Bay Window Seat Ideas

Window seats are those extra nook and corners in our home that we utilize, giving those not so worthy places worthiness of our attention. These nooks and corners or the extra, unused spaces become just that much more special when decorated with care and attention. Windows are often located in spaces of which you may hardly find any use. Such spaces are the best for giving rise to that one special space in your home, which you would more or less act as a solitary for you. There are many ideas you can use when looking for window seat designs for your home, some of which we will sift through here.

Bay window seats

If there is a window with a view in your home, then it is definitely one that is worth feasting your eyes on. Wouldn’t that space become just that much better if you had something to actually sit and admire the view outside? I’d say a window seat idea is definitely worth trying. There are many bay window seat ideas you can put to use in your home and make that spot priceless. You can turn that small space into one for family gathering by adding ottomans in the design. Or you can simply decorate the space with a raised seating adorned with plush cushions for comfort. You could simply laze around in the area or sip into your hot mug of coffee while absorbing the view.

Living room window seats

Living rooms are spaces where maximum seating arrangement is required, especially when there are guests around. Well, window seats make up a great seating arrangement in such scenarios. You could arrange the remaining furniture or sofa sets closer to the window and adding an ottoman or a stool in the midst, giving ample space for a large group to be seated together. Living room window seat designs could also be such that it remains a secluded corner of your room, away from the hustle bustle.

Staircase corners

If you have an upper level in your home, there may be space in the corridor with a window which would remain quite unused. What better way to use it than installing a window seat. Well, this is one great space to have a seating, especially if your staircase window overlooks a beautiful view. It could be a great reading space, along with mini library storage. You could have built-in cabinets where you can simply arrange all your favorites.

Kitchen window seats

Window seat ideas are plenty when it comes to your cooking space. Having a small comfort zone in your kitchen not only acts as a great space to relax and await your boiling kettle, but also provides guests to be out of your cooking area. It could also serve as a great spot to enjoy your morning coffee, without any kind of disturbance from the daily hustle of our modern world.

Well, these are ideas enough for you to start with and give your creative brain a little nudge. To further nudge your creative side, here are 60 inspiring window seat ideas for your home.

bay window seat in bedroom

bay window seats in living room

bay window seat in dining room

bay window seat in kitchen

bay window seat with storage


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