19 Fantastic Shipping Container Swimming Pool Designs

Swimming pool in the backyard is a great addition to every home, especially for those who want to provide extra space for a friend or family get-together. However, the expensive cost and unpractical construction of a swimming pool could be an obstacle. As an alternative, you can consider having a shipping container swimming pool.

This type of pool is an efficient choice which offers more affordable cost as well as easier construction and installation. Besides, it fully supports the recycling program.

Shipping container, as the name suggests, refers to boxes that are usually used for shipping. With the proper foundation and a detailed project plan, a shipping container can be turned into a stylish swimming pool in various designs.

Here are some starter ideas for you.

1. In-Ground Flowing Container Pool

In-ground flowing pool, also known as streamlined container swimming pool, is one of the most popular and basic swimming pools in the backyard. As you probably guess from the name, this type of pool has an in-ground foundation with a standard depth of 2.5 meters.

The sink foundation will give you a sense of luxury, especially when you use limestone for the floor or some decorative materials for the borders.

2. Standard Backyard Container Pool

Backyard container pool commonly features a wooden-framed container in a semi in-ground design. It is one of the most recommended simple designs for shipping container swimming pool, particularly for those who set a low construction budget.

For better construction—and to make it lasts longer, the area where the container is placed should be layered with anti-corrosive paint. Additionally, you can fill the foundation structure using limestone. Such material is considered stronger to prevent the heavy container from ruining its surrounding soil.

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3. Conveniently Futuristic Container Pool

Keeping the futuristic style in mind, this design includes Jacuzzi jets as well as a set of LED light with color-changing features. In addition, the pool is equipped with a large side window and a fully-functional water filter to make you more comfortable when using it.

4. Contemporary Industrial Container Pool

This swimming pool design combines the aesthetic industrial style with the modernistic appearance. It stands out in the clear glass container which is surrounded by wood panel borders. Moreover, it applies the free-standing construction that makes the pool look deeper and wider at the same time.

The pool can be easily reconstructed in several steps of your DIY project. However, keep in mind that this design is better to be installed in a large yard because it takes a lot more spaces than the in-ground shipping container pool.

5. Shipping Container Pool with a Complete Design

If you want more than just the regular shipping container pool, it’s time to apply the more complex and complete design. The design itself is proposed by a German company.

It includes several advanced facilities, such as a filtration system, auto pool control system, stairs, even a safety door for children. This, of course, requires a higher budget than the usual container pool. Therefore, you need to make sure that your budget is enough to cover all the facilities included in this design.

6. Shipping Container Pool with a Homemade Cover

A major benefit of building a shipping container swimming pool in your backyard is the fact that you are provided with a wide range of different designs. Unlike the traditional pool, a pool made of shipping container needs a special cover when it is not used for swimming.

Now, you can give a creative touch to this pool cover. Paint the cover in different shades of colors or patterns. Therefore, when it is placed over the pool, you can get a decorative feature in the backyard.

7. Shipping Container Pool with a Tropical Touch

In a more extraordinary design, you don’t have to focus on the swimming pool alone. Instead, you can give some additions to the area near the swimming pool. One of the most popular examples you can do is giving the area a tropical touch.

It can be done by planting some palm plants around the space in the yard or succulent plants on the hanging pots. Additionally, you can build a hammock or bamboo swing on the pool area.

8. Shipping Container Pool with Wooden Decking

While fiberglass is popularly used as the shipping container pool insert, wood becomes the popular material for the pool decking. In fact, wooden decking around your shipping container pool will give a beautiful sense and at the same time, add a natural element on the pool area.

Such a design also gives you a relaxing atmosphere when you are hanging around the pool with friends or family.

Several designs of shipping container swimming pool that are presented above serve as a rough guide for your own construction. When you plan to have one in the backyard, you can modify those designs to suit your budget and yard area. By doing so, you can get the most convenient swimming pool made of a shipping container.

Right here are 25+ great shipping container pool designs.


Shipping Container Swimming Pool


Shipping Container Swimming Pools


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