The Truth About Shaved Guinea Pigs

Shaved Guinea Pigs – Proprietors from around the world have actually been shaving  their little animals for many years now. However the current net fad is shaving your guinea pig. Yes, you listened to right, a shaved guinea pig.

Yet are these photos of hairless guinea pigs turning up on the web truly guinea pigs being shave by their vicious owners? In the viral meme revealed below, it reveals a hairless guinea pig. Despite popular belief, that guinea pig is actually the skinny pig, which is a type that normally has no hair. For more details on those guinea pig, check out the skinny pig information page here.

Of course there are probably owners around that actually shave their guinea pigs (particularly after this internet fad). Most likely the only means to inform them apart is by touch. A shaved guinea pig will certainly have rougher skin since not all the hair could be totally slashed off.

Have a look at this guy’s guinea pig that he actually shaved:

Check out other “shaved” guinea pig photos on the internet that ended up being skinny pigs.


shaved guinea pigs

Nope, this is definitely a skinny pig.

shaved guinea pig hair

Still not a shaved guinea pig.

shaved guinea pig image

Okay fine, this may actually be a partially-shaved guinea pig.

Why You Should not Shave a Guinea Pig

Sure, you could get a bang out of seeing your guinea pig without any hair, but please do refrain from doing this unless it will certainly profit the guinea pig somehow (medical factors). That’s due to the fact that there are several reasons that it might not be a great idea to shave your guinea pig.

When you take away a guinea pig’s hair, you’re sort of removing a layer of protection. This is the reason that skinny pigs and also various other hairless guinea pigs are so breakable. An exposed skin might make your Cavy vulnerable to cuts, scratches, infections and also other injuries. So, it is essential that you watch over it a lot more meticulously compared to ever.

Without hair, it implies that your guinea pig is even more sensitive to temperatures currently. I discussed previously that shaving might be a smart idea if you reside in a really warm atmosphere. As a matter of fact, it could be an actually poor suggestion to shave them if you live somewhere actually cool. A guideline: if you think it’s cold without clothing on, your guinea pig will believe so as well.

And also last but not least, you’re wrecking their natural fur. With so many years of advancement, these guinea pig created lengthy curly or straight hair for a factor. Taking that away from them suddenly could cause anxiety to them. Keep in mind, guinea pigs do not such as adjustment. They are animals of behavior as well as suddenly losing their lengthy silky hair may be rather disconcerting for any animal.

There are few scenarios under which a specialist about the treatment and also maintenance of a guinea pig would advise shaving him.

Some people have problem taking into consideration any kind of reason why any person would certainly intend to shave a guinea pig. If you have one of the long-hair types, perhaps you bought them for the lovely curly, moving coat.

  • The Sheltie, additionally known as the Silkie, flaunts a smooth coat that streams away from his face. If you clean him and look down upon him, the pattern of the fur growth will look like a teardrop.
  • The Texel coincides, other than his hair expands in long, curl locks.
  • The Peruvian and the Peruvian Satin have lengthy moves of hair extending outward around his body. There’s a forelock expanding onward rounding out the development pattern.
  • The Alpaca’s hair development is similar to the Peruvian’s, but his coat is curly.
  • The Coronet is additionally like the Sheltie, however this type bears a crest, much shorter compared to the
  • Peruvian forelock, on its forehead.
  • The Merino is cousin to the Coronet however with curly hair. Like the Texel, this breed emanated from England.

The Pros of Shaving

Some individuals do, nonetheless, shave their guinea pig. Here are the benefits:

  • If the area where you live fumes, you might want to shave your guinea pig to offer him some relief from the warmth.
  • It’s a really good concept to trim their hair for hygienic objectives. You’ll intend to shave the hair around his backside to prevent urinary tract infections. It’s additionally important to trim the fur around his feet so that it doesn’t get the particles from the bottom of his cage, which can promote the development of microorganisms.
  • If his fur is shorter, your pet can be brushed much more easily– no knots.
  • If his fur is shorter, your pet could be groomed far more quickly– more attractive!

The Cons of Shaving

Nonetheless, there are lots of people that are alarmed by the concept of shaving a guinea pig. Right here’s why:

  • You will frighten your family pet when you shave his hair.
  • Your pet dog will certainly shed more temperature. Also if you live in a comfortable or warm environment, he’s accustomed to carrying the weight of his layer.
  • Your pet dog’s fur provides protection against the sunlight’s rays. If you shave him also closely, you’ll subject him to hazardous ultraviolet rays.
  • If you intend on showing your guinea pig, you will be differing the criteria of the type.
  • It’s a blunder to think that shaving your family pet will minimize any allergic signs and symptoms suffered by participants of your family members. The irritants originate from the skin of the pet itself and also not from its hair.

If You Want to Continue, Nevertheless …

Some people truly could not make a decision whether or not to maintain their animal shaven up until they a minimum of try it. Right here’s some guidance to comply with:

  • People ask if they should shower their family pet first and afterwards shave it, or the other way around. Absolutely shave him first; then you could shower him afterward to rinse away the little loose hairs.
  • Because your family pet will certainly not intend to be anywhere close to the clippers, utilize a towel to hold him securely however gently in position.
  • Examine your animal supply store for clippers with a pivot motor rather than a common rotating electric motor. Pivot-motor clippers are much quieter. They are likewise the preferred option over magnetic motors; they actually run with 2 electromagnets and they have twice as much power.
  • Make use of a clipper that enables you to set the blade for clipping length. You do not actually intend to shave your guinea pig down to the bare skin– scaries! However if you just clip off regarding an inch of his hair, you’ll be getting rid of a big part of your fur issue while allowing him to preserve his natural cuteness.

Prior to you decide to shave him, provide him an excellent cleaning first to be particular how you wish to continue. You can utilize an infant brush on his layer, as well as a greyhound comb will certainly keep the knots at bay. Long-haired guinea pigs re-grow their hair at a rate of concerning 2.5 cm (1 inch) monthly, although every animal is various.

Prevent shaving the rear of their ears, because this most likely will not return.

Exactly How Would You Shave Your Guinea Pig?

Think about the devices you should use in order to shave them. An electrical razor is just one of the extra common gadgets to make use of. Accompanied with them comes a plain to loud buzzing sound– one that will most certainly frighten your guinea pig. Not just that, yet think about what does it cost? your piggy prefers to twitch about. Many guinea pigs, no matter their personality, are susceptible to being little shake worms particularly when you’re doing something like brushing them, and when they have a loud sound and also sharp razor coming right for them, this response is only magnified.

The Different to Shave a Guinea Pig

If you must, I would extremely suggest you take them to the veterinarian as well as have it done expertly. Or even then, there would certainly need to be a great clinical reason to do so to convince the veterinarian. Doing it on your own is a poor concept. Simply consider how your guinea pig will certainly react when you turn on that loud humming razor and placed it to them.

The alternative to shaving is just trimming. Shaving their hair will certainly additionally do the job of cooling them down (if you stay in a warm atmosphere) and also making it simpler to maintain their layer. Constantly utilize scissors so you as well as your guinea pig could appreciate a relaxed setting when shaving. Yet naturally, the trimming component will take a while at first.

At the end of the day, all we actually desire is a delighted and healthy guinea pig. Do not follow this pattern just because you believe they look “cute.” Just remember, you could be damaging your guinea pig without even knowing.

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