Comparing Guinea Pig Bedding Options

guinea pig bedding option

Guinea Pig Bedding – Individuals use all kinds of products as bed linens for their guinea pigs – towels, ache shavings, paper products, as well as extra. What bed linen benefits you might not only rely on the bed linens itself, but your cage plan, cost, and your time.

One of the most typically used beds linens are ache shavings and refined paper products but you will certainly discover a number of intriguing and in some cases ingenious bed linens. Some animal proprietors who have embraced huge cages, possibly constructing a CC cage, have actually discovered that lining the cage with fleece or towels (used in combination with can) is a convenient remedy.

So here is an overview of that checks out the various sorts of bedding that is around. Check out benefits and drawbacks of the different bed linens.

a. Timber Shavings

Wood shavings are great to use as bed linens but has to be tidied up regularly. It economicals to acquire however do watch just what you acquire.

Prevent any kind of that has dust, as it enters their eyes and also can be really cranky for them.

Also do not utilize cedar pine or timber shavings as it consists of fragrant oils that piggies will find toxic.

1. Aspen Shavings

Aspen shaving is manufactured from all-natural aspen shavings especially made to eliminiate the dust as well as timber debris.

It comes from wood so removing aromatic oils that are discovered in various other sorts of wood bed linen.


  • No unpredictable oils


  • Not as absorbing
  • Somewhat greater cost
  • Limited availability

2. Pine Shavings

In the U.S. dried ache shavings are an affordable, practical, and valuable bed linens product for your guinea pig. Small bags are sold in a lot of stores that offer pet materials. Ranch supply shops sell a significant bag really fairly ($ 5 to $6).

All bed linen materials have advantages and disadvantages. Some guinea pig proprietors challenge yearn, thinking that the shavings’ unpredictable oils could hurt the liver when utilized long term or the breathing system. Ought to you have any issues, opening the bag and disposing a 3rd or two of the shavings right into a huge open container for several days will certainly enable the volatile oils to dissipate.

The weaker the yearn scent, the fewer unstable oils will be present. Be sure that any want shavings you acquisition are completely dry. If the shavings in the bag are wet (kept outside in the rainfall), return them to the store. Any kind of damp bed linen undergoes mold and mildew.


  • Affordable
  • Accessibility
  • Effectiveness


  • Stays with towels as well as fleece.
  • Not as soft as paper products
  • Worry about feasible respiratory system and liver issues

3. Timber Pellets

Timber pellets Some people advocate this bed linens. It is economical, restrains smells and also is very easy to use. This product is offered in some grocery, feed, and wood oven stores. Air pellets prior to use must you be concerned with feasible unpredictable oils. Some individuals feel the pellets are tough to walk on. They could be mixed with an additional bed linens kind or covered with a soft paper based bed linen like Treatment Fresh.


  • Absorbent
  • Cuts odors
  • Low cost


  • May be more difficult to find
  • Out gassing an issue for some individuals
  • Extremely hefty, especially when wet
  • Could be more difficult to walk on

4. Snow

Snowflake softchip is a high quality woodshaving based bed linen. Utilize a couple of sheets of paper as the first layer and also to soak up any wee after that include a leading with a layer of Snowflake, which does not should be as well thick. Some individuals then completed with an excellent dropping of hay to completely cover the layer of Snowflake.


  • Soft as well as non dirty specifically compared to some standard timber shavings.
  • Excellent at soaking up dampness.
  • Great for place cleaning.
  • Much less work extensive compared to fabric bed linens.
  • Bales could be ordered in numerous dimensions.


  • Some piggies are allergic to wood shavings and it could cause respiratory system or skin problems in those pigs.
  • Repeat acquiring unlike material bed linens types.

b. Paper Bed Linens

Different producers are making tiny animal bedding from paper. Although they’re made from the same basic material, the brands vary commonly in structure, absorbency, as well as the amount of dirt. Some brands can be found in various colors, while other are white or have natural coloration. Producers typically pack paper bed linens securely, so it expands when you put it in your guinea pig’s cage.

1. Carefresh

Carefresh is a bed linen that is particularly designed to obtain eliminate any kind of pet smell. It is really lasting and also is absorbent with the capacity to absorb as much as 3 times its weight in fluid. It is also dirt cost-free as well as hypo-alergenic.

All that is required is to include 1-3 inches below a cage.


  • Softness and modest absorbency.


  • High expense.
  • Some varieties are very messy.
  • Issues that does not soak up in addition to various other items.
  • Cage looks unclean despite the fact that you have actually just cleansed it.
  • Difficult to notice bloody discharge if your pet dog is ill.

2. Yesterday’s News

Yesterday’s News is not as prominent a bed linen product. One disadvantage is its heavier weight.


  • Less costly compared to other paper based clutters.
  • Very absorbing.
  • Great odor control.
  • Odorless favored over aromatic.


  • High expense.
  • Can not easily spot-clean (the pellets are about the dimension of droppings so doesn’t scoop conveniently).
  • Adheres to towels.
  • Heavy when damp.
  • Leaves a powder near the bottom.
  • Reportedly discolorations white hair.

3. Crown Pet Bed linen

Crown Animal Bedding resembles Yesterday’s News. Observations from one user.


  • Doesn’t adhere to towels, fleece etc. like shavings do.
  • Wet areas are simple to see.
  • Larger compared to aspen which means much less winds up outside the cage (less vacuuming/sweeping etc).
  • Affordable.
  • Poops not aesthetically noticeable.


  • Heavy.
  • Some dust, specifically when pouring large quantities.
  • Mild smell.
  • Rougher texture than various other bed linens.

4. Megazorb

Megazorb resembles Treatment Fresh/Yesterday’s News. Observations from one customer.


  • Really absorptive.
  • Less dusty compared to Treatment Fresh.
  • Does not adhere to towels/cozies.
  • Does not stay with cage flooring either, also when wet.
  • Heavy enough not to be tossed out of the cages.
  • Relatively inexpensive if you have a regional vendor.


  • Heavy.
  • Rougher structure than other beds linens.
  • Can have a mild scent, relying on the set you get.
  • Poops noticeable on top of the bedding (undesirable to some individuals).

c. Fleece

Fleece is a very popular bed linens product as it is hot for guinea pig.

However, it does need preserving on a nearly everyday basis as they are most likely to pee and also poop on it.

Consequently it is not a bed linen that could be laid off and also should be cleaned commonly in a certain method.

So if you have the time and also persistence to maintain it, then fleece is an excellent bed linen for your piggies as well as one that will discover very comfy.

1. Polyester Fleece

Not all bedding is disposable.

Polyester fleece does not absorb urine however allows it saturate with. Some individuals integrate it with various other beddings by putting a polyester fleece towel over ache shavings or other absorptive products.


  • Soft and also permits fluids to drain through (polyester).
  • Product is multiple-use.
  • Guinea pig seem pleased (records of popcorning pigs).


  • Areas used often might need daily upkeep.
  • Hay and poops need to be eliminated (shaken/brushed off) prior to being washed.
  • Not as reliable if more pigs in smaller location.

2. Cotton Towels

Towels are a cheap method of offering bed linens for guinea pig. They are absorbing for guinea pig however they still have to be transformed almost daily to make sure that your guinea pigs are completely comfortable. You need not even get pricey towels, really economical ones will certainly suffice. Ensure that the Towels are soft, as well as do not make use of any kind of fabric conditioner when you clean them as it will certainly lower the absorbency of the product.


  • Soft and absorbing (cotton).
  • Material is multiple-use.
  • Guinea pig appear pleased (records of popcorning pigs).


  • Areas made use of frequently may require everyday upkeep.
  • May be hard on washering.
  • Hay and also poops must be removed (shaken/brushed off) before being washed.
  • Not as effective if more pigs in smaller sized area.
  • Some people have a trouble with smell.

d. Hay

While hay is not a good bed linen product when used alone, it works well when integrated with various other absorbent bed linen products, especially if you want to establish a litter box.

The hay is just one of one of the most prominent kinds of bed linens since you can dispose of it conveniently. The best hay for bedding is alfalfa hay.


  • Natural item.
  • Inexpensive when purchased by the bundle.


  • Mold and mildews quickly.
  • Not absorbing.
  • Need to be changed daily.
  • Might be hard to find reasonably.

e. Vetbed

Vedbed is a sort of fleece that draws urine down layer to ensure that guinea pig could maintain completely dry.

Vetbed is a bedding suitable for guinea pigs. It is used by vets, hence the name. Vetbed is hypoallergenic that makes it perfect for skinny pigs as their fragile skin needs a mild bedding. It is very good when a guinea pig is older or has joint inflammation as it is very easy to walk on.

Vetbed can not be made use of on its own. Towels are good to make use of beneath. Vetbed and towels have to be cleaned every three days and also sixty levels. It is unhygienic to leave it any longer as it harbours germs and can promote fungal conditions and also other skin problems.

Your vetbed could be washed as you choose. Yet make sure that you do not make use of detergent or softener as it will wreck it. You can purchase it from any kind of excellent online animal store.


  • It is hypoallergenic so will not create allergies.
  • Warm in winter months but not hot in summer.
  • Easy to stroll on so optimal for older guinea pig or ones with joint inflammation.


  • Washing is tiring.
  • Removing poops two or three times a day.
  • Electrical power bill will enhance.

f. Fitch Bedding

Fitch is a prominent as well as really soft substratum that you can utilize for your guinea pig produced from a perforated paper and also is really soft and warm, it is extremely absorptive so will not splash too promptly with piggie pees!

Fitch is easy to tidy as it could just be scooped out, cleaned down and also brand-new bedding gathered. Fitch is pure white so it does show poo as well as pee quite a bit so if your home proud or similar to immaculate cages you may should find clean quite a bit!


  • Very Soft and also Comfortable for pigs.
  • Practically Dust Free.
  • Easy as well as affordable to order online.
  • Just needs changing about once a week if you find tidy.


  • It’s a disposable bedding so may not be as cost effective as bedding like fleece that can in 2015.
  • Could be difficult to discover instores.
  • It isn’t really the most affordable non reusable bed linens around.
  • Several recent records from credible sources of till invoices being found in the bedding.

g. Auboise

Is a timber acquired bed linen manufactured from the core of the Hemp plant. It comes in 20kgs bags and also mainly made use of for horses/equine setting.

Makes use of with newspaper as the base, then spread a great layer of Auboise on the top. Whilst dirt isn’t visible there is naturally some, now some individuals spread out a layer of hay over it. Leave a couple of mins between placing bedding down before putting pigs back into the atmosphere.

It’s absorptive which is the largest selling factor and handles smell well. It’s generally good for strong areas where there is prolific weeing. The larger the used location the far better and also this is it’s toughness, whereas medium utilized locations the liquid tends to go directly to the paper. It doesn’t scent as well as takes care of boar scent quite possibly. You really do not smell anything until you begin cleansing it out.


  • Generally Dust Free.
  • Good for strong locations were pigs wee.
  • Hardly any odor.


  • Expensive.
  • Can be pricey when considering distribution from online.

h. Unsuitable Bed linen Products

1. Cedar Shavings

It is extensively thought that cedar shavings negatively impact the health and wellness of animals. Reportedly, the phenols (aromatic oils) which so effectively eliminate bugs, harm the respiratory systems of our pet dogs and also could trigger liver damages.

Provided the availability of much better beddings, never utilize cedar. Select a safer bed linen for your animal instead.

2. Pine

if you’re using yearn, be sure to broadcast the shavings extensively and also make use of in a well aerated cage. Broadcasting the shavings will certainly permit the unstable oils to dissipate.

3. Paper

While some individuals find it valuable to line all-time low of the cage with paper and location one more bed linen on top, paper alone is an inadequate bed linen material. It does not soak up liquids well, does not regulate odors, and must be often transformed.

4. Corn Cob Bed linens

Corn cob bedding tends to mold and mildew, does not control smells, and is apparently difficult on a guinea pig’s feet, making it an inadequate bedding. Guinea pig will certainly in some cases consume this bedding, which supposedly swells when damp. Corn cob bed linens could contribute to impaction problems in males.

5. Straw

Straw is non absorbent, could mold and mildew, as well as the tight stalks may cause injuries (particularly eye injuries) to your pet.

6. Sawdust

great particles could be breathed in as well as create problems to guinea pig’s respiratory system.

7. Wire floors

Wire floorings are a poor choice for the flooring of the room as they could trigger damaged nails, toes and legs. The concept behind cable floor covering is to allow the pee and droppings to drop onto a tray below.

For some guinea pigs susceptible to urinary tract infections, an open grid flooring could aid to maintain the guinea pig drier, leading to less infections.

i. Find the Bed Linens that Works for Your Guinea Pig

guinea pig bedding

What bed linens works for your guinea pig will not only depend on the bed linens itself, but your cage setup, expense, and your time. Some pet proprietors utilize a single bedding for their pets. Others make use of a combination of beds linens to generate a comfortable, completely dry, and clean living space. A look at exactly what various other animal proprietors make use of might assist you choose the bed linens that is ideal for you:.

Check out these good bed suggestion for your guinea pig.

Wood pellets– simple or topped with CareFresh or shavings.
Fleece integrated with a kitchen area (smaller area with shavings or wood pellets).
Pine shavings– simple or topped with CareFresh or hay.
Towels incorporated with shaving/hay litter box or hay box CareFresh.
A paper lining, layer of Aspen, layer of Carefresh, and hay ahead.
A layer of Yesterday’s News with ache shavings on the top.

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The Truth About Shaved Guinea Pigs

shaved guinea pig baby hippo

Shaved Guinea Pigs – Proprietors from around the world have actually been shaving  their little animals for many years now. However the current net fad is shaving your guinea pig. Yes, you listened to right, a shaved guinea pig.

Yet are these photos of hairless guinea pigs turning up on the web truly guinea pigs being shave by their vicious owners? In the viral meme revealed below, it reveals a hairless guinea pig. Despite popular belief, that guinea pig is actually the skinny pig, which is a type that normally has no hair. For more details on those guinea pig, check out the skinny pig information page here.

Of course there are probably owners around that actually shave their guinea pigs (particularly after this internet fad). Most likely the only means to inform them apart is by touch. A shaved guinea pig will certainly have rougher skin since not all the hair could be totally slashed off.

Have a look at this guy’s guinea pig that he actually shaved:

Check out other “shaved” guinea pig photos on the internet that ended up being skinny pigs.


shaved guinea pigs

Nope, this is definitely a skinny pig.

shaved guinea pig hair

Still not a shaved guinea pig.

shaved guinea pig image

Okay fine, this may actually be a partially-shaved guinea pig.

Why You Should not Shave a Guinea Pig

Sure, you could get a bang out of seeing your guinea pig without any hair, but please do refrain from doing this unless it will certainly profit the guinea pig somehow (medical factors). That’s due to the fact that there are several reasons that it might not be a great idea to shave your guinea pig.

When you take away a guinea pig’s hair, you’re sort of removing a layer of protection. This is the reason that skinny pigs and also various other hairless guinea pigs are so breakable. An exposed skin might make your Cavy vulnerable to cuts, scratches, infections and also other injuries. So, it is essential that you watch over it a lot more meticulously compared to ever.

Without hair, it implies that your guinea pig is even more sensitive to temperatures currently. I discussed previously that shaving might be a smart idea if you reside in a really warm atmosphere. As a matter of fact, it could be an actually poor suggestion to shave them if you live somewhere actually cool. A guideline: if you think it’s cold without clothing on, your guinea pig will believe so as well.

And also last but not least, you’re wrecking their natural fur. With so many years of advancement, these guinea pig created lengthy curly or straight hair for a factor. Taking that away from them suddenly could cause anxiety to them. Keep in mind, guinea pigs do not such as adjustment. They are animals of behavior as well as suddenly losing their lengthy silky hair may be rather disconcerting for any animal.

There are few scenarios under which a specialist about the treatment and also maintenance of a guinea pig would advise shaving him.

Some people have problem taking into consideration any kind of reason why any person would certainly intend to shave a guinea pig. If you have one of the long-hair types, perhaps you bought them for the lovely curly, moving coat.

  • The Sheltie, additionally known as the Silkie, flaunts a smooth coat that streams away from his face. If you clean him and look down upon him, the pattern of the fur growth will look like a teardrop.
  • The Texel coincides, other than his hair expands in long, curl locks.
  • The Peruvian and the Peruvian Satin have lengthy moves of hair extending outward around his body. There’s a forelock expanding onward rounding out the development pattern.
  • The Alpaca’s hair development is similar to the Peruvian’s, but his coat is curly.
  • The Coronet is additionally like the Sheltie, however this type bears a crest, much shorter compared to the
  • Peruvian forelock, on its forehead.
  • The Merino is cousin to the Coronet however with curly hair. Like the Texel, this breed emanated from England.

The Pros of Shaving

Some individuals do, nonetheless, shave their guinea pig. Here are the benefits:

  • If the area where you live fumes, you might want to shave your guinea pig to offer him some relief from the warmth.
  • It’s a really good concept to trim their hair for hygienic objectives. You’ll intend to shave the hair around his backside to prevent urinary tract infections. It’s additionally important to trim the fur around his feet so that it doesn’t get the particles from the bottom of his cage, which can promote the development of microorganisms.
  • If his fur is shorter, your pet can be brushed much more easily– no knots.
  • If his fur is shorter, your pet could be groomed far more quickly– more attractive!

The Cons of Shaving

Nonetheless, there are lots of people that are alarmed by the concept of shaving a guinea pig. Right here’s why:

  • You will frighten your family pet when you shave his hair.
  • Your pet dog will certainly shed more temperature. Also if you live in a comfortable or warm environment, he’s accustomed to carrying the weight of his layer.
  • Your pet dog’s fur provides protection against the sunlight’s rays. If you shave him also closely, you’ll subject him to hazardous ultraviolet rays.
  • If you intend on showing your guinea pig, you will be differing the criteria of the type.
  • It’s a blunder to think that shaving your family pet will minimize any allergic signs and symptoms suffered by participants of your family members. The irritants originate from the skin of the pet itself and also not from its hair.

If You Want to Continue, Nevertheless …

Some people truly could not make a decision whether or not to maintain their animal shaven up until they a minimum of try it. Right here’s some guidance to comply with:

  • People ask if they should shower their family pet first and afterwards shave it, or the other way around. Absolutely shave him first; then you could shower him afterward to rinse away the little loose hairs.
  • Because your family pet will certainly not intend to be anywhere close to the clippers, utilize a towel to hold him securely however gently in position.
  • Examine your animal supply store for clippers with a pivot motor rather than a common rotating electric motor. Pivot-motor clippers are much quieter. They are likewise the preferred option over magnetic motors; they actually run with 2 electromagnets and they have twice as much power.
  • Make use of a clipper that enables you to set the blade for clipping length. You do not actually intend to shave your guinea pig down to the bare skin– scaries! However if you just clip off regarding an inch of his hair, you’ll be getting rid of a big part of your fur issue while allowing him to preserve his natural cuteness.

Prior to you decide to shave him, provide him an excellent cleaning first to be particular how you wish to continue. You can utilize an infant brush on his layer, as well as a greyhound comb will certainly keep the knots at bay. Long-haired guinea pigs re-grow their hair at a rate of concerning 2.5 cm (1 inch) monthly, although every animal is various.

Prevent shaving the rear of their ears, because this most likely will not return.

Exactly How Would You Shave Your Guinea Pig?

Think about the devices you should use in order to shave them. An electrical razor is just one of the extra common gadgets to make use of. Accompanied with them comes a plain to loud buzzing sound– one that will most certainly frighten your guinea pig. Not just that, yet think about what does it cost? your piggy prefers to twitch about. Many guinea pigs, no matter their personality, are susceptible to being little shake worms particularly when you’re doing something like brushing them, and when they have a loud sound and also sharp razor coming right for them, this response is only magnified.

The Different to Shave a Guinea Pig

If you must, I would extremely suggest you take them to the veterinarian as well as have it done expertly. Or even then, there would certainly need to be a great clinical reason to do so to convince the veterinarian. Doing it on your own is a poor concept. Simply consider how your guinea pig will certainly react when you turn on that loud humming razor and placed it to them.

The alternative to shaving is just trimming. Shaving their hair will certainly additionally do the job of cooling them down (if you stay in a warm atmosphere) and also making it simpler to maintain their layer. Constantly utilize scissors so you as well as your guinea pig could appreciate a relaxed setting when shaving. Yet naturally, the trimming component will take a while at first.

At the end of the day, all we actually desire is a delighted and healthy guinea pig. Do not follow this pattern just because you believe they look “cute.” Just remember, you could be damaging your guinea pig without even knowing.

Rex Guinea Pig Care – A Complete Guide

rex guinea pig breeders

Purchasing or adopting a brand-new family pet may be tough occasionally. If you wish to have a brand-new close friend in your life, you could would like to know even more about it. Information like exactly how its cage need to look or exactly what food benefits it must matter when you are considering a Rex Guinea Pig.

With our aid, you will discover all that you should understand about this varieties and also your choice will certainly be a lot much easier after you will certainly review this write-up. Right here, you will certainly discover all the details regarding them, from general details to their diet plan.

General Details of the Rex Guinea Pig

rex guinea pigs

Amongst the family of the guinea pigs, among the key types of that family is the rex guinea pig. Of the charming pets, it is likewise among the largest breeds. Its’ cuddy and affable nature character makes it extra obvious and significant.

This guinea pig is a brief haired pet since its hair is no longer than one centimeter. Likewise, its hair is thick as well as straight due to the fact that it has a wooly structure that makes it not to be level. Most importantly, the growing dimension in length of this pet is in between 20-40.5 centimeters. While their production, numerous types were combined as well as consequently, these pigs can be discovered in numerous shades and also with various sorts of hair.

Lots of people locate it perfect to acquire the Rex guinea pig as a pet dog since it economicals to preserve for it has brief hair that calls for marginal maintenance. However, many individuals obtain confused for they in some cases take into consideration the Rex guinea pigs as teddy guinea pigs because both of them are short haired.

The difference between both is that, compared to the rex guinea pig, the teddy guinea pig has a hair that is softer and also smoother. They have lengthy ears that are gone down around the head as well as large eyes. Likewise, compared to other breeds, their nails tend to grow thicker and also much faster.

The Rex guinea pig could grow up to 6 years depending on just what type of treatment they obtain and also the setting where they live. For the women Rex, between 20 weeks and also one year of age is determined as the most effective reproduction duration. Additionally, inning accordance with clinical study, their gestation period is in between 65-72 days and they could create 3 litters.

Beginnings of the Rex Guinea Pig

It is believed that the Rex guinea pig originated from South America between 1200 AD as well as 1532 a time when the indigenous people of South America were conducting selective reproduction of pigs for food.

Rex Guinea Pig Personality

Intelligence: The Rex guinea pig could get utilized to ones’ voice, and it will always show various action levels. It can likewise be feasible to educate this particular pig to execute a few of its natural tasks when the owner uses deals with as benefits to instruct it.

Sustainability for youngsters: normally, the Rex guinea pig does not welcome taking care of as well as brushing rather they require some high quality time invested in their coats. This provides the Rex guinea pig the best personality for being an exceptional pet for kids.

Temperament and also personality: Normally, the Rex guinea pig is sociable. This is due to the fact that it can live in sets or teams. Before they end up being by themselves, they must be interacted socially at a more youthful age. As illustrated in the representation below.
rex guinea pig

Resting habits: Night hours are the best moments for the wild cavies for they are much more energetic currently.

The Features of Rex Guinea Pig

The Rex Guinea Pig has a vast head along with a brief face. The eyes are great as well as fairly large. The ears are petal shaped and also droop in addition to their bodies are rather long. This Rex guinea pig has a distinctive curly coat.

The Rex Guinea Pig is a little domestic cavy with a thick, coarse wool layer comprised of twisted hairs. They whiskers have the very same appearance as the hair and are prone to breaking short. The upright growth of the hairs provides the guinea pig a hedgehog-like appearance.

Rex guinea pig establishes in various means compared with various other guinea pig. Their development lasts till they are 24 months old. They grow taller, evaluate a lot more, have curly whiskers, additionally level curly nails have thick, and also coarse wavy hair. The hair is likewise dental implanted in a manner that is truly recognizable. They have curls on their stomach. The stomach fur is instead very finely spread out.

Rex guinea pig can measure 20-40.5 centimeters in size. Some wild guinea pig could be as long as a meter. The appropriate age for the women guinea pig to start breeding goes to least 20 weeks of age in addition to prior to 1 years old as well as the gestation duration is in between 65-72 days.

Realities about Rex Guinea Pig

  • The Rex guinea pig is a primary classified type of the guinea family members pigs.
  • Their size is between 20-40.5 centimeters
  • They are out their own. This implies that they are of the non-self-variety of guinea pig. For this reason, they are divided right into three communities that include: marked, long-haired and covered.
  • They have wooly hair that is dense which significantly stands on and they have drooping ears over their large heads.
  • Their fur has no rosettes.
  • Their coat hair is not more than 1/2 of an inch. Which is likewise the size of their whole layer
  • Their coat does not go flat due to the fact that it stands in an upright way and also it curls as a result of the shortness of their guard hairs.
  • The Rex guinea Pigs have a recessive genetics in them which creates the curling as well as the coarseness of their smooth hair.
  • There exists a long-haired Rex Guinea Pig range whose hair seems bumpy.
  • The Rex guinea pig are excellent for youngsters to care for because, they love to be rubbed and also handled.
  • This is an indicator of an excellent character and also gentleness in them.
  • The Rex exists in different shades since it has been cross-bred with pigs of other hair types.
  • The Rex was available in many shades such as brownish, agouti or white.
  • The Rex does not require much maintenance expenditures. For that reason, therefore, they qualify to be great starter pigs.
  • Usually the Rex is puzzled with the Teddy pigs. What separates them is that the rex has a harsher layer than the
  • Teddy whose skin is much softer. The hairs of the Rex are curly while the Teddys’ are straight.
  • Most notably, they are genetically various given that, if you reproduce them together you will certainly develop a various breed which could be an American brief haired guinea pig most probably.

Rex Guinea Pig Diet Regimen

There is no certain diet plan for the Rex guinea pig, nonetheless, a food mix with nutritional values as well as specifics that any type of little animal needs are recommended for the guinea pigs as food. This ranges from proteins to fibers. It excels to note that, foods that are fresh for example vegetables and fruits could be given to the Rex guinea pigs however only as treats. Nevertheless if you give these pigs large quantities of veggies and fruits, they can diarrhea or get ill and also have liver issues.

Due to their little bodies, the guinea pigs can not generate vitamin c, yet their bodies need it. For this reason, lack of vitamin c in the Rex guinea pigs’ bodies can be supplemented with the assistance of veggies as well as fruits when it is needed. To prevent the health issue that might be triggered as a result of making use of veggies and fruits that are not good for them, listed below is a listing of fresh food that is optionally healthy and balanced for them:

Fruits: apple, melon, banana, blueberries, strawberries as well as melon.
Veggies: parsley, tomato, Chinese cabbage, carrots, broccoli, clover, corn skills, and dandelion.
Also in their diet regimen, water is extremely crucial as well as vital. This water needs to be tidy, fresh and also must be transformed daily. This is since naturally, one would not desire his or her little pal to obtain sick just because of infected water. Furthermore, guarantee that the water is accessed easily in the cage. Nevertheless, bear in mind that throughout the winter season, if the pigs, get enough water from the fresh vegetable and fruits, they may not consume alcohol water whatsoever however once again they might consume a lot of water throughout the hot days.

Taking Care of Rex Guinea Pig

A Rex Guinea pig requires the exact same treatment as a lot of other guinea pig types do, they call for no extra treatment apart from grooming their toe nails more frequently.

When real estate a Rex guinea pig, pick an enclosure/cage that is as huge as feasible. The minimal dimensions for your Guinea Pigs’ house need to be at the very least 0.5 meters by 0.25 Meters High.

When housing a Guinea Pig in summer season, ensure that their house is placed in a location with enough sanctuary from the sun, as they do not tolerate warmth stress and anxiety well in all.

We recommend making use of a “dripper” type water bottle, as well as including at least 2 of them to your animals cage. Sometimes these beverage bottles become obstructed, which is why we suggest having at least 2. Prevent making use of a water ‘bowl ‘ideally as these become extremely easily dirtied as well as could be knocked over leaving your pets with no clean drinking water.

When preparing your Guinea Pigs’ house, ensure you make use of bed linens materials like shredded paper, straw or hay and also change their bed linens typically. Whatever material is being made use of for your Cavies bed linen, guarantee it has not been chemically dealt with as well as is risk-free for usage by your Rex guinea pig.

For playtime, include some “hiding” locations for your animal, such as reversed boxes. Add at least one concealing location each guinea pig.

When brushing your Guinea Pig, keep in mind that a Rex might need their nails be clipped much more often than other guinea pig breeds. As their coat is short as well as rough, it does not require cleaning as commonly as other types, nonetheless you must ensure you do regularily brush your pet Rex.

Watch out for any type of possible Illness in your Rex Guinea pig by looking for interest from a qualified Veterinarian needs to your pet develop any one of the following symptoms:

  • Coughing or Open up Mouth Breathing
  • Nasal and/or Eye Discharge
  • Hissing
  • Overgrown Teeth
  • Any kind of skin problems, ireggularities
  • Changes in their food usage
  • Like most pets, Guinea Pigs gain from Normal check ups with a neighborhood Veternarian to ensure their health is on track.

Exactly what is the Distinction In between Teddy as well as Rex Guinea Pig?

The Teddy as well as the Rex Guinea Pig looks very same, nevertheless, they have various genetic make-up. Teddy and also Rex are caused by 2 different genetics. Teddy guinea pig is more typical compared to Rex in the US and also Rex guinea pig are a lot more usual in Europe.

Normally, the Rex Guinea Pig is often mistaken for the Teddy guinea pig. What separates them is that the rex has a harsher layer compared to the Teddy whose skin is much softer. The Rex guinea pig has short, blurry hair that stands on end over their entire body, and is uniform in length. They have no rosettes as well as their fur should not be more than half an inch.

The hairs of the Rex are curly while the Teddy are straight. The teddy guinea pig has an extra thick and also may have longer hair on their stomach. Most importantly, they are genetically different since, if you breed them with each various other you will develop a different breed which could be an American short haired guinea pig most likely.


For those that have actually not gotten an opportunity to adjust the Rex guinea pig in the past, it is very recommended that you possess one, this is due to the fact that it has actually been proven beyond any affordable question that they are charming animals that are very easy to care for. Furthermore, they always appreciate ones’ existence.

Also, the Rex guinea pig are excellent buddies for youngsters due to the fact that the bond between them as well as children is typically adamant. Kids will always take pleasure in the social presence of the Rex guinea pig for this reason making it a practice of playing with them.

Guinea Pig Habitat – Good Habitat Requirements for Guinea Pig

guinea pig habitat plus

Guinea Pig Habitat – A guinea pig will certainly invest most of its time in a habitat, and it is crucial to give all the needed components to make sure security as well as fun. Cages are typically situated inside your home, as well as a properly maintained and made environment could guarantee your animal stays satisfied and also healthy. There are lots of reasons exterior habitats are not suggested, most significantly due to health and safety issues.

Guinea Pig Habitat Demands

Why dimension issues? Guinea pig are one of the largest rats maintained as family pets but their regular cage is just marginally roomier than housing for a lot smaller sized relatives like hamsters as well as gerbils.

While small pet cages usually utilize vertical space to boost living location and also encourage climbing up, excavating as well as burrowing, guinea pig depend on flooring space. Ramps as well as platforms at reduced heights provide range, however guinea pigs need area to exercise, despite having daily playtime beyond the cage.

guinea pig habitat
Guinea pig habitat via:

Dimension does matter. Happy, healthy and balanced and also buoyant guinea pigs delight in great deals of space. Pet shop cages, aquariums or plastic units can be small and cramped with little area to play. Cubes and Coroplast cages (C&C) are developed utilizing grids. The grids permit sight, odor as well as ventilation for your animal and also enable easy growth when adding much more companions. Area the habitat in a location of your home that stays within 60 to no greater than 85 levels Fahrenheit, is devoid of extreme cold or warmth changes, as well as is not in direct sunlight.

C&C real estate is one of the most suggested technique for real estate guinea pigs, with a minimum dimension of 7.5 square feet or more for one to 2 pets. As added animals are included, more area will certainly be needed. Include 3 square feet for every guinea pig added when exceeding 2 in the exact same cage. Cavy Cages advises staying clear of grids with inner rooms greater than 1.5 inches as they might cause injury.

You might be assuming, why so huge? triggered covering basic treatment, guinea pigs are grazing animals that are active night and day. While you could permit your pet dogs to play outside their cage when you are awake, they also need space to play when you are sleeping or not about. Being confined in a little location as well as forced to utilize that location for eating, sleeping, playing as well as sending out waste does not sound really enjoyable. Go with the minimum dimension or bigger, and also your family pet will value the area. If you have the readily available area, you could also develop a guinea pig oasis!

guinea pig habitat diy
Guinea pig habitat via:

Benefits to your guinea pig

Roomier cages offer several advantages that will be delighted in by both you and also your pig:

  • Larger rooms are among one of the most fundamental kinds of enrichment you could offer. Guinea pigs could live 5-7 years and can come to be bored and also depressed without sufficient stimulation. Imagine spending your whole life in a walk-in wardrobe. Despite having periodic breaks, life would certainly be quite gloomy.
  • Adequate room to exercise means that your guinea pigs are much less likely to create medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, bumblefoot, as well as rectal impaction.
  • With a roomier unit, guinea pigs could work out on their schedule, not your own. Guinea pigs have the tendency to be most energetic in the morning and also evening when it could not be practical to take them out for play.
  • Larger digs boost the chance of relaxed co-existence amongst multiple guinea pig (and also given that guinea pig are social pets, they do best when housed with each other).
  • Larger areas are actually less complicated to clean due to the fact that they stop the accumulation of waste as well as enable guinea pig to separate their shower room area from various other tasks.
  • With the opportunity to share a broader series of all-natural behaviors, your guinea pig will certainly be better and also it will be less complicated to obtain to understand their individualities.
  • For bed linen, cedar and ache shavings are NOT recommended due to chemicals they both consist of. Usage bed linens made from paper. Give 2-3 inches of bed linen so absorption is taken full advantage of.
guinea pig habitat setup
Guinea pig habitat via:

Safe Rest

Never ever make use of cedar shavings or bed linens product for guinea pigs. The fragrant oils discovered in these items could create breathing issues that could become severe. Typical bed linens materials include aspen, kiln-dried yearn as well as wood pellets, and also some usage fleece for resting locations. Carefresh as well as Fresh Information (affiliate link) are readily available recycled paper beddings that prevail. You could attempt to utilize a litter box just for waste, however guinea pigs have a routine of going wherever and also whenever they require.

Hay is essential as a nutritional demand, as well as some individuals also use it for bedding. Guinea Lynx recommends blending it with an additional sort of bed linen because hay alone is not absorbing. It can also be positioned in an increased cake rack to stay clear of messing as well as still remain readily available to the guinea pig.

guinea pig habitat cage
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Currently You See Me, Now You Don’t.

Guinea pigs must have a hiding area. Whether they delve in bed linens, gone through tubes or various other interior frameworks in their cage, they should be able to conceal when terrified. This is vital to their sensations of safety and also safety and security, as well as most likely originates from their South American ancestors.

Countless years ago guinea pig wandered the wild in locations of high lawn to hide from predators. While you do not should create an area, there are lots of items you can utilize to offer cover. Some of these you might currently have in your residence, and others can be located in animal stores and on-line shops. Some items could be cleaned up as needed while others, such as cardboard rolls, have to be discarded when dirtied.

  • Toilet paper rolls (cut lengthwise for safety and security).
  • Plastic passages or tubing broad enough for easy navigation and reversing.
  • Small residences or comparable structures like igloo-shaped covers.
  • Small action stools with open locations below.
guinea pig habitat plans
Guinea pig habitat via:

All concealing locations need to allow adequate space for your guinea pig to enter, departure as well as turn its body safely as well as easily. If you have greater than one guinea pig in the very same cage, deal additional hiding areas to ensure each pet has an area to go to if required.

Despite your cage or habitat layout, guarantee your pet dog has access to food, water as well as a hiding area whatsoever times. Blockages or minimal accessibility to these things can distress your guinea pig as well as potentially cause other concerns.

guinea pig habitat wild
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Outdoor Habitats

Outside environment policies are set by the USDA and clearly state:

Sect. 3.27 (b): “Guinea pigs shall not be housed in outdoor facilities unless such facilities are located in an appropriate climate and prior approval for such outdoor housing is obtained from the Deputy Administrator.”

Any kind of guinea pig housed outdoors must be in a climate-controlled habitat, or the environment may remain in violation of the regulation. Temperature levels for guinea pig vary from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit; be careful not to reach or surpass the latter. Temperature levels at or over 85 will position your family pet in danger for heat stroke– also in a shaded area– as well as can result in fatality.

Guinea pig living outside might not be as friendly and easy to deal with as others that are kept inside your home and interact with individuals regularly. An outside living area also makes it hard to acknowledge signs of health problem. In addition, wild animals might find a way into the housing as well as cause injury or fatality. For these reasons, exterior environments are uncommon.

Video Instructions.

Skinny Pig – The Hairless Guinea Pig

skinny pig breeder

The Skinny Pig is absolutely an one-of-a-kind breed of guinea pig that you more than likely will not see around. To be straightforward, i’m not also certain the number of individuals know this odd pest also exists. However, in the past years, an increasing number of proprietors have begun to increase this significantly prominent hairless guinea pig.

The ‘skinny pig’, likewise called a hairless guinea pig, is understood for being a distinct sort of guinea pig, because it is not extremely commonly available as well as has its’ own distinguishing characteristics. Many people do not even know that the skinny pig is its very own breed of guinea pig to begin with. However, over the previous few years, the hairless guinea pig has ended up being far more of a home pet popular with households and also property owners alike. Easy to domesticate as a family pet, as well as tiny sufficient to feed and also give water to, the skinny pig has actually been gaining in appeal in pet dog stores all across The U.S.A..

I intend to clear up a typical false impression by stating: hairless guinea pigs do not always indicate skinny pigs. Hairless guinea pigs are a category of guinea pig as well as not a lot a breed. There remain in truth two types that fall under the hairless guinea pig classification: the Skinny Pig as well as the Baldwin Guinea Pig. However, today well simply be speaking about the former.

Skinny Pig Origins

skinny pig

Among all the guinea pig breeds, the Skinny is just one of the newest. So brand-new that they have actually just existed for much less than 40 years! So where precisely did this new breed unexpectedly originated from? Did human beings discover them on an uncharted island 40 years back? No, out an island, however rather in a lab.

Skinny Pig can be available in a selection of colors, consisting of a tri-color mix. Utilizing a cross between a hairless laboratory stress and haired guinea pig, scientists were able to breed the Skinny Pig. Back in 1978, Montreal’s Institute Armand Frappier developed a swarm of Hartley laboratory guinea pigs, where they determined a genetic anomaly. And also because of that spontaneous genetic mutation exploration, they had the ability to make use of the related pressure to create a brand-new breed of guinea pig.

So why were they aiming to develop this new, abnormal breed? For research study, obviously. As you may know, guinea pig utilized to be very common guinea pigs in the past couple of years. That’s where the term “guinea pig” for novice experiments originate from. So in 1982, a brand-new set of Skinnies were birthed at the Charles River Laboratories to be utilized in dermatology research studies. They were considereded as beneficial guinea pigs due to the fact that, like people, they were animals with a thymus as well as a typical immune system.

Right here are a couple of intriguing facts concerning Skinny pigs.

  • Skinny pigs are born without any fur– as well as remain by doing this. The only fur they have also when they are older, is found on their noses as well as feet
  • Skinnies can not live outdoors because they really feel the cold excessive because of the reality they have not fur. They need to reside in a cozy, heated house
  • If you let your skinny shovel it in the yard in the summer, you would certainly have to put sunlight cream on them to safeguard their fragile skin from being melted– sunlight aspect 50+ is the perfect choice
  • Skinny pigs have a higher metabolic rate than guinea pig with hair due to the fact that they have to keep their body heat. This means they eat much more food, chewing away all the time preferably!
  • Skinnies can be a whole lot messier than their fuzzy equivalents– this suggests they require clearing out a whole lot extra frequently
  • Skinny pigs could be much noisier compared to their hairy counterparts also!
  • Skinnies are really fast to learn, and also identify things pretty quick also, especially the audio of a refrigerator door opening or the rustle a bag that could contain food– they soon allow you know they have heard what is taking place even when in a various room!
  • Skinny pigs like their hairy siblings as well as sis, are extremely entertaining little pets with each one of them having their very own special characters!
  • Skinnies could have started life out as hereditary mutants, yet today these charming little pets with so much character are fairly reproduced in the UK
  • Skinny pigs if well taken care of can meet 6 years old
  • They love the company of their very own kind– and also they love having great deals of interest paid to them by their owners!
  • If well managed right from birth, skinny pigs are extremely affectionate family pets with the boars usually being even more caring than sows
  • If you’re eager to figure out more concerning skinny pigs, the very best area to look gets on the Internet where you could find credible dog breeders that definitely adore these adorable little animals that come from a lab in
  • Canada. You would need to be prepared to set up an interior cage in a wonderful cozy location of your house, as well as make certain your brand-new skinny never ever, ever before gets cool.

The other thing you need to remember is that skinny pigs have greater metabolic rates than their unshaven siblings and also siblings, and as a result they consume a lot much more food which means they are a lot more expensive to maintain. Lastly, you would certainly need to be prepared to pay more than one hundred pounds for the privilege of having a skinny pig– as well as because they are always a great deal better when they have the business of their own kind, you would certainly have to purchase two of the lovely little rodents and also that wouldn’t wish to!

What Makes the Skinny Pig Unique?

What collections this breed in addition to all the various other sorts of guinea pigs? Obviously, the initial point that comes to mind is that they’re hairless. But this isn’t precisely 100 percent real. Although very little, Skinny Pigs in fact do have hair on their feet, legs as well as muzzles. Child skinny guinea pig frequently may really be hairless, however they should at some point grow hair as they age.

There have also been situations of some growing really light hair fuzz along their backs, yet it’s not very common. Online, they have actually been frequently mistakened as cut guinea pig.

Usually a Skinny will have actually smooth skin with obvious wrinkles or flaps around the neck and legs (see above). And also for noticeable factors, many individuals assume they have noticeable ribs and spines protruding out from under the skin. This likewise isn’t true, a minimum of for a healthy Skinny. Their body should be full and occasionally plumper than all the other varieties due to their diet routines.

The only genuine difference between a Skinny Pigs and various other guinea pig breeds is the appearance. Other than that, personalities, character, knowledge and also propensities are fairly similar.

Skinny Pig Diet Plan/ Food Behaviors


Like a lot of guinea pig types, the skinny has a variety of options when it involves their normal diet plan. One of the most typical food for the it to consume is known as ‘Timothy Hay.’ While popular as a kind of bedding for the guinea pig, you ought to make certain to get the timothy hay that is edible for food objectives. Your skinny might wish to play in the hay, which is fine also. In this situation, it would certainly be flawlessly regular for the guinea pig to play with its’ food as long as the hay you get is consumable.

The skinny diet plan needs to include some fruits and vegetables such as apples, celery, spinach, blueberries, and so on. As the proprietor of a skinny pig, you have to make certain that there’s an equilibrium in between the timothy hay that you feed your animal, and the vegetables and fruits that you offer. Way too many fruits or vegetables as well as insufficient hay will create looseness of the bowels as well as acid indigestion in the guinea pig. Finally, food pellets are also an excellent item for the skinny to consume because they are a great source of vitamins and nutrients. Do not offer your skinny pigs any of the adhering to foods: delicious chocolate, meat, corn, potatoes, and also milk products. Any of these things would be really negative for the health and wellness of your skinny pig so its’ best to prevent buying them for your pet.

Skinny Pig Care and Also Unique Considerations

While taking care of a skinny is not extremely different from normal guinea pig treatment, their absence of hair give Skinnies a variety of special demands that their proprietors need to look after.

Skinnies have extra trouble keeping warm then normal piggies
Temperature is the first point to desire. Skinnies cannot live outdoors, and require the sanctuary of a warmed home. It’s also more effective to provide them with blankets or other comfortable playthings that they can cover themselves in.

Their issues with temperature level don’t stop there, either. If you were to take them out during warm, cozy days, they will call for sun block to be applied on their skin, since they could deal with sunburns.

As it was previously pointed out, Skinny pigs call for even more food to metabolize in order to make up for their absence of natural layers. This makes them into most likely the ‘hungriest’ cavy breeds.

One more effect of lacking for is that it makes the Skinnies more at risk to injuries as well as infections, consisting of fungi. As a result of this it’s more effective making periodical evaluations as to prevent health concerns.

It is likewise important to earn sure that toys and accessories do not have components standing out that can scrape your skinny pig’s skin.

During winter months, a Skinny pig’s skin tends to obtain completely dry as well as chapped. In order to help stop dry skin as well as keep your piggy comfy, organic virgin coconut oil could be applied on its skin. I personally think the coconut oil is a much better alternative compared to any other cream since it’s totally edible and also non-toxic even if your piggies occur to ingest it.

The Best Ways to Discover Skinny Pigs?

If you’re seeking to locate a Skinny Pig up for sale, I would suggest the best location to discover one is by researching for nearby dog breeders online. It may be challenging for you to find some that specialize in reproducing Skinny Pigs, however they do exist.

Prior to doing your research on breeders, I would certainly situate your nearby guinea pig rescues as well as check there initially. Although it is not likely, there still is a skinny chance that a rescue has a Skinny Pig. Conserving a guinea pig from a rescue is without a doubt the very best method locating a guinea pig and need to always be the starting point you look. In addition, it feels more gratifying knowing that you conserved a guinea pig from (typically) a negative situation.

Another alternative is to use a pet finding service like PetFinder. This is a platform where animal owners are seeking to discover their pet dogs a new residence since they can’t deal with them any longer for whatever reasons. Normally it is cost-free (or very little) of cost to save an animal from platforms like these

The issue with business as well as little neighborhood family pet stores is that they do not usually have special breeds like the Skinny Pig. You’re pretty much limited to Americans as well as Abyssinian guinea pigs at family pet shops. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t hurt to examine a neighborhood pet dog store, as they might occasionally surprise you. Petco as well as Petsmart will certainly not have Skinny Pigs, however.

Check out forums as well as ask around for Skinny pigs. Sometimes there will certainly be people distributing rare breeds of guinea pig on these discussion forums because they typically aren’t able to look after them any longer.

It takes a lot of determination, dedication and study to discover a skinny pig. However if you truly desire one, you may eventually find one. It is not impossible to locate a skinny pig.

Skinny Pig Lifespan

Average is 4.5 years with a potential of 5 – 6 years with proper treatment. Some Skinnies have lived to be 7 years old.

Skinny Pig Wellness

As a type Skinnies are not predisposed to any kind of specific congenital diseases or health problems. Healthy Skinnies are similar to normal haired guinea pig besides their hairlessness, with a normal activity level and also typical food/water usage. Despite the fact that they could look smaller sized because of their absence of hair, healthy Skinnies should have an equivalent weight to that of haired guinea pig.

Skinnies can obtain any health problems that haired guinea pig can; besides they was initially as well as foremost still guinea pig. Not meeting their temperature level needs will trigger them to be much more prone to disease. Much like their haired counterparts Skinnies could be healthy and balanced or sickly, this relies on specific genes, competent veterinary treatment and you.


Skinny pigs are enjoyable, charming, and also energised animals that take pleasure in the business of individuals. If you’re a proprietor of a skinny pig, ensure you care for them as well as feed them well. In return, they make for terrific pet dogs that will certainly be adored by you and your whole household.

I would highly recommend Skinny pigs as a home pet dog if you’re all right with the method they look. Some people typically aren’t, which’s fine. However they are truly terrific breeds that imitate other guinea pig. There’s a reason they’re coming to be increasingly more preferred today: people are ultimately understanding just how excellent of a pet dog they in fact are.

If you have any more questions regarding Skinny Pigs or ways to take care of them, please leave a message in the remarks section below!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? – What You Need to Know Before Feeding Them

guinea pigs eat spinach

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach – Spinach is one of the green leafy vegetables that everyone loves to eat. On the other hand, not only people are falling in love with this veggie since even animals are eating it. One of the most loved pets is guinea pigs and as we all know, it is the animal that is much in love with hays. Every guinea pig owner knows that this kind of animal loves hay.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach?

One of the questions that clouds in the mind of everyone are that, can guinea pigs eat spinach? Well, this can be a great topic for everyone especially to those who have their own guinea pigs at home as pets.

Guinea pigs are small and cute creatures and hence it is good for them to be fed with a healthy food that they can easily munch.

A leafy veggie like spinach is a good choice and letting it have this vegetable is a great decision. A healthy and rich veggie is good for pets because it can also make them healthy. Aside from that, spinach is one of the most recommended alternatives that you can give to your guinea pigs when you ran out of hay.

So, to answer your question if guinea pigs are allowed to eat spinach, read this and you will find out.

Nutrients Found in Spinach

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

Spinach is a well-known healthy vegetable that will make your guinea pig live a healthy lifestyle just like yours. This veggie is filled with nutrients that will never disappoint you at any point. It contains nutrients that the body needs and will only surely give big benefits.

Here are the nutrients found in spinach that will never make you regret that you will feed this to your guinea pigs.

  • Vitamin A
  • Lutein
  • Beta-carotene
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin K
  • Iron
  • Vitamin C
  • Riboflavin or Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin E
  • Folate Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6
guinea pig spinach
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

In addition, it has minerals that your body really needs. These are:

  • Sodium
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Protein
  • Calcium

Spinach is a healthy vegetable that you can feed your guinea pig which you can make as an alternative for hay. The nutrients and minerals are not just what you can find from the spinach but it also has water and carbohydrates that are a perfect food your guinea pigs. Feeding it to them regularly is healthy for them.

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Is it Possible for Guinea Pigs to Eat Spinach?

can guinea pigs eat baby spinach
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

Spinach is found everywhere and mostly used for cooking. Also, this is one of the vegetables that people are falling in love with because of the nutrients that it gives to the body. Surprisingly, guinea pigs are capable of eating spinach. Yes, they are! Guinea pigs can eat spinach and you can make it as an alternative for hay.

The vegetable’s leaves can be either ruffled or flat it changes its color as it grows older – from bright green to a strong tone of green. Unlike other vegetables, the taste of spinach is bitter which some people hates about.

The vegetable can be either loved or be hated because of its bitter taste which can change your facial expression. It can be used for salads but for guinea pigs, it is not only an alternative for hays but it also serves as its super food that they surely love too much.

spinach guinea pigs
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

If you want to be cost-effective when it comes to feeding your guinea pigs, then spinach is the right alternative that you can feed. It is not only their favorite but it is full of nutrients which will help your guinea pigs be healthy.

On the other hand, spinach is a big help for your guinea pigs because of the minerals and nutrients that it consist which makes it a healthy super food for them.

Letting your guinea pig eat this veggie can make its intestines to digest properly due to the fibers found. Because of its power to make the intestine of the guinea pig to function well, its excretion is normal and it can also happen to humans who are eating spinach.

Furthermore, there are instances wherein guinea pigs are also experiencing illnesses like it becomes anemic. If you want to make your pig be fluffy and healthy again, then letting it eat spinach is a good solution.

When you let your pet eat this veggie, it can regain its great condition because of the iron that it contains. Also, to make your guinea pig be having healthy and clear eyesight, then letting it have spinach is ideal because it contains lutein and zeaxanthin which are great for the eyes.

Are there any Effects of spinach?

can a guinea pig eat spinach
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

Even though that spinach is a good food for guinea pigs and definitely health for animals and humans, it still has its effects which can be bad for your pet. This leafy veggie almost has all its leaves filled with minerals and nutrients that can help the guinea pigs but not all it contains are good.

One of the side effects that spinach brings to the body is that it contains oxalates which trigger to form stones in the body that is not good for the health of the guinea pigs. When stones formed inside its body, it can affect its health and may become weak as time passes by.

Thus, letting your cavy at it on a regular basis is not a good idea but the ideal time to let your pet eat the veggie once or twice a week.

In addition, another effect of spinach is that it has stalks which can be a danger for your guinea pigs. As we all know, this creature is small and fluffy but it cannot eat the stalks of the spinach because it can be too big for them and cannot chew it properly which can be a big problem. Stalks are not good food for small pets because it can put them in danger.

So, if you want your guinea pigs to eat spinach, don’t let it have a regular basis and always keep in mind to remove the stalks before feeding it.

What Spinach Guinea Pigs Can Consume?

can i feed my guinea pig spinach
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

As of now, apparently, there is only one type of spinach. However, the varieties of spinach are available perhaps in your local supermarket or veggie store.

So, what spinach variety those guinea pigs can consume? It is safe to say that guinea pigs are enjoying indulging themselves with baby spinach. However, you should consider giving them a small amount of it, as spinach contains a huge quantity of calcium.

With the small leaves plus the sweet taste that baby spinach has, your guinea pigs might love eating it, so you need to watch out, as they can become uncontrollable to feed themselves.

can guinea pigs eat kale or spinach
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

At the same time, you need to feed them with raw spinach, as cooked spinach is not particularly recommended for your cavy friends. As well, you should avoid giving them frozen spinach because they are not allowed to eat any types of frozen foods – and spinach is not an exemption.

In addition, it is best to feed them with spinach leaves that are vibrant and fully alive. The deep green, as well as vibrant leaves, in fact, contain a bigger concentration of Vitamin C compared to the leaves that are yellowish and pale.

The spinach leaves must look fresh and welted at the same time – not be battered or lifeless. Opt out for spinach leaves having a slimy coating because there is a great indication of decays on them.

Apart from that, you don’t have to wash the spinach before you store them in a place. There is a great chance for the wet spinach to spoil over time. But when you’re ready to feed it to your pet, you should wash it beforehand to avoid any contamination from pesticides.

When storing, it is best to put it in a plastic bag. Wrap it tightly and squeeze out the air. Then, store it in your fridge up to five days.

can guinea pigs eat raw spinach
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

Can guinea pigs eat stalks?

Spinach stalks are not good for guinea pigs. When preparing spinach leaves for the pets, the best thing to do is to manually remove the leaves and put it in an eating bowl. Throw away the stalks in the trash.

Can guinea pigs eat baby spinach?

The so-called “baby spinach” is the term used to describe spinach that is harvested at the early days of its growth. During those times, they have smaller leaves, have a tender texture, and have a sweet taste compared to the mature leaves that are fully developed.

This baby spinach can be eaten by your guinea pigs. Many are using baby spinach to feed their piggies. But you also need to remember that only small or moderate amount is needed when feeding them due to its high calcium content.

can guinea pigs eat spinach and kale
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

Can guinea pigs eat raw spinach?

Raw spinach is the most preferred type when feeding guinea pigs. So YES, they can eat a raw one. Instead of cooking it, just leave it raw because it is widely recommended for your pets.

Can guinea pigs eat english spinach??

Of course, your guinea pigs can feed themselves with English spinach, but then again, with moderation.

Can guinea pigs eat water spinach?

In fact, we created a separate post about water spinach for guinea pigs. Click here for more information.

Can guinea pigs eat frozen spinach?

Frozen spinach is not preferred for your guinea pigs, so you should not feed them with that. In fact, any frozen foods are not good for guineas.

can guinea pigs eat young spinach
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

How to Offer Spinach to the Guinea Pigs

If you are planning to feed your guinea pigs with something from spinach plants, this section will give you numerous ways to getting this delectable bounty ready for your little furry buddies.

First, you should wash the spinach leave thoroughly beforehand. Before you feed your guinea pigs or other animals with the leaves, it is ideal to clean it with water, as some most spinach leaves are contaminated with pesticides when they were in the field.

Pesticides are applied by most because it can help the plant grow healthy and prevent the pests from infesting. So, thorough cleaning and washing are needed.

Secondly, you should consider not cooking the spinach leaves before giving them to the guinea pigs. The best is you should give it raw to them alongside with other nutritious vegetables, which will serve as their delicious salad. Also, you need to remove the stems of spinach, as it is not good for them.

But if you have dogs at home, you can cook the spinach leaves to feed them. For example, you can stir-fry or steam the leaves, or you can even make a juice from it. You need to know that on the process of boiling, the spinach is losing its nutritional properties. Regardless of the process, you can serve the spinach the pets you have at home.

can guinea pigs eat cooked spinach
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

Thirdly, you should finely chop the leaves before giving them to your guinea pigs. This will not just help them chew the food better, but it also allows a smooth digestion in their system. On the other hand, some animals might refrain from eating raw spinach while others are good to it, so you should also consider that.

Generally, the spinach leaves are the recommended type of food for your guinea pigs. However, preferably, hay is the main food they should indulge, but in its absence, spinach leaves can be the best alternative.

The foods like spinach, turnip, and lettuce can be a god supplement for these furry pals. Furthermore, you need to make sure that there’s always water on their cage.

In addition to monitoring their health, you may more likely want them to have a regular checkup to vets, as the experts can give advice to your pets’ diet.


can guinea pigs eat red spinach
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Spinach? via:

Can guinea pigs eat spinach? The answer is yes. Spinach can be eaten by guinea pigs. However, it should just be in moderation, which might happen from one to two feeding each week. This is highly recommended by the experts. In addition, you should also keep an eye on your guinea pigs when feeding new foods, like spinach.

If you happen to see any discomfort or behavioral changes in your pet, stop feeding it to them. Always see the vets to monitor the condition of your guinea pigs.

Awesome Ideas for Guinea Pig Hutch and Cages

Guinea Pig Hutch – Acquiring a store-bought guinea pig cage has its downsides. For one point, most of the ones found at my local pet shop or department store are not huge, however yet they set you back $59 and up.

Additionally, the ones I have located are not really fashionable. As a matter of fact, they’re all pretty simple and also uninteresting, and also they all look the exact same with a little variant from one to another.

With a bit of initiative and creativity, nevertheless, you can create a great-looking home for your guinea pigs that is bigger, less costly, as well as a whole lot a lot more trendy than just what you can find in the shops.

Here are some photos and also video clips of some fantastic guinea pig cages that have actually developed. Utilize them to get your creative juices flowing, as well as develop something even much better. Then please come back here as well as share your picture with us!

Guinea Pig Hutch With Some Wood and Wire Fencing

guinea pig hutch

Guinea Pig Hutch with Side Loft

guinea pig hutch indoor

Guinea Pig Hutch Vertical

guinea pig hutch heater

Guinea Pig Hutch – Cupboard

guinea pig hutch bunnings

So Cute

guinea pig hutch cover

Guinea Pig Cage From an Old Book Shelf

guinea pig hutch nz

Indoor Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig hutch and run

DIY Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig hutch brisbane

Guinea Pig Cage from Repurposed Dresser

guinea pig hutch bedding

Guinea Pig Cage on Wheels

guinea pig hutch bristol

Guinea Pig Hutch of Wood

guinea pig hutch blueprints

Build Your Own Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig hutch build your own

Simple Guinea Pig Cage of PVC and Wire

guinea pig hutch basingstoke

Guinea Pig Cage of Clay

guinea pig hutch birmingham

Village of Guinea Pig

guinea pig hutch outdoor

Simple DIY Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig hutch building plans

Guinea Pig Home

guinea pig hutch cage

Amazing Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig hutch covers winter

Guinea Pig Cage of Wood

guinea pig hutch cleaning

Iron Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig hutch diy

Indoor Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig hutch dimensions

DIY Guinea Pig Cage with Chopsticks

guinea pig hutch extension

Amusement Park for Guinea Pigs

guinea pig hutch freecycle

Guinea Pig Cage Which Can be Moved

guinea pig hutch for 2

Guinea Pig Village

guinea pig hutch home bargains

Cheap Guinea Pig Cage Ideas

guinea pig hutch in winter

Coroplast Hay Rack

guinea pig hutches ireland

IKEA Hack DIY Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig hutch reviews

Guinea Pig Princess Cage

guinea pig cages youtube

Make Your Own Guinea Pig Cage

guinea pig cages your cavy at home

DIY Guinea Pig Cage Closed

guinea pig cages make your own

Really good idea! It’s from a carpet shop!

guinea pig indoor hutch uk

Interior Design Guinea Pig Cages

guinea pig hutch large

So Awesome Hutch

guinea pig hutch mesh floor

Guinea Pig Cottage

guinea pig hutch measurements

This is a good use of a pet store cage

guinea pig hutch pets at home





DIY Guinea Pig Cage Ideas

how to make a diy guinea pig cage

DIY Guinea Pig Cage – You’ve determined to choose one, or hopefully a minimum of 2, fuzzy little guinea pigs to brighten your life. Prepare a relaxing location for them to live before you also bring them home! Self-made guinea pig cages are much better than anything you could discover in a store. Inevitably, they’re less costly, as well.

Putting together a homemade hangout for your family pet is a terrific way to get the entire family involved in a creative task. Even if you do it just on your own, you’ll have lots of fun.

And also, DIY guinea pig cage stand head and also shoulders above the store-bought types since you could make them huge enough for your family pet. Store-bought cages are typically also tiny, either in terms of complete floor area or height.

You’ll require grid panels with ports, Coroplast, scissors as well as box cutter, a pen, packaging tape and also a benchmark. You can make use of plastic ties in place of the connectors, but be specific to trim completions. You could make use of a tape measure the measuring, but you do need a straight side to fix a limit you need. A small hammer may be valuable also.

The best sort of DIY guinea pig cage are referred to as C&C, a mix of cubes and also Coroplast. The dices are made from grid panels that come with adapters; each grid usually gauges 14 square inches. The little grids of each panel need to be no larger than 1.5 inches. The Coroplast is a brand name of corrugated plastic.

diy guinea pig cage decor

Here’s a general guideline for dimension:

For one lonely little guinea pig, your cage needs to be two grids wide by three grids long. Two little guinea pig friends will play happily ever before after in a cage two grids wide by four grids long. 3 or even more wild guinea pig friends will certainly event on in a cage 2 grids by 5 and also your own vocal singing guinea piggy quartet requires a stage area of two by 6 grids. These are minimum measurements!

Very carefully compute the variety of grids you require. A cage measuring two by 4 grids needs twelve for the walls plus eight even more for the ceiling. Then you set up the walls of the standard cage. Utilize your hammer or pliers if you should touch the connectors into place.

Next off, determine the Coroplast for the flooring of the cage. Remember that your grids are 14 square inches as well as not 12 × 12. Measure the size and width of the cage and permit an added 6 inches right around. For example: If your cage is two by four grids, it determines 28 inches by 56 inches. Cut a piece of Coroplast that’s 40 inches by 68 inches vast. Place it under the wall surfaces of your cage. Draw a line around the inner boundary of the cage.

The six-inch overhang you have actually just drawn will fold to become part of the wall surfaces. You’re going to fold those six-inch flaps up like all-time low of a box. Use your razor or a box cutter to score the Coroplast along the lines. Be particular not to cut it completely with. Try it on a scrap first to get the feeling for scoring it correctly. At each edge, cut the flaps via to make sure that you can fold them up. Tape them with clear packaging tape. You can likewise locate colored plastic tape that will certainly collaborate with your Coroplast color.

The Coroplast box should fit inside your grids so that it’s all-time low of the cage. If you have a dog or cat in your house, confining the top of the cage is a must.

Here is a superb video on Youtube reveal casing a C&C cage …

These homemade guinea pig cages are easy as well as economical as compared to the kind you discover in the stores. You could arrange the walls to an L form or whatever design fits your fancy as long as you permit enough square footage for your family pets. Offer your guinea pigs 2 or more levels to stroll about! And also decorate it with style and panache to ensure that it’s not just a pet habitat-it’s an attractive prime focus in your living room where you and your guinea pigs could take pleasure in one another’s company.

Big Guinea Pig Cages

diy guinea pig cage plans

If you’re considering purchasing guinea pigs, you need to bear in mind that huge guinea pig cages make the very best homes. Prior to you make your purchase, think about whether you have the space to house one of these pleasant pests, because even though they’re little they do have essential space requirements.

The right sizes for little, medium, or large guinea pig cages relies on the number of guinea pig you are getting. Just one guinea pig alone needs a minimum of 7.5 square feet. This is a home measuring 2.5 by 3 feet. If you’re going by grids, you have to construct the house two grids wide and 3 grids long. Keep in mind, also, when determining your square video footage using grids-the grids are 14 inches square. Which is the minimal advisable room!

Years ago, specialists said that these animals did not require huge guinea pig cages. Individuals purchased tiny cages with a complete room of no more than 2 or 4 square feet. With a cage this little, the animal is required to reside in its very own waste. And also, these little animals require area to playing around in. They like to duplicate laps backward and forward throughout the cage. This is their exercise!

When they have inadequate running space, guinea pig can establish numerous medical problems:

The man could in fact end up being constipated due to the fact that he sheds the muscle tone that he needs in the rectal area.
A women as she ages has the potential to establish cysts, as well as they could go undiagnosed if she brings excessive weight in her stomach.
Just like individuals, guinea pig are vulnerable to weight-related ailments-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, troubles with the bladder, and also a tendency toward breathing infection.

Besides the sanitation that’s much easier to maintain in huge guinea pig cages, there is additionally the danger of bumblefoot. This is a staph infection of the ball of the foot that happens when they stay in unhygienic conditions.

Guinea pig are social animals that are happiest when they have a playmate, so while you’re at it you’ve got to consider acquiring 2 or more. Two guinea pigs require 10.5 square feet, which exercises to two grids vast and also 4 grids long. For every added guinea pig, add one more grid in length.

Now that you recognize the significance of huge guinea pig cages, let’s consider some prominent cage designs and arrangements. Among the nicest points that people can do for their guinea pig is develop a two-story cage for them. These little animals enjoy to add and also down in between the two degrees! Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of presuming that this additional level changes required square footage on the very first degree, which is just incorrect. Do not count the square footage of the upper degree when you’re computing the measurements of your guinea pig’s home.

You can take a look at a few of the huge guinea pig cages offered on Amazon to obtain a concept of just what you require. You’ll discover cages that come full with integrated ramps and lofts. There are likewise styles that permit you to add space-which is suitable in situation you decide to purchase an added animal. Most of them break together with no tools necessary, as well as the cage cables are covered so they can not be eaten. Ultimately, you’ll locate the style that functions ideal for you-and your pet dogs.

DIY Guinea Pig Cage Ideas

DIY Guinea Pig Cage Wood

DIY Guinea Pig Cage Designs

DIY Indoor Guinea Pig Cage

diy guinea pig cage ideas

DIY Wooden Guinea Pig Cage

diy guinea pig cage wood

Ikea DIY Guinea Pig Cage

diy guinea pig cage ramp

DIY Guinea Pig Cage from Storage Bin

diy guinea pig cage accessories

Simple DIY Guinea Pig Cage

diy guinea pig cage cleaner

DIY Guinea Pig Cage Dresser

diy guinea pig cage dresser

DIY Guinea Pig Cage Decor

diy guinea pig cage decor

DIY Outdoor Guinea Pig Cage Designs

diy outdoor guinea pig cage designs

DIY Guinea Pig Cage Bottom

diy guinea pig cage bottom

DIY Guinea Pig Cage Ramp

diy guinea pig cage ramp





Guinea Pig Sounds Explained

guinea pig sounds

Guinea Pig Sounds – In order to be the very best owner you could potentially be, you should recognize what as well as how your guinea pig is really feeling in all times. Sadly for us human owners, our little pals can not talk with us in our indigenous tongue, which is why it’s important to understand guinea pig through the sounds and also noises they make.

Numerous owners do not put in the time to discover these sounds, so they never actually understand whether their pet dog remains in distress, starving, content or just delighted to see you and/or food. Miscommunication between the pet dog as well as owner may possibly trigger the pet’s wellness as well as happiness to experience, which is the last point we want. It’s unusual what a little effort in comprehending guinea pig noises can do for your partnership with your cavy.

Are you persuaded yet? Good. In this short article, we will recognize some of the most common audios as well as discuss exactly what these “strange” guinea pig seems really imply.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Wheeking

Wheeking is an example of an onomatopoeia, suggesting it sounds like how it’s led to. Do not allow that long, international word scare you. It’s easier to understand compared to you think. Let’s check out an instance.

Instance: If a dog will “roofing,” a guinea pig will “wheek.”.

This common wheeking noise is generally associated with appetite or a need to consume food. If you have a details time that you typically feed your guinea pig, you will typically hear them wheek loudest at this time of the day. Additionally, if they see you approaching them with food, expect them to wheek from excitement beforehand. Occasionally, you’ll even start to see their ears come to be truly computer animated while creating such a noise. Other times, you could see guinea pig “popcorning” while producing such a noise. It’s actually a cute point to see.

Wheeking is something that’s exclusively directed in the direction of humans. Just how do we know this? It’s because scientists have ended that guinea pig never made these noises in the wild, most likely because they never ever had people hand feeding them pellets and also treats. So through domestication, wheeking was learned.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Purring

This happens when the guinea pig is pronouncing a low, continuous sound. Whenever I would tell individuals guinea pigs “purr,” the agreement response is: They purr? … Like a pet cat? No, not like a pet cat.

The cavy’s purr isn’t the like a cat’s piercing purr. In fact, it’s sort of a crossbreed of a grumble of a canine as well as a low purr of a cat. The reason why it’s so difficult to describe is because this noise is one-of-a-kind as well as could only be made by the throat of a guinea pig. See the video below to listen to for yourself.

Purring is typically connected with being content or happy. You will probably hear it when you are gently petting your pig. Nonetheless, in some cases when they listen to a stunning sound or suddenly feel intimidated, they will vocalize this same noise however simply put spurts. Relying on the situation and/or atmosphere of your guinea pig, you can most likely figure just what type of purring is taking place.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Rumble

The grumble is similar to the purr, except with a vibrating effect and also lower pitch. Proprietors with a solitary cavy will certainly not likely get the chance to hear this; nonetheless, if you have a male and also female, you may hear this frequently.

The male uses this noise when he is wooing the woman to mate. In such a way, it’s his breeding phone call. He will start to wiggle his hips and walk around the woman in an apparently approximate pattern. This is usually called the “roar strut.” It’s actually an amusing, yet interesting process to view. And if you ever before obtain the chance to see it, simply leave them alone as well as appreciate this natural occurence.

When the man isn’t really aiming to love the female, the lady might make use of the rumble to signal to the male that she’s in season as well as ready to mate. This sound isn’t special to male cavys.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Growling

The Cavy’s growl seems like “drrr, drrr.” Like with many animals, growling is the audio of distress, typically from being threatened by something close by. This could likewise happen when there is all of a sudden a drastic adjustment in their atmosphere. Keep in mind that guinea pig don’t like adjustments, both in their diet schedules and also surroundings.

If you listen to the grumble from your guinea pig, simply start petting them very gently to soothe him or her down. Quickly, the roar could become a deighted purr.

Sometimes, the roaring could be directed in the direction of another guinea pig in the cage. If that’s the case, then you could wish to take a look at guinea pig cage demands to see if there is inadequate space for 2 guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Teeth Chattering

This is when your guinea pig releases a fast streak of squeaks. As well as, it generally suggests that they are mad, unhappy or agitated at a specific circumstance.

It’s common for chattering to happen when you initially introduce a guinea pig to an additional, particularly in a cage. They are simply alerting each various other not to hinder each various other’s area or individual space. If chattering takes place, separate both before they begin combating and also gradually reintroduce them after they have actually cooled down. Keep doing this up until the chattering at some point vanishes.

Yet if you prepare to elevate 2 males, chattering will certainly occur as they attempt to identify some type of cage dominance. Simply try your best to keep them from fighting, considering that they have to ultimately learn how to co-exist with each other.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Chutting

Additionally an example of onomatopoeia, chutting is a duplicated streak of “chut” audios. Now, this is a sound that you might or may not hear your guinea pigs make. As for some factor, just particular ones will make such an audio. And I do not indicate certain breeds, however instead individual cavys. Of the lots of guinea pig i have actually elevated, only my Abyssinian and infant teddy (she quit after a few years) would chut.

Like the purr, chutting happens when your guinea pig is relaxed, satisfied or content.Sometimes, while you’re cuddling your pet, you might hear them purr with some chutting between. Remember, some guinea pigs live their entire lives only purring (no chutting) when they feel these satisfied emotions.

So if you do take place to have one that makes this uncommon noise, don’t be put off by it. Relax and take a moment to appreciate this audio few proprietors get to listen to.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Shrieking

Hearing a loud scream may be stressful to you, however a lot more notably to your pet dog. It typically indicates your guinea pig is sensing immediate risk or is really feeling pain and pain. If you’re doing an excellent task keeping an eye on them, this noise must be very uncommon. But it does happen. For instance, if among your guinea pig bites another, you will likely hear a squeal. It is necessary to promptly attend to the scenario as well as determine exactly what created such a noise.

Side note: if you’re taking them to the vet for the first time to get shots, anticipate to hear shrieking. I understand it isn’t really enjoyable hearing your cavy make this audio, however the only point you could do is exist to comfort them. They will eventually get utilized to the veterinarian as well as quit blaring if you go freqeuntly sufficient.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Whining

A guinea pig’s yawping sounds like a high-pitched moan. This sound is pronounced when the piggy is being interrupted or troubled. If you or a fellow cage mate interrupts his/her snooze, you might hear this noise. Simply tip away, and let them be.

They could also utilize this audio to tell us if we are doing something they don’t take pleasure in. For instance, occasionally when I hold as well as pet my silkie cavy, she would grumble to inform me she wants to wander cost-free. Basically, it’s the audio they make use of to grumble to us.


I additionally want to keep in mind that regardless of what you earn, all guinea pig types will make these sounds. None of these are exclusive to a specific species.

There have also been numerous situations of guinea pig noises out this list, although it is very uncommon. A number of proprietors have actually also asserted to hear them tweeting a tune like a bird. No matter, it’s extremely important to listen to the sounds that your animal makes, so you could remove any threats as well as satisfy their needs to the very best of your capacities. Keep in mind, interaction is key to increasing a healthy little piggy.

If you are a guinea pig proprietor like myself, i strongly prompt you to spend some time to learn these guinea pig appears and also comprehend their meaning. It will genuinely go a long means in exactly how you interact with them and I guarantee it will benefit both sides and also boost your partnership with your cavy in the brief and long-term. Pleased cavy raising!

100+ Cute Guinea Pig Names, Pictures, Videos and Cages

Cute Guinea Pig Names

What to Call Your New Guinea Pig

So you are obtaining a guinea pig? You should be screeching just like one with enjoyment! That would not at the news that you are obtaining one of the prettiest, cuddliest, and the majority of charming little fuzzy pets to life?

Guinea pig make wonderful family pets as well as are reduced upkeep. They do not need a lot of space, their housing demands are marginal, and also it’s a lot of enjoyable to develop them a little backyard! They appreciate the firm of various other guinea pig and also truly create a bond with their proprietors. You will certainly like them for their entire 5 to seven year lifespan, as well as they’ll like you right back.

So, do you have any kind of idea what you will call your guinea pig? Satisfying your suit at the pet store is the simple component, however providing it a name might not be so easy. If you are lucky, the name will certainly just involve you when you picked which one to take house. Many are not that fortunate, and, consequently, have to do a little research study.

Making this matter a little less complicated, I have actually compiled a checklist of the best guinea pig names that I might locate or consider. Scroll to discover various names in separate groups.

Cute Guinea Pig Names

Guinea pigs are adorably unclear little pests. These adorable animals deserve a name as adorable as they are! Take a look at these charming guinea pig names, excellent for men and females!

cute guinea pigs

Funny Guinea Pig Names

It’s simple to find up with a funny name for your furry good friend. Choose a name that uses their varieties or their small stature, for starters.

cute guinea pigs funny

Cute Guinea Pig Boy Names

Male names often seem more “strong” than girly names, yet whether your guinea pig is more of an attention-hog or a shy piglet, there’s a name for all!

cute guinea pig names for a boy

Cute Guinea Pig Girl Names

Woman names commonly have a “girly” really feel to them and also often mirror the foods we consume! Why? Since ladies are pleasant, so is food, and women like food. That’s not all that is on our listing, naturally, so inspect it out!

cute guinea pig female names

Cute Guinea Pig Couple Names

It’s not totally necessary to have matching set guinea pig names like Salt and Pepper, which are cute however do not truly check out characters completely.

Sometimes names can just fit together well, even though they typically aren’t in matched pairs. As an example, Minnie Pig and Walbert work well together and seem to include even more personality when matched by doing this.

Some other instances of charming guinea pig names for sets include:

cute guinea pig pair names

Choosing a Guinea Pig Name

There are plenty of names to choose from, and also ideally you have actually already discovered one you like by this point, yet if you haven’t, not to fret!

Whether you have a male or female guinea pig, try examining its personality and also outer look to help you select a name.

Does it go to you today, or is it still a bit skittish?
Is it loud, or does it make little sound?
What shade is it and also what “hairdo” does it have?

Answering these concerns could help when determining in between two or three names, also.

Let Your Guinea Pig Assist Choose

Still don’t have a name? I’m a follower of allowing my pets aid in this process just because I am so unclear when it concerns these things, as well as the ridiculous memories that it makes. There are a couple of methods a guinea pig could “aid” choose a name.

If you have an outward bound piggy, have a few friends being in a circle, assign a name per person, and put the guinea pig between. The guinea pig takes on the name of the person it mosts likely to first!

Create various names on a couple of index cards and put them around the area with some guinea pig food; you can also do this in the cage if it huges sufficient. Whichever card it eats off first is the name that the guinea pig chooses! Easy, right? I think so!

Whatever you do to identify the guinea pig’s name, have fun with it!

Cute Guinea Pig Pictures and Image

Cute and Funny Pictures of Guinea Pig

cute guinea pig pictures
cute guinea pig pictures
cute guinea pig pictures websites
cute guinea pig pictures to print
cute guinea pig pictures with captions
cute guinea pig pictures photobucket
24 cute guinea pig pictures
cute guinea pig images
images of cute guinea pig
guinea pig images

Cute Guinea Pig Cages

Buying a store-bought guinea pig cage has its downsides. For something, the majority of the ones located at my local pet shop or chain store are not large, however yet they cost $59 and up.

Additionally, the ones I have discovered are not very trendy. In fact, they’re all rather ordinary as well as boring, and they all look the very same with little variant from one to another.

With a bit of initiative and also creative thinking, nevertheless, you could produce a beautiful house for your guinea pig that is larger, less expensive, as well as a whole lot extra elegant than exactly what you could discover in the shops.

Right here are some photos clips of some great guinea pig cages that have actually built. Use them to get your creative juices moving, and produce something even better. After that please return below and also share your picture with us!

cute guinea pig cage accessories


cute guinea pig cages


cute guinea pig hutch


cage of guinea pigs


guinea pig cages



Cute Guinea Pig Videos

A guinea pig is such a charming as well as amusing family pet. Take a look at these cute and funny guinea pigs in this new animals collection.

Cute Guinea Pig Accessories

cute guinea pig accessories


cute guinea pig cage accessories


guniea pig accessories


accessories of guinea pigs


accessories guinea pigs