Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon? – When you have a guinea pig, often you make a decision of presenting some brand-new foods to offer even more delight to your little animal. Yet, it is truly hard to understand whether those new sort of foods are good for your animal. In fact, a lot of the animal proprietors believe that it is better to offer fruits to these creatures as they have great deals of nutrients.

Nonetheless, remember that all the offered fruits that are nutritious for us might not be recommendable for your animals.

Watermelon is among those fruits that guinea pig owners generally decide to offer their fuzzy pet dogs. There are various sights on the concern- Can guinea pigs eat watermelon? Watermelon is clearly an extremely delicious fruit, which is discovered in several areas, and most of the veterinarians concur that this fruit could not do any kind of damage to guinea pig.

In the following article, you can locate information on how watermelon can benefit your family pet and how much quantity of the fruit is to be given to your cavy. If you surpass the suggested quantity while feeding your pig, there might be some wellness problems in your pet’s body.

Water Content of the Fruit

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Watermelons are harmless for your guinea pig as it has a huge amount of water. You could select this fruit as the most effective treat mostly during summer days, when your cavy looks for great deals of water. Simply puts, as watermelons includes lots of water, they are fairly excellent option to keep the hydration of your guinea pig although large amounts may cause troubles in tummy of the family pets.

Amongst all various other fresh foods that are generally offered to guinea pig, watermelon is such an item, which you might provide each day without being concerned concerning possible health problems due to the usage of the fruit.

Nutritional Facts of Watermelon

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Watermelon includes vitamin C, copper, pantothenic acid, vitamin A, biotin, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, and also magnesium. It’s fantastic for anti-inflammatory properties and also provides antioxidant assistance.

Antioxidant carotenoids in watermelon include excellent amounts of beta-carotene which enhances with ripening.

Vitamins Existing in Watermelon

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Another benefit that your animal can take from watermelon is vitamin C. As guinea pig are not able to create this vitamin inside their body in an all-natural means, their diet ought to be balanced with some fruits, which contain this vitamin.

Though it is clear that watermelon is not unsafe for your guinea pig, you have to be careful regarding the limitation to which the consumption of watermelon benefits your cavy. Extreme quantity of this fruit might cause different problems, like looseness of the bowels, whereas a little amount could aid your pig to obtain a well-rounded and healthy diet regimen. As a matter of fact, the sugar web content in any type of watermelon is likewise extremely high, and that is one aspect that causes looseness of the bowels in guinea pig Guinea pigs may consume one little bit of watermelon (2 inches) occasionally weekly; however, this amount needs to not be gone beyond.

It is now noticeable that watermelon in the correct amount is risk-free for all guinea pigt. However, there are some questions pertaining to an additional problem of watermelon usage. Animal owners can not pick the component of fruit, which is to be given to their guinea pig.

The usual agreement among several owners of guinea pig reveals that outside green skin of watermelon have to not be provided to a guinea pig. The cavies have the ability to absorb just the red portion of this fruit together with some part of its white peel. Besides, you need to not forget to clean the outer component of the fruit and also obtain all the seeds before feeding it to a cavy It is since the seeds might cause the choking threat to your pig.

Can guinea pigs eat watermelon and what do I should take into consideration prior to I give them to my guinea pig?

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Right here are some considerations to think about before offering your guinea pig watermelon.

  • They are safe for guinea pig to eat.
  • Although they are high in water content, they are not so poor for them Feeding them every other day must be great.
  • They do not include a great deal of vitamins therefore you can’t rely on them to give your guinea pig a vitamin c supplement like other fruits.
  • Like many fruits they do contain a great deal of sugar so don’t eat a lot of them as the guinea pigs will obtain badly stomaches.
  • They are excellent to contribute to a well rounded well balanced diet regimen.
  • The water material will supplement the water diet of the guinea pig, which is a favorable.
  • Nevertheless, they can cause the guinea pig diarrhoea if they eat excessive. Too much of an excellent point is bad for the piggies. View how much watermelon you reduced up for them as well as let them appreciate the pieces you provide.
  • The eco-friendly external skin ought to not be fed to the guinea pig.
  • See to it you wash the watermelon and also get rid of the seeds prior to feeding the guinea pig. You don’t want any kind of awful chemicals getting across your piggies.

Introducing Watermelon to your Cavy

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Although watermelon is tasty fruit to you and also numerous pets, all the guinea pig do not like to consume this fruit. Thus, your task is to determine whether you guinea pig want eating watermelon everyday. If your guinea pig do not want to eat watermelon, it possibly prefers some other fruits.

Much like the way you introduce various other raw foods to your guinea pig, watermelon needs to be included the exact same manner. You have to, initially, see whether it prefers its tang. Thus, the simplest way that you might aim to know the choice of your guinea pig is by offering only a smidgen to your animal.

Then, observe thoroughly to recognize if it truly adores the taste. When the pet consumes it with no issue, you may currently include it to its diet plan. On the other hand, while it does disappoint interest in consuming the food, it is much better to search for other options. Attempt this process when you are including any type of sort of fresh food to your pig’s diet to make sure that you could instantaneously immediately whether your cavy chooses the new food product, which you have actually selected.

Therefore, watermelon and comparable other fruits might be consumed by your cavy with no threat. However, do pass by coffee, nuts, lilac, meat or jasmine for a guinea pig as these fruits make your pet ill and trigger death, at times. While you give watermelons to cavy, it is far better to cut them in little components. You recognize that watermelon is likely to be fairly messy, while chewed by the little creatures. Thus, it is offer them tiny pieces to make sure that the pig will not damp its fur, while remaining in the cage.

Along with it, you need to beware concerning the modest amount of watermelon to be supplied to your pig for preventing all the digestive system problems. So, keep in mind these points and also place all the nutrients of watermelon to your guinea pig’s body.

Can Guinea Pigs Consume Watermelon As well as Just what Is The Suggested Amount?

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As already pointed out, guinea pig could consume watermelon. Watermelon is safe for your animal since it has a high web content of water, and also it will not hurt your guinea pig’s wellness if you provide it in small amounts. Out of all the various other fresh foods that a guinea pig can consume, the watermelon is the one that you can give daily without stressing that it will certainly create your animal health issue. Just keep in mind to offer it in percentages. Big amount of watermelon may create tummy pain as well as diarrhea.

Watermelons do not have numerous vitamins and also you need to consider that prior to giving them to your animal. In order to supplement the demand of vitamin C in your cavy’s body, you should give your pet dog various other kinds of fresh foods that contain this vitamin in greater amounts. Due to the fact that watermelons have a high water web content, they are very good for guinea pigs. They maintain them hydrated but in huge quantities, they can create tummy problems as well as looseness of the bowels. The watermelon that you offer to your guinea pig ought to constantly be seedless to prevent your family pet from choking on a seed.

It’s best to feed your pet dog just fully ripe watermelon. Feeding a completely ripe watermelon to your cavy could offer your family pet the most nutrients.

A fully ripened watermelon will feel much heavier due to the fact that the water web content boosts and also will more than 90% in regards to weight. Totally ripe watermelon has smooth peel that is slightly dulled on top as well as the bottom of a watermelon (ground area) should not be white or eco-friendly. If the bottom is white or green, your watermelon is most likely not ripe yet. A totally mature watermelon’s ground place is typically velvety yellow in shade. In addition, totally ripened watermelon should have a further (hollower) audio.

When you reduce your watermelon, it’s ideal to refrigerate the leftovers in order to finest preserve the taste, juiciness, and quality. Store your cut watermelon in a sealed, glass or plastic container with a lid.

Just how Can I Know if My Guinea Pig Suches as Watermelon?

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Much like any other fresh foods that you want to introduce in your animal’s diet regimen, you should see first if it likes its taste. So, the easiest means to see if your guinea pig suches as watermelon is to offer it a tiny item as well as see if it takes pleasure in the preference. If he consumes it, you can offer him more as well as present it in its everyday diet plan. If he doesn’t show any type of passion in it, then you must attempt various other foods instead. Attempt this technique with every fresh food that you wish to include in its diet regimen. You will recognize quickly if your animal suches as the fresh food that you have actually picked or otherwise.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon Peel?

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As discussed before, the best method to see if a fresh food benefits your little good friend is to try it. Yes, watermelon rind is good for your guinea pig however just as a treat, not as a daily dish. It does not have an excellent taste, like the watermelon has, yet it features numerous nutrients that will certainly provide your guinea pig power.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon Seeds?

It is best to keep the watermelon seeds far from your guinea pig as they could choke on them.

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What are the Foods that Should not Remain in a Guinea Pig’s Diet?

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There are numerous dangerous foods that can make your guinea pig ill. Attempt to avoid them in order to keep your little fuzzy buddy healthy and balanced and satisfied. Below is a list of fresh foods that are bad for it:

  • Vegetables: avocado, beans, Xmas pepper, garlic, iceberg lettuce, paprika, potatoes, rhubarb, pleasant pea, tomato, olives
  • Fruits: coconut, cherries

Besides these vegetables and fruits, there are seeds as well as herbs that can damage your guinea pig’s health. Nuts, coffee, hydrangea, iris, jasmine, lavender or meat are all hazardous. Aim to prevent them as high as you can, because they can make your guinea pig unwell and could also result in its fatality.

See to it that when you introduce new foods to your pet dog’s diet regimen, you start with small amounts. He doesn’t need to have a diet based upon fresh foods since he currently obtains the nutrients needed from the lawn hay, and also pellets. Fresh food is simply a treat for your family pet as well as ought to be given in percentages in order to not harm its life.


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As you have seen, watermelon is an excellent choice for your guinea pig yet make certain that it is seedless, fresh, as well as fed in small amounts. Watermelon will certainly be a satisfying meal for your little close friend and it will certainly not make him unwell if given in small quantities. Last but not least, ensure that every brand-new food that you are offering your pet, including the watermelon, is fed slowly. Observe your pet dog for any type of unusual habits or pain. If you do not discover anything out of ordinary, you could keep feeding watermelon to your cavy good friend.

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