19 Exceptional Ideas of The Cherry Kitchen Cabinets in Modern Kitchen

Renovating the kitchen is not as easy as you might think. There are many elements that must be considered to ensure that the kitchen function optimally while maintaining a stylish design. One of the elements that can improve the overall quality of your kitchen is the use of cherry kitchen cabinets.

The cabinets are a favorite because of their warm tones and elegant look. This furniture is known to be very versatile. It can be combined with various modern kitchen interior styles without changing the original concept.

If you are eager to elevate your kitchen’s utility and looks, these 12+ exceptional cherry kitchen cabinets ideas will match your purpose perfectly:

1. Be Natural

Cherry wood has a bright and attractive default pattern. Its color is very suitable to be a complement to various modern kitchen concepts, such as a minimalist, country, or farmhouse style kitchen. In other words, you don’t actually need to make any changes to the original color.

However, If you want to give a different touch of style to the furniture made from cherry wood, you can use neutral colors like white, dark brown, or gray to maintain the “sturdy” impression of it.

2. Multi-level Cherry Cabinets for Better Utilization

Cherry wood furniture is known to have good durability and sturdy properties. You can take advantage of these types of furniture by using a multi-level cabinet consisting of stacking drawers.

Multi-level stacking drawers will optimize the storage space in your kitchen. The sturdy cherry wood will also provide extra protection for cooking utensils that you store in the cabinet. You don’t need to hesitate to place heavy items in it because the cabinet is very reliable to use.

3. Choose Wisely: Replacing or Remodeling?

If you already have a quality kitchen cabinet, it’s good to consider remodeling instead of buying a new cabinet. By making a few modifications, you can turn your old cabinet into a unique cherry-like cabinet.

If your old cabinet is already unfit for use or is unlikely to be modified, you can buy a new cabinet that fits the kitchen’s interior design. However, make sure that you have enough budget to buy a quality replacement.

4. Protective Surface for Extra Protection and Better Artistic Value

The bare surface of the cabinet made from cherry wood will look flat and less attractive. In addition, the bare surface of the wood can be easily exposed to some “risky materials” in the kitchen such as oil or sauce spills. These things are known to cause permanent stains to your cabinet.

To provide extra protection, you can use additional layers at the top of the cabinet. Some additional materials that you can use are glass, fiberglass, natural stone, and industrial wood.

5. The Importance of Color Contrast

Color contrast can cause different effects even though the furniture you use is the same. To optimize the elegant impression of cherry kitchen cabinets, you must be smart in adjusting the color contrast in the kitchen.

Use bright white paint on the ceiling to light up the room. In addition, you should use soft colors on the floor like light brown or cream to highlight the natural texture of cherry wood in your kitchen cabinet.

6. Use Multi-Color Cherry Wood Cabinets

If you want to have a rather colorful kitchen display, you can use multi-color cherry wood cabinets in the kitchen. The typical cherry wood textures will still give a “sturdy” impression to the kitchen even though you don’t use its natural colors.

However, use contrasting colors, so the kitchen doesn’t look strange. For example, you can use black and white, gray and cream or brown and white contrast to elevate the looks on your kitchen cabinets.

7. Small Decoration Creates a Big Impression

Small decorations can make big changes if done correctly and effectively. This concept also applies to the interior design of the kitchen in your home.

Solid impression on cherry wood can sometimes look too stiff. To overcome this, you can use several decorative items such as flower vases, fruit baskets, and hanging lamps. Use striking colors to make them look more attractive.

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8. Transparent Cabinet for Distinctive Look

If you want a distinctive look on your cherry wood cabinets, try using a transparent glass cover in some parts of it. The glass cover will make your cabinet look bright and charming.

However, a transparent glass cover will reveal the content of your cabinet. Therefore, you have to make sure that the kitchen utensils in the cabinets are arranged perfectly in an orderly manner.

Finally, based on the some ideas above, it can be concluded that elevating the cherry kitchen cabinets can be done in multiple ways. Regardless of all the ideas above, you can also try to be creative to find the most effective ways to use the cherry cabinet in your kitchen.

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