30+ Stylish Basement Bathroom Ideas to Suit All Your Needs

Fred Freer, the owner of Four Square Restorations Inc., suggests that a bathroom in the basement can slash the building cost by nearly 30 percent. That being said, basement bathroom ideas are actually a good idea because you can lower the budget when constructing the bathroom.

Alternatively, you can allocate the construction cost into other important things like the bathroom fixtures or fittings. It will make you easier when designing the bathroom, especially when you apply the following ideas for stylish basement bathrooms.

1. Minimalist Basement Bathroom with a Full Bath

You can go with minimalist design in order to cut down your basement bathroom cost. Despite its small space, a minimalist basement bathroom can accommodate a full set of bath fixtures.

However, you may want to avoid a bathtub because it takes a lot of space. Some fixtures that can be included in this design are a shower stall, a toilet, and a small vanity.

2. Basement Bathroom with Harmonious Flooring

Bathroom flooring in the basement should be built using water-resistant materials. Stone tiles are a perfect option for this case. They are not only resistant to water, but also durable and easy to clean.

More importantly, although they come in different styles and colors, stone tiles are complementary in tone and texture. Therefore, you can combine different color shades of stone tiles to create harmonious flooring in the bathroom.

3. Child-Friendly Basement Bathroom

Basement bathroom ideas are not only suitable for adults, but can also be applied to a family bathroom for both parents and children. A child-friendly bathroom in the basement should include a step stool near the sink. Therefore, your kids will be easier when brushing their teeth or washing their hands.

Keeping your children’s need in mind, the bathroom can be decorated in colorful accents on both the wall and flooring. Also, you can add some adorned towel rack that is attached to the wall.

4. Two-Toned Basement Bathroom

If the bathroom in the basement is smaller than the upstairs bathroom, try to combine two different color tones for the walls and the floor. The combination of two related and complementary color tones will make the space look bigger.

However, make sure you choose a solid color and simple patterns. Combining two-toned ceramic tiles in a checkerboard pattern is a safe play for this design.

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5. Rustic Basement Bathroom

A rustic basement bathroom uses wood and metal as the main elements. This bathroom style is usually designed with barn or farmhouse in mind. Traditional bathtub and double sinks should be included on the list of the fixtures. Moreover, you can add rustic ambience by choosing vintage accessories and decorations.

6. Basement Bathroom in Industrial Design

Chic, industrial design is one of the most popular interior styles these days. You can also bring these design principles to your own basement bathroom. In general, an industrial bathroom exposes pipes and turns them into a part of bathroom accents. As for the fixtures, this design includes bathtub and sink that are constructed from wood and metal.

7. Basement Bathroom with a Laundry

Some practical basement bathroom ideas often combine a bathroom and a laundry in the same location as the basement. This is also a good idea if you want to optimize the basement function.

When combining the bathroom and laundry room in the basement, be sure to include a floor drain and an exterior wall. By doing so, you can prevent the area from overflowing, while the residual water from the dryer can flow outdoor.

8. Multipurpose Basement Bathroom

In some house designs, a basement can be used as an additional area for the guests. If you want to follow this design, a multipurpose basement bathroom should be your top option.

Separated by a partial wall, a guest bathroom in the basement is usually located near the guest bedroom. The bathroom itself should accommodate some basic fixtures, including a bathtub or shower stall and a toilet.

9. Basement Bathroom with Luxury Features

Adding some luxury features to the basement bathroom will make your bath experience more convenient. To do so, you can start by including a walk-in shower and a curved-front sink as the main elements.

Moreover, you can opt for rough-hewn stone tiles as the bathroom flooring. They come in various sizes and shapes, so you can easily choose the particular style that will match the whole design of your luxury bathroom.

By looking at nine basement bathroom ideas above, you can get a general understanding on how to design and decorate the bathroom in the basement. Just remember, when it comes to building a basement bathroom, the design is not the only important point you should think about.

You also need to carefully plan the bathroom, including where the bathtub and other bathroom fixtures should be placed. In addition, because a basement is located below the ground, the plumbing system should be insulated before you use the bathroom.

Some gallery of Stylish Basement Bathroom Ideas.

Basement Bathroom Ideas

small bathroom ideas for basement

I’m not generally a fan of blue paint, yet I like this color!


Looks tidy and straightforward and reasonably affordable to build.


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  1. I planned to decor the basement room for library. But I was wrong, oftenly I find damp places there. I have placed there few books and those attacked by the mold and mildews. Well I have consulted to the nearest basement waterproofing contractors Cleveland. After reading your article I have decided, after the waterproofing I will use the basement for the bathroom purpose. I liked the stylish basement bathroom ideas, specially the child friendly basement bathroom.


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