20 Inspiring Modern TV Stand Ideas for Your Living Room

A TV stand is one of the most important elements in the living room. So, if you want to spice up the main room of the house, you can start by choosing the right design for this furniture piece. In that case, modern TV stand ideas can be an ideal solution for you.

Focusing on simplicity, functionality, and neutral color choices, a modern TV stand will become a focal point in your living room. With a lot of choices available in different styles and materials, here are several great designs of TV stand that will bring a stylish and modern sense into your home.

1. Futuristic TV Stand Ideas

Modern TV Stand Ideas
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For most of the times, the modern style is closely linked to the futuristic elements. You can also bear this concept in mind when choosing a modern TV stand for living room.

A TV stand with futuristic design commonly combines two contrast colors, such as white and black. It has a slim, sleek shape which is built on the corner of the room. There are no much details in the design except for two-layered open shelves that can be used to store your entertainment center.

2. Hexagonal TV Stand

An open-shelved hexagonal TV stand reflects the concept of modernity which often keeps geometrical shapes in mind. It will also complement your minimalist living room with its simple, yet aesthetic look.

Moreover, since this TV stand design provides a lot of spaces in its open shelves, you have plenty of room to put other entertainment devices. A DVD player or gaming station can be placed on the shelves. Alternatively, you can fill the shelf with the collection of books or movies you have.

3. TV Stand on the Wall

Modern TV Stand white
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A television stand doesn’t have to be on the floor all the time. In modern TV stand ideas, you can do a little experiment by placing the stand on the wall. It will create a levitating effect and make your living room look extraordinary.

However, when you want to follow this design, it is important for you to choose a TV stand with a sleek design. Such a design choice will make you easier when attaching the stand to the wall.

4. Wood and Metal TV Stand

modern tv stand black
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A TV stand made of wood and metal is a great option when you want to have a modern and traditional concept in one place. This design combines a wooden stand in a simple-cut shape with four feet base from metal.
Because of its simple design, a wood-and-metal TV stand can be placed in everyone’s living room regardless of the room’s style.

5. Modern Rustic TV Stand

modern tv stand uk
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You can also combine a modern TV stand design with a rustic style. For starters, choose the main structure in a sleek and clean design for the stand and the shelf.

As a complementary feature, the shelf can be adorned by accented glass doors which represent the rustic elements. Both rustic and modern styles in this TV stand will complement each other perfectly.

6. Modern TV Stand with Panel and Rounded Cabinet

This modern TV stand features a panel board which is attached to the rounded open cabinet at the bottom. The main attraction of this design is its swivel panel that can be turned around depending on your watching direction.

Meanwhile, the open cabinet provides enough storage space to put the other media, external devices, or your miscellaneous collections.

7. Sleek Plywood TV Stand

Wood is not always associated with the traditional style. With the right design, you can include this common material on the list of modern TV stand ideas. A plywood TV stand in the sleek design is a great example.

Focusing on the minimalism, this TV stand takes the form of a wood panel which is equipped with wheels and a simple open shelf. The attached wheels allow you to move the stand from side to side in the living room, whereas the open shelf is a good option to put your books or magazines.

8. Mosaic TV Stand

Although the whole concept of modern design provides a little—or even no detailed adornments, you can make an exception by including mosaic designs on each side of a rectangular TV stand.

The mosaic accent will look great with the open cabinet since it gives an attractive feature on the monochrome color shades. However, when you use this design, you don’t have to put some other decorations on the cabinet.

9. Glass TV Stand

A TV stand constructed from a glass is a great alternative to the designs which usually feature woods or other common materials. Because of its transparent features, a glass TV stand is easier to be matched with the style you raise in the living room. In addition, it gives an elegant and modern look to the room.

Those are some modern TV stand ideas that you can choose to furnish your own living room. Be sure to choose the most suitable design that will perfectly suit your television and other entertainment devices you want to put on the stand.

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