Guinea Pig Bath – Proper Way to Bath Your Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Bath – Guinea pigs are somewhat like cats with their grooming habits. They are quite capable of grooming themselves. They lick their fur with their tongue and remove dust and loose fur with their nails. A gentle brush or comb will not only keep your Guinea pig clean, but it will also serve as a good skin massage.

It will also ensure that you give your Guinea pig some tender loving care and attention. In addition to this, grooming gives you the chance to discover parasites and skin problems before they become serious concerns.

Top Reasons Why You Should not Bath Guinea Pig Everyday

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Guinea pigs don’t usually need a bath since they can generally take care of themselves. So, it isn’t absolutely necessary that you bath them unless you notice that they are particularly dirty.

This shouldn’t have to be done too often since most cavies do not enjoy water. As a matter of fact, the water can make them very nervous. For this reason, you should wash them.

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Guinea Pig Bath Time

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When is the Best Time to Bath Your Guinea Pig?

Your guinea pig will need a bath when it has lice or when very dirty. It is wise to bate your guinea pig in a parasite wash to prevent them from becoming infested with lice and parasites during the summer months.

In order to keep your guinea pig healthy and clean, give them a powder bath. They are good for restoring the shine in your guinea pig’s coat, as well as removing minor stains and dirty spots. This can be done by using a brush special cleaning power made for guinea pigs.

Proper Way to Bath Your Guinea Pig

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  • First, don’t use your own soap when bathing your guinea pig. It is highly recommended to use a shampoo or soap that is made exclusively for guinea pigs.
  • For the bath itself, don’t put your guinea pig in a bath tub. Never immerse him in water since they were abhorrent of it. The best thing you can do is to stand them either on your bathroom floor or your kitchen sink and shower them lightly through a shower head. Use a soft brush to brush your guinea pig during the bath.
  • Once you are done, you can then wipe your guinea pig with clean and soft towel. Be careful in doing this. Apart from possibly hurting your guinea pig, it is possible that you will startle her if you cover her eyes.
  • You can also use a dryer on the lowest speed. This gets the job done fast.

One important thing to bear in mind is never to give your guinea pig a bath during the winter months. These are very cold months of the year and can results in illness.

For those people who have guinea pig at home, this guide will greatly help you to know the proper way to take good care of your guinea pig. For more details about guinea pig, it is best to browse the web or have a research about guinea pig.

5 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Bath – Proper Way to Bath Your Guinea Pig”

  1. “Put your guinea on the bathroom floor n use a shower head”. yea that’ll flood the house, “put your guinea in the kitchen sink n use a shower hea”! I don’t have a shower in my kitchen sink…. guys I put my guineas in my kitchen washing up bowl. I fill it half way n wash them with a guinea pig wash. Dry with a warm towel..

  2. I have a large rectangular Tupperware type plastic container that I put a folded hand towel into the bottom of-I add about one inch of water-which is really just enough to heavily soak the towel. I put the pigs in, and they don’t mind this at all-that small amount of water washes their tummies and feet perfectly. After a bit-I just squeeze out the towel and wipe their bodies down with the damp towel.
    Over the years I’ve found this to be the most gentle way of bathing a not too dirty pig!:)

  3. We used the bath tub but only put enough water that the whole floor wasn’t covered, like a beach. He was able to run in and out as he wished and actually seemed to like it after a few minutes.

  4. me and my partner bath our senior guinea pig in the shower, we hold her over the floor and slowing and gently move the shower head over her body, being careful not to get her head and face wet. we dry her in a towel while sitting in front of the heater if its even a little chilly.


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