Guinea Pig Sounds Explained

Guinea Pig Sounds – In order to be the very best owner you could potentially be, you should recognize what as well as how your guinea pig is really feeling in all times. Sadly for us human owners, our little pals can not talk with us in our indigenous tongue, which is why it’s important to understand guinea pig through the sounds and also noises they make.

Numerous owners do not put in the time to discover these sounds, so they never actually understand whether their pet dog remains in distress, starving, content or just delighted to see you and/or food. Miscommunication between the pet dog as well as owner may possibly trigger the pet’s wellness as well as happiness to experience, which is the last point we want. It’s unusual what a little effort in comprehending guinea pig noises can do for your partnership with your cavy.

Are you persuaded yet? Good. In this short article, we will recognize some of the most common audios as well as discuss exactly what these “strange” guinea pig seems really imply.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Wheeking

Wheeking is an example of an onomatopoeia, suggesting it sounds like how it’s led to. Do not allow that long, international word scare you. It’s easier to understand compared to you think. Let’s check out an instance.

Instance: If a dog will “roofing,” a guinea pig will “wheek.”.

This common wheeking noise is generally associated with appetite or a need to consume food. If you have a details time that you typically feed your guinea pig, you will typically hear them wheek loudest at this time of the day. Additionally, if they see you approaching them with food, expect them to wheek from excitement beforehand. Occasionally, you’ll even start to see their ears come to be truly computer animated while creating such a noise. Other times, you could see guinea pig “popcorning” while producing such a noise. It’s actually a cute point to see.

Wheeking is something that’s exclusively directed in the direction of humans. Just how do we know this? It’s because scientists have ended that guinea pig never made these noises in the wild, most likely because they never ever had people hand feeding them pellets and also treats. So through domestication, wheeking was learned.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Purring

This happens when the guinea pig is pronouncing a low, continuous sound. Whenever I would tell individuals guinea pigs “purr,” the agreement response is: They purr? … Like a pet cat? No, not like a pet cat.

The cavy’s purr isn’t the like a cat’s piercing purr. In fact, it’s sort of a crossbreed of a grumble of a canine as well as a low purr of a cat. The reason why it’s so difficult to describe is because this noise is one-of-a-kind as well as could only be made by the throat of a guinea pig. See the video below to listen to for yourself.

Purring is typically connected with being content or happy. You will probably hear it when you are gently petting your pig. Nonetheless, in some cases when they listen to a stunning sound or suddenly feel intimidated, they will vocalize this same noise however simply put spurts. Relying on the situation and/or atmosphere of your guinea pig, you can most likely figure just what type of purring is taking place.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Rumble

The grumble is similar to the purr, except with a vibrating effect and also lower pitch. Proprietors with a solitary cavy will certainly not likely get the chance to hear this; nonetheless, if you have a male and also female, you may hear this frequently.

The male uses this noise when he is wooing the woman to mate. In such a way, it’s his breeding phone call. He will start to wiggle his hips and walk around the woman in an apparently approximate pattern. This is usually called the “roar strut.” It’s actually an amusing, yet interesting process to view. And if you ever before obtain the chance to see it, simply leave them alone as well as appreciate this natural occurence.

When the man isn’t really aiming to love the female, the lady might make use of the rumble to signal to the male that she’s in season as well as ready to mate. This sound isn’t special to male cavys.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Growling

The Cavy’s growl seems like “drrr, drrr.” Like with many animals, growling is the audio of distress, typically from being threatened by something close by. This could likewise happen when there is all of a sudden a drastic adjustment in their atmosphere. Keep in mind that guinea pig don’t like adjustments, both in their diet schedules and also surroundings.

If you listen to the grumble from your guinea pig, simply start petting them very gently to soothe him or her down. Quickly, the roar could become a deighted purr.

Sometimes, the roaring could be directed in the direction of another guinea pig in the cage. If that’s the case, then you could wish to take a look at guinea pig cage demands to see if there is inadequate space for 2 guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Teeth Chattering

This is when your guinea pig releases a fast streak of squeaks. As well as, it generally suggests that they are mad, unhappy or agitated at a specific circumstance.

It’s common for chattering to happen when you initially introduce a guinea pig to an additional, particularly in a cage. They are simply alerting each various other not to hinder each various other’s area or individual space. If chattering takes place, separate both before they begin combating and also gradually reintroduce them after they have actually cooled down. Keep doing this up until the chattering at some point vanishes.

Yet if you prepare to elevate 2 males, chattering will certainly occur as they attempt to identify some type of cage dominance. Simply try your best to keep them from fighting, considering that they have to ultimately learn how to co-exist with each other.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Chutting

Additionally an example of onomatopoeia, chutting is a duplicated streak of “chut” audios. Now, this is a sound that you might or may not hear your guinea pigs make. As for some factor, just particular ones will make such an audio. And I do not indicate certain breeds, however instead individual cavys. Of the lots of guinea pig i have actually elevated, only my Abyssinian and infant teddy (she quit after a few years) would chut.

Like the purr, chutting happens when your guinea pig is relaxed, satisfied or content.Sometimes, while you’re cuddling your pet, you might hear them purr with some chutting between. Remember, some guinea pigs live their entire lives only purring (no chutting) when they feel these satisfied emotions.

So if you do take place to have one that makes this uncommon noise, don’t be put off by it. Relax and take a moment to appreciate this audio few proprietors get to listen to.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Shrieking

Hearing a loud scream may be stressful to you, however a lot more notably to your pet dog. It typically indicates your guinea pig is sensing immediate risk or is really feeling pain and pain. If you’re doing an excellent task keeping an eye on them, this noise must be very uncommon. But it does happen. For instance, if among your guinea pig bites another, you will likely hear a squeal. It is necessary to promptly attend to the scenario as well as determine exactly what created such a noise.

Side note: if you’re taking them to the vet for the first time to get shots, anticipate to hear shrieking. I understand it isn’t really enjoyable hearing your cavy make this audio, however the only point you could do is exist to comfort them. They will eventually get utilized to the veterinarian as well as quit blaring if you go freqeuntly sufficient.

Guinea Pig Sounds – Whining

A guinea pig’s yawping sounds like a high-pitched moan. This sound is pronounced when the piggy is being interrupted or troubled. If you or a fellow cage mate interrupts his/her snooze, you might hear this noise. Simply tip away, and let them be.

They could also utilize this audio to tell us if we are doing something they don’t take pleasure in. For instance, occasionally when I hold as well as pet my silkie cavy, she would grumble to inform me she wants to wander cost-free. Basically, it’s the audio they make use of to grumble to us.


I additionally want to keep in mind that regardless of what you earn, all guinea pig types will make these sounds. None of these are exclusive to a specific species.

There have also been numerous situations of guinea pig noises out this list, although it is very uncommon. A number of proprietors have actually also asserted to hear them tweeting a tune like a bird. No matter, it’s extremely important to listen to the sounds that your animal makes, so you could remove any threats as well as satisfy their needs to the very best of your capacities. Keep in mind, interaction is key to increasing a healthy little piggy.

If you are a guinea pig proprietor like myself, i strongly prompt you to spend some time to learn these guinea pig appears and also comprehend their meaning. It will genuinely go a long means in exactly how you interact with them and I guarantee it will benefit both sides and also boost your partnership with your cavy in the brief and long-term. Pleased cavy raising!

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