10 Best Practices for Blue Front Door Ideas

Front doors represent the people living behind them. Every time you visit a home, whether it is small or tall, an apartment or an actual house, the first thing you would notice is the main entrance.

The front door is actually the centerpiece of a home’s front exterior. It is one of first things that captures the attention so it should make a great impression.

Color is one of the main features of the front door that contributes to the style and personality of the home’s exterior.

Here we feature different types of front doors in various shades of blue.

Blue expresses confidence and security and is commonly associated with tranquility and sophistication. It is pleasing to the eye and creates a sense of relaxation and calmness when you look at it.

The color of the front door can be in contrast with the paint color of the front exterior of the house to make it more distinct and visible. But unfortunately, not all colors match. Not all colors compliment each other. However, blue can act as a neutral when paired with other colors.

Some colors goes really well with blue. Tan and light greens, for example, go well with light shades of blue. It also matches well with all shades of white, red, purple, orange, yellow, and even gold.

Front doors come in different styles, shapes and sizes. They also come in different types of materials like wood, fiberglass, steel and even glass.

Other than style, a front door should have substance. Besides being a point of entry, a front door should provide protection and security. These qualities are essential and can be obtained by choosing sturdy and high quality materials, door knobs/handles, and locks. Mail slots, door window panels, peepholes, and doorknockers can also be installed for added functionality.

navy blue front door


dark blue front door


bright blue front door


blue front door grey house


blue front door yellow house


blue front door green house


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