20 Shades of Blue Front Door Designs to Pretty Up Your Home

From aqua, navy, cerulean, to true-blue – what can you do with your front door? If black feels too common for you, then it is time to try blue. Having a blue front door will add a unique touch to your living space.

Blue is also not as unusual as you might think. Expressing confidence and security, this color also represents tranquility and sophistication. If black gives the majestic first impression, then your blue front door looks more inviting.

To help you to decide better, here are some of the examples with this shade of door:

1. Avant-Garde Combo

There are first two things that might attract you here: lilac shutters and an aqua front door. The combination of these hues makes a perfect blue and purple offshoots. In fact, contrast is really attractive.

The lilac shutters have dusty, gray undertones. This very bright blue front door also works wonders to emit more light.

2. Roman-style Entrance

The foliage covers most of the front part of the house. The bright white columns make a nice contrast to the blue front door. The door has a transom above, and there is a brown door mat below it.

What makes this front door look classic is the existence of its brass doorknob and a mail slot on it. There is also a doorbell, a sculpted lionhead as a doorknocker, and a peephole below it.

3. Refined Character of Blue Front Door

The deep, navy blue front door here matches the architectural style of the house/building. This design works wonders for historical buildings, even if they are renewed and refined. It is classic and timeless.

If you prefer a much lighter shade of blue for your door, you can do that too. Dazzling turquoise and baby blue doors are perfect for free-spirited, less conventional people. Make sure that is really you.

4. Blue Front Door Before the White, Concrete Exterior

Apparently, the blue front door design can also be used for townhouses. Since townhouses are small, each door only has a small entryway. In some cases, the doors lead straight to the white stone or other concrete steps outside.

There is a brass doorknob in the middle of the door. There is also a peephole above the doorknob, along with a pair of door locks and a mail slow below. This entryway only needs three contrasting colors, plus black steel fences on each side.

5. Turquoise Blue Front Door for Surprising Welcome

The substantial white casing of the house is the highlight of the door. As the focal point of the house exterior, the turquoise blue front door needs to be complemented with the more colorful walkways and exterior siding.

In this case, the walkways are brick red, and the exterior siding is rusty tan. For a nice contrast, always choose a shade of the opposite side of the color that is the focal point of the house.

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6. Teal Blue Front Door with A Beige Facade

The teal blue front door has brass locks, a brass handle, and a doorknocker. It also has a peephole, a mail slot, plus a transom above it. This door is definitely the whole package.

The door also features a pair of door lamps and a beige stoop roof. The roof is supported by a pair of beige columns. For a nice touch on the entryway, a matching pair of blue flowerpots with pink flowers are also placed there.

Last but not least, there are also three red brick steps that lead to the entryway.

7. Picture-Perfect Suburb House with Blue Front Door

The first great impression may come from the blue front door. It does not matter if the shade is lighter or darker. What really counts is the extra details of the door to add more impact on the first impression from your guests.

This design is picture-perfect for a suburb house with two-storeys, a nice small garden, and picket fences. The fences do not have to be creamy white. There are a few stone steps that lead to the front door. The home exterior is made of bricks.

8. Wooden Blue Front Door

If you prefer something more fairytale-like looking, this cute, wooden, powder blue front door is for you. It is placed between a matching pair of glass panels. The door also has a brass lock, a handle, and several small windows on it.

The glass transom window on the door offers a unique look. Plus, the number engraved below it makes a nice addition. With the wood flooring, a floral mat, and an uneven brickwall design, you have one of a kind home design.

The amazing thing about having a blue front door is the variant shapes you can use. Whether it is shasta lake, express blue, America’s Cup Navy, Superior Blue, Gentleman’s Grey, Commodore, Symphone Blue, or Inked – take your pick.

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