions to welcome travelers for a night over.

In Biblical times, the red doors were from the smeared blood of a lamb. The Hebrew slaves sacrificed lambs and smeared their blood on the door to protect their firstborns from death. Blood also represented the blood of Christ for the Christians.

Scotlands used red doors for a different meaning. If the homeowners painted their front doors red, that means they had paid off their mortgage.

The Examples of Red Front Door Designs

Either for your home or store, here are some of the examples to inspire you:

1. The Georgian-Style Front Door

Famous in the middle of the 18th century, the Georgian-style front door combines between the orange red front door with an off-white exterior. There is symmetry in the design of the door, windows, and the chimney.

The ornaments on the exterior (especially on the panels between the door) are inspired by classical motifs. They are all well-proportioned.

2. The Bold Red Front Door for A Bold Entryway

This is how you get to combine the past and the future. For starters, the home exterior is made of bare, red bricks. They give an industrial background to the house, which makes it look perfect for both the city life and the suburbia.

Then, there is the bold red front door with the matching panels on each side. The door and the panels also have the same window transoms. The white frames around the door make the door stand out even more.

3. The Christmas-Themed Red Front Door

What do we mostly see during winter in The US and some parts of Europe? The combination of red, white, green, and brown. Whether you have already got yourself a red front door or not, this is how you decorate your entrance for Christmas.

With the bright red door and white shutters on each side, hang a green wreath on the center of the door. For the brown element, add a brown mat by the door. A pair of matching plants on each side of the door will make the entryway look well-decked.

4. The Fairytale-Like Red Front Door

For this theme, you can choose whether to have a bold or darker red front door. Either way, the fairytale-like theme fits anyway. Beside the window transform, the word “Welcome” engraved in the center of the door makes it look more classic.

Another nice touch to the entryway is to have a soft brown mat and a stone step at least. If you worry about peeping toms by the front door, drape a curtain from the inside. That will get your home interior covered. You will have more privacy too.

5. The Dark Red Double Doors

Since red is the color to attract more positive energy in Feng Shui, this design is also recommended. Instead of one, you can have double doors to welcome your guests. The dark red door can be combined with the ivory, yellow frame.

If not ivory, the frame can be painted with off-white as the color. The beautiful brass hardware adds an ancient-like appearance on this entryway. To make the doors look less bland, add some carvings, plus another carved detail on the pediment above.

6. The Monochromatic Frame For The Red Front Door

Having a red front door definitely makes your house stand out from the rest. Whether to have a cold or warm impression, you can combine this with other hues. The monochromatic shade (black, brown, or grey) is the best for ‘toning it down’.

If the white frame makes the red door look bright, then the black one tones it down a notch. This makes the entryway still look welcoming, but not so intimidating. Add some bright flowers on the porch for bright decoration.

7. The Red Front Door for The Peach Exterior

For a slight Mediterranean influence, a red front door will look beautiful combined with the peach exterior. The peach stucco house will be toned down a notch, so it will not look too pink or super bright. It will remind you of a fancy beach house.

The door does not have to be fully-covered with red-painted wood. Well-carved glass windows will make the house look more elegant and unique. Add some lighting and urns with potato vines – and you will have the neat, inviting entryway.

There are many ways to make your red front door stand out without appearing weird. All it takes is the right combination of colors with other elements of the exterior.

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15+ Shades of Blue Front Door Designs to Pretty Up Your Home

From aqua, navy, cerulean, to true-blue – what can you do with your front door? If black feels too common for you, then it is time to try blue. Having a blue front door will add a unique touch to your living space.

Blue is also not as unusual as you might think. Expressing confidence and security, this color also represents tranquility and sophistication. If black gives the majestic first impression, then your blue front door looks more inviting.

To help you to decide better, here are some of the examples with this shade of door:

1. The Avant-Garde Combo

There are first two things that might attract you here: lilac shutters and an aqua front door. The combination of these hues makes a perfect blue and purple offshoots. In fact, contrast is really attractive.

The lilac shutters have dusty, gray undertones. This very bright blue front door also works wonders to emit more light.

2. The Roman-style Entrance

The foliage covers most of the front part of the house. The bright white columns make a nice contrast to the blue front door. The door has a transom above, and there is a brown door mat below it.

What makes this front door look classic is the existence of its brass doorknob and a mail slot on it. There is also a doorbell, a sculpted lionhead as a doorknocker, and a peephole below it.

3. The Refined Character of The Blue Front Door

The deep, navy blue front door here matches the architectural style of the house/building. This design works wonders for historical buildings, even if they are renewed and refined. It is classic and timeless.

If you prefer a much lighter shade of blue for your door, you can do that too. Dazzling turquoise and baby blue doors are perfect for free-spirited, less conventional people. Make sure that is really you.

4. The Blue Front Door Before the White, Concrete Exterior

Apparently, the blue front door design can also be used for townhouses. Since townhouses are small, each door only has a small entryway. In some cases, the doors lead straight to the white stone or other concrete steps outside.

There is a brass doorknob in the middle of the door. There is also a peephole above the doorknob, along with a pair of door locks and a mail slow below. This entryway only needs three contrasting colors, plus black steel fences on each side.

5. The Turquoise Blue Front Door for The Surprising Welcome

The substantial white casing of the house is the highlight of the door. As the focal point of the house exterior, the turquoise blue front door needs to be complemented with the more colorful walkways and exterior siding.

In this case, the walkways are brick red, and the exterior siding is rusty tan. For a nice contrast, always choose a shade of the opposite side of the color that is the focal point of the house.

6. The Teal Blue Front Door with A Beige Facade

The teal blue front door has brass locks, a brass handle, and a doorknocker. It also has a peephole, a mail slot, plus a transom above it. This door is definitely the whole package.

The door also features a pair of door lamps and a beige stoop roof. The roof is supported by a pair of beige columns. For a nice touch on the entryway, a matching pair of blue flowerpots with pink flowers are also placed there.

Last but not least, there are also three red brick steps that lead to the entryway.

7. The Picture-Perfect Suburb House with The Blue Front Door

The first great impression may come from the blue front door. It does not matter if the shade is lighter or darker. What really counts is the extra details of the door to add more impact on the first impression from your guests.

This design is picture-perfect for a suburb house with two-storeys, a nice small garden, and picket fences. The fences do not have to be creamy white. There are a few stone steps that lead to the front door. The home exterior is made of bricks.

8. The Cute, Wooden, Powder Blue Front Door

If you prefer something more fairytale-like looking, this cute, wooden, powder blue front door is for you. It is placed between a matching pair of glass panels. The door also has a brass lock, a handle, and several small windows on it.

The glass transom window on the door offers a unique look. Plus, the number engraved below it makes a nice addition. With the wood flooring, a floral mat, and an uneven brickwall design, you have one of a kind home design.

The amazing thing about having a blue front door is the variant shapes you can use. Whether it is shasta lake, express blue, America’s Cup Navy, Superior Blue, Gentleman’s Grey, Commodore, Symphone Blue, or Inked – take your pick.

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20+ Black Front Door Designs for An Elegant-Looking Living Space

Having a black front door at home has been the most common. It is easy, and the neutral color fits with almost all other colors. Whether it is your house, apartment, or even an office building, this kind of door is timeless.

Many homeowners prefer a front door that is elegant, exciting, and classy. With the black front door, you can offer the best first impression of your home to your guests. They can see and also feel it.

Here are some of the examples you may consider:

1.The Fairfield Modern Farmhouse

Living in a farmhouse usually means fun and simplicity. However, this does not mean you cannot have a touch of elegance in it. Having a black front door for your farmhouse entryway is one way for that.

This design by Keren Berkemeyer is a nice contrast to the porcelain floor and the gray floor. The white-painted, wood pallet wall also makes the door a nice focal point from the inside.

2.The Black Front Door Before the Square, Red-Brick Steps

This type of house is often seen in the North American homes by the corner of the big cities. The black front door is the focal point from both sides, either from the outside or the inside.

With the white frame and the square, red-brick stone steps before the door, you get a classic, elegant entrance. You can even add a matching pair of easy chairs for relaxing. Just place them on each side, with the door in the middle.

3. The Rustic Canyon New Home

Designed by Tim Barber’s Architectural Team, this type of entryway is often seen in Los Angeles homes. The black front door is placed with the traditional entryway before it. There are stairs before you can step on the entryway.

The black-and-white combination is also common here. This white farmhouse look has two matching pillars that support the entryway. Although rather small for a relaxing space, the plants around it give a fresh look of the entire set.

4. The Black Front Door Before the Circular Stone

This black front door has a hexagonal brass-knocker at the center. The doorknob is also lower than most similar doors. From the outside, this design gives a royal look of the entire house. It is even better if the house is big and with two-storeys.

The circular stone steps before the door also add another majestic look to the house. As if they are not enough, there are two lean, black metal railings on each side and classic-looking lamps attached to the wall on each side of the door.

5. The Entry by Paul Moon

If you feel bored by the black-and-white design, you can still go with other neutral colors. This entry design by Paul Moon is one good example. It has more varied colors on the combination.

For starters, the black front door has a pretty large window on it. The door frame is still white, but the rest of the exterior is of a neutral, earth-tone. There are three lamps on the entryway, one on the ceiling and the other two by the door side.

Another more colorful addition is the orange, Halloween-themed welcome mat. There is a pair of matching white pillars for a more majestic look.

6. The High-Gloss Black Front Door for Your Townhouse

Living in the central city does not leave you enough space. Besides the apartment, a townhouse can be another option. Some townhouses have this kind of a small entryway, with the high-gloss, black front door.

Some townhouses also have a nice door like this, with a brass mail handle. There is also a brass hand-knocker in the center of the door. The door is also lined with a pair of white columns. The regular stone steps lead straight to the door.

7. The Black Front Door Entrance for Your Garden

Apparently, having a black front door is not just for your home. If you have a “secret garden” behind the high, red brick wall, you can have this too instead of a regular, iron-bar fence.

Designed by Overmyer Architects, this garden door gives an elegant impression on its entryway. To accentuate it, you can have a gold or brass-plated number or name on the door.

8.The Leaded Glass, Double Doors

Instead of just one black front door, you can have a pair for your royal big house. With leaded glass, brass handles, and bolt locks underneath the panel, the large entrance structure is perfectly mirrored.

For more elegance, the exterior of the house can be made of great quality red bricks. Keep the entryway low, with just a pair of small brick steps. A pair of thick, white pillars and more plants in the yard make the house look more beautiful.

The black front door has always been an easy addition to everyone’s home. What makes it look more elegant and timeless is how it is designed.

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