Do Guinea Pigs Bite? [Top Reasons]

Do Guinea Pigs Bite? – If you have a plan of buying a guinea pig as your pet, the most essential thing to consider is do guinea pigs bit? Knowing this is very essential most significantly if you have kids at home who’ll be interacting with this creature.

Do Guinea Pigs Bite?

Like other kinds of pets out there, guinea pig also bites in spite of their gentle and lovely appearance. Biting isn’t a manner you need to fret about when planning to get a guinea pig as a pet. A lot of guinea pigs bite for some reasons. This biting behavior only regarded as nipping, wherein they do not bite hard and do not break your skin.

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However there are also types of guinea pigs that really for one good reason bite harder. They could break your skin and take a piece of your flesh. Research shows that biting is a type of communication, meaning if you are bitten by your guinea pig, he or she has something to say to you.

Reasons why Guinea Pig Bite


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Any pet or creatures which feels threatened will surely going to a beast mode, and guinea pig is not an exception. When feels scared in any way, or not safe, he might lash out and bite you.

Accidentally Touch the Sore Spot

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Oftentimes guinea pigs will bite as you are handling her as she has a sore spot or accidentally touched her where she does not want to touch. Also oftentimes this animal will get mites and have receptive skin as an outcome, and once you touch them, this creature impulsively bite.

When Handled Roughly

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When you handled your pet roughly, he will respond with a bite as he is frightened or scared of falling.

He Need to Pee

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There are breeds of guinea pigs which have been notorious to nip or bite once they are being held. On the other hand have to pee or urinate.

Mistook Had for Food

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This small creature has a superb sense of smell. Once your hand has the smell of food and you hold him, he may bite you thinking that it is food. So, you need to wash your hands properly prior to holding your guinea pig pet.

Doesn’t Like to Be Held

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It is not common, but this creature may bite when he doesn’t like to be held and feel annoyed. When you have been holding him for a while and suddenly lashes out and bite you, this may be the main reason.

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Likes to Groom You

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This pet love grooming each other, in case you are holding your guinea pig and he bites you, he may only be trying to groom you.

Just Young

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A young guinea pig is still in the learning process and trying his limits, therefore biting could be common amongst young guinea pigs. Once your pet is still a months old, and often bites you, it can be that he is only young and will outgrow this behavior as he mature.

Wants to Chew

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The teeth of guinea pig are continuously growing and he or she might want to chew in order to keep his teeth from growing long as well. Once he’s nothing to gnaw on or experiencing from poor diet and feels the demands to gnaw on something, it is relatively likely that can translate into biting. Ensure your pet has chances to gnaw on things.

Dental Problems

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When there is something wrong with her mouth or teeth, this creative will nibble to impulsively try to fix what is ailing her. Like for instance, an older one could have malocclusion when she doesn’t get sufficient hay in her diet. Have your pet checked by a veterinary from possible issues which could result in biting.

Bad Attitude

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This creature has temperament like anyone else; therefore an infrequent bite can just signify that she has a bad mood. But, once she bites you hard and regularly, and you have done the whole thing you can to know the reason but see nothing, it can be that your pet has just a bad attitude.

This case is not common. Oftentimes love patience as well as safety showered abundantly over a long span of time could alter her bad disposition into a peaceful and friendlier one.

Why Guinea Pig Bite Cage Bars?

Often times these creatures do not bite their master, however you see then nibbling the cage bars most of the time. Here are reasons why they are doing it:

Want More Space

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Once you keep this animal penned up in a narrow cage without any chance to lope around, he will often nibble the bars to express his discontentment. The best thing to do is to provide your guinea pig some free range time on a daily basis or get a bigger pen.

He’s Fed Up

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Spent time interacting with your guinea pig or give him toys is the best way to avoid him from being fed up. One he is alone, perhaps you must consider getting him a partner. Guinea pig in nature is very social animal and wants companionship. They aren’t intended to sit along all day and every day.

How to Avoid Guinea Pig from Biting

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The most excellent approach to stop your pet from biting is know precisely why he doing this and fix that issue. Avoid punishing your pet. Some may tap their pet on nose. Inflicting any pain on your guinea pig isn’t going to get him to put off from biting. It will just worsen the condition. Once you’re pet bite a lot, try slowly introducing your hands into the pen-gradually- each time you try to pick your guinea pig up.

Ensure to get your guinea pig checked out or examined by a professional veterinary to know any medical issues which may be causing his bad activity. Behavior does not change overnight, so patience is very essential here. Work with your pet on a daily basis, and due course his action will alter for good.

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