25+ Outstanding Fire Pit Seating Ideas in Your Backyard

Backyards often become part of homes that are less noticed. However, you actually have many options to develop that available space in your backyard. You can use the space to make something interesting, such as a garden, miniature playground, or fire pit seating.

Even though it sounds simple, making fire pits in the backyard requires a little creativity and effort. You have to measure the size of the pit and the seating while paying attention to the safety and comfort of the place.

If you are interested in building the fire pit seating in the backyard, these 8 ideas might inspire you:

1. Half-Circle Fire Pit Seating Concept

fire pit seating
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Most people tend to build a circle or square shaped fire pits. However, you can actually use another unique shape such as the half-circle fire pit. You can use this form as an alternative if the available space is very limited.

The half-circle shape is very suitable for you who have a small family. The half seating size will make the atmosphere more intimate and warm. This concept will make your family gathering at home more enjoyable.

2. Add Some Color Splash to Your Fire Pit

backyard fire pit seating
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Fire seating in your backyard or patio does not have to be neutral-colored and monotonous. If you want, you can give bold and splashing color in that area. Use popping colors that are striking so that the nuances in your backyard look more cheerful.

Make sure that you use quality paint that is resistant to oil and smoke to prevent some black stains appearing around the combustion and seating area.

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3. Rustic Fire Pit

rustic fire pit seating
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If you are not too sure about the concept and design of the fire pit seating at home, just use the classic design with a hint of a rustic touch. This design is the safest to use because it fits in with various types of house decor.

If you don’t like the “rustic” design because it seems too old-fashioned, you can always use a minimalist concept. For example, try using raw red brick material and natural stone patterns.

4. Fire Seating Under the Gazebo

diy fire pit seating area
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One of the most upsetting things while conducting a family gathering in the fire pit seating is the rain. When the rain falls, the pit you’ve built certainly can’t be used. To avoid this disturbance, you can build your fire pit under a gazebo.

However, you must pay attention to the material used in the gazebo. Make sure that you add weather resistant covering to prevent damage from the rain. As a suggestion, you should install the wicker or wooden chairs to elevate this setting.

5. Natural Stone Craze

outdoor fire pit seating dimensions
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Natural stone is one of the best materials for building a relaxing place in your backyard. The types of natural stone commonly used for this purpose are marble, granite, and andesite. If you have a limited budget, using more affordable natural stones such as ceramics or terrazzo is an excellent alternative.

Moreover, you can also combine natural stone with several other materials such as hardened wood, cement tiles, or raw bricks.

6. Garden Style Fireplace Seating

patio fire pit seating set
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If you love growing plants in the backyard, making fireplace seating among these plants can give a unique natural impression. As a suggestion, it’s best to use the plants that don’t have thorns. In addition, you should not put the plant too close to the furnace.

Some types of plants are very flammable, so it is quite dangerous to put them near the fire. Therefore, use non-flammable plants such as succulents, ornamental flowers, or flowering vines such as jasmine, honeysuckle, or bougainvillea.

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7. Building an Ultimate Fire Pit Seating at Your Patio

patio fire pit seating set
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Fireplace seating can be built in the other area of the house other than the backyard. For those of you who have a spacious patio, you can build an ultimate fire seating area on it.

On your spacious patio, you can make some additional facilities next to the furnace such as a portable sink, dish rack, storage cabinet, and barbecue stove. These pieces of equipment will make it easier for you to cook delicious dishes while warming yourself with your family.

8. Getting Creative with the Stacked Stone Fire Pit

fire pit seating area dimensions
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The stacked stone fire pit is a classic design that never disappoints. However, you must note that the design will make your backyard look out of date if it’s not used properly. Therefore, you should paint the stones with elegant colors such as silver or light brown.

Furthermore, you can also combine the stone with processed natural stones to give a modern impression. Use the folding chairs that can be brought into the house when not in use. This method will make your items durable and not be damaged easily by the weather.

Those are some outstanding fire pit seating ideas that may inspire you. Which ideas would you like to use to build a cool place to relax in your backyard?

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