8+ Varieties of Wrought Iron Doors for Your Properties

What do you usually have in mind when you think of wrought iron doors? Most people will probably associate them with fences or garden doors. Others may also imagine them as part of a mansion instead of a regular house.

Whatever it is, you can do a lot with wrought iron doors. You do not have to own a mansion or a fancy business property. To add some curb appeal, elegance, and luxury, you can use them for everything you want.

1. The Black Single Wrought Iron Doors

Even if your house is not that big and simple, you can still make it look elegant. One way to do so is to have a wrought iron door. You can have more than one, though. If you do not want to overdo it, the front door is enough.

Once of the weaknesses of having a glass window on the door is the peeping tom. Another one is a possible break-and-entry. To avoid the latter, apply some wrought irons to cover the window on the door.

2. The Dark Brown, Double Wrought Iron Doors

Having wrought iron doors does not mean they always have to be all black. There are other neutral or monochromatic colors to choose, like dark brown, army green, navy blue, and even dark grey.

These double doors are dark grey and pretty wide. Obviously, they are also for bigger buildings, like apartments or office spaces. For a more majestic touch, the handlebars are also made of brass and are on the center of the double doors.

3. The Black Single Wrought Iron Doors with Panels

For another variety, you can have your single wrought iron door with matching panels on each side. The wrought iron bars can be molded into the shapes of vines, so they will not feel like iron bars of a prison.

The matching panels (also with vine-like, wrought iron bars) make a nice addition to the already majestic-looking door. For the windows on the door and the panels, make sure they are not super clear to avoid peeping toms looking in easily.

4. The Black, Double Wrought Iron Doors with Mirrors

Here is another way to have your wrought iron doors look especially fancy and more private: place mirrors instead of windows. That way, your guests will not be able to peek inside as they stand by the door.

If the rectangular-shaped double doors feel too strict and rather uptight to you, the top can be made into a circular shape. The long, handlebars on the centre of the doors can also be made of brass or iron bars too. It is up to you.

5. The Black Single Door with Golden-Painted Wrought Iron

If you would like to have more colors, here is a design that might suit you. The single door is still black, but the wrought iron design is painted with gold. The design does not always have to be like vines.

In fact, this design is much simpler. If this is not for private homes, you can definitely use this design for your office property. Create your company logo on this door, and the signature sticks to the mind of every visitor.

6. The Dark Double Wrought Iron Doors with Stained Glass

These dark double wrought iron doors can be either black, blue, green, grey, or even brown. These doors are well-matched with a dark, red brick wall as the building exterior. They represent majesty, privacy, and perhaps they also feel a bit chilly.

What makes these doors look more private (and not-so-inviting) is the stained glass window behind the wrought iron design. It definitely helps to hide what is inside while the door stays shut. They look much better for companies or other business places.

7. The Dark Double Wrought Iron Doors with Steel Bars and Hinged Glass Windows

Why choose these dark double wrought iron doors? No worries, the steel bars in the design will not make you feel like you are in prison. They are quite widely-gapped between one another, and there is an ornament on the top.

The glass is hinged, so you can have easy access to clean and ventilate when necessary. There is even a window lock control for the opening and closing of the glass frame.

8. The Well-covered, Dark Wrought Iron Door

Last but not least, this is the wrought iron door without any window. Everything is well-covered in iron. You can go with any monochromatic colors you can think of. This type of door is usually created with electronic devices to operate it.

This type of door may not work well in tropical areas, because it can entrap heat inside. However, this type of door is also not that good when the temperature gets too cold. The bottom line is, whatever behind this door should be just stuff instead of humans.

You can vary the designs when it comes to wrought iron doors. Make sure that whatever you choose is suitable for what you need.

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25+ Inspiring Modern TV Stand Ideas for Your Living Room

A TV stand is one of the most important elements in the living room. So, if you want to spice up the main room of the house, you can start by choosing the right design for this furniture piece. In that case, modern TV stand ideas can be an ideal solution for you.

Focusing on simplicity, functionality, and neutral color choices, a modern TV stand will become a focal point in your living room. With a lot of choices available in different styles and materials, here are several great designs of TV stand that will bring a stylish and modern sense into your home.

1. Futuristic TV Stand

For most of the times, the modern style is closely linked to the futuristic elements. You can also bear this concept in mind when choosing a modern TV stand for living room.

A TV stand with futuristic design commonly combines two contrast colors, such as white and black. It has a slim, sleek shape which is built on the corner of the room. There are no much details in the design except for two-layered open shelves that can be used to store your entertainment center.

2. Hexagonal TV Stand

An open-shelved hexagonal TV stand reflects the concept of modernity which often keeps geometrical shapes in mind. It will also complement your minimalist living room with its simple, yet aesthetic look.

Moreover, since this TV stand design provides a lot of spaces in its open shelves, you have plenty of room to put other entertainment devices. A DVD player or gaming station can be placed on the shelves. Alternatively, you can fill the shelf with the collection of books or movies you have.

3. TV Stand on the Wall

A television stand doesn’t have to be on the floor all the time. In modern TV stand ideas, you can do a little experiment by placing the stand on the wall. It will create a levitating effect and make your living room look extraordinary.

However, when you want to follow this design, it is important for you to choose a TV stand with a sleek design. Such a design choice will make you easier when attaching the stand to the wall.

4. Wood and Metal TV Stand

A TV stand made of wood and metal is a great option when you want to have a modern and traditional concept in one place. This design combines a wooden stand in a simple-cut shape with four feet base from metal.
Because of its simple design, a wood-and-metal TV stand can be placed in everyone’s living room regardless of the room’s style.

5. Modern Rustic TV Stand

You can also combine a modern TV stand design with a rustic style. For starters, choose the main structure in a sleek and clean design for the stand and the shelf.

As a complementary feature, the shelf can be adorned by accented glass doors which represent the rustic elements. Both rustic and modern styles in this TV stand will complement each other perfectly.

6. Modern TV Stand with Panel and Rounded Cabinet

This modern TV stand features a panel board which is attached to the rounded open cabinet at the bottom. The main attraction of this design is its swivel panel that can be turned around depending on your watching direction.

Meanwhile, the open cabinet provides enough storage space to put the other media, external devices, or your miscellaneous collections.

7. Sleek Plywood TV Stand

Wood is not always associated with the traditional style. With the right design, you can include this common material on the list of modern TV stand ideas. A plywood TV stand in the sleek design is a great example.

Focusing on the minimalism, this TV stand takes the form of a wood panel which is equipped with wheels and a simple open shelf. The attached wheels allow you to move the stand from side to side in the living room, whereas the open shelf is a good option to put your books or magazines.

8. Mosaic TV Stand

Although the whole concept of modern design provides a little—or even no detailed adornments, you can make an exception by including mosaic designs on each side of a rectangular TV stand.

The mosaic accent will look great with the open cabinet since it gives an attractive feature on the monochrome color shades. However, when you use this design, you don’t have to put some other decorations on the cabinet.

9. Glass TV Stand

A TV stand constructed from a glass is a great alternative to the designs which usually feature woods or other common materials. Because of its transparent features, a glass TV stand is easier to be matched with the style you raise in the living room. In addition, it gives an elegant and modern look to the room.

Those are some modern TV stand ideas that you can choose to furnish your own living room. Be sure to choose the most suitable design that will perfectly suit your television and other entertainment devices you want to put on the stand.

Below is a collection of contemporary TV stand design ideas for your residence.

























7+ Creative Red Front Door Designs for Extraordinary and Elegant Homes

Have you ever considered having a red front door at home? Why not? Although black and other neutral darker colors are the most-chosen, why not be unique? Still, before you decide, let’s have a look at the brief history behind this idea.

The History and Origin of The Red Front Door

In Feng Shui, red is an attractive color to invite energy. Having a red front door at home or your store building means to “welcome” visitors. The meaning is the same thing with the early, old American traditions to welcome travelers for a night over.

In Biblical times, the red doors were from the smeared blood of a lamb. The Hebrew slaves sacrificed lambs and smeared their blood on the door to protect their firstborns from death. Blood also represented the blood of Christ for the Christians.

Scotlands used red doors for a different meaning. If the homeowners painted their front doors red, that means they had paid off their mortgage.

The Examples of Red Front Door Designs

Either for your home or store, here are some of the examples to inspire you:

1. The Georgian-Style Front Door

Famous in the middle of the 18th century, the Georgian-style front door combines between the orange red front door with an off-white exterior. There is symmetry in the design of the door, windows, and the chimney.

The ornaments on the exterior (especially on the panels between the door) are inspired by classical motifs. They are all well-proportioned.

2. The Bold Red Front Door for A Bold Entryway

This is how you get to combine the past and the future. For starters, the home exterior is made of bare, red bricks. They give an industrial background to the house, which makes it look perfect for both the city life and the suburbia.

Then, there is the bold red front door with the matching panels on each side. The door and the panels also have the same window transoms. The white frames around the door make the door stand out even more.

3. The Christmas-Themed Red Front Door

What do we mostly see during winter in The US and some parts of Europe? The combination of red, white, green, and brown. Whether you have already got yourself a red front door or not, this is how you decorate your entrance for Christmas.

With the bright red door and white shutters on each side, hang a green wreath on the center of the door. For the brown element, add a brown mat by the door. A pair of matching plants on each side of the door will make the entryway look well-decked.

4. The Fairytale-Like Red Front Door

For this theme, you can choose whether to have a bold or darker red front door. Either way, the fairytale-like theme fits anyway. Beside the window transform, the word “Welcome” engraved in the center of the door makes it look more classic.

Another nice touch to the entryway is to have a soft brown mat and a stone step at least. If you worry about peeping toms by the front door, drape a curtain from the inside. That will get your home interior covered. You will have more privacy too.

5. The Dark Red Double Doors

Since red is the color to attract more positive energy in Feng Shui, this design is also recommended. Instead of one, you can have double doors to welcome your guests. The dark red door can be combined with the ivory, yellow frame.

If not ivory, the frame can be painted with off-white as the color. The beautiful brass hardware adds an ancient-like appearance on this entryway. To make the doors look less bland, add some carvings, plus another carved detail on the pediment above.

6. The Monochromatic Frame For The Red Front Door

Having a red front door definitely makes your house stand out from the rest. Whether to have a cold or warm impression, you can combine this with other hues. The monochromatic shade (black, brown, or grey) is the best for ‘toning it down’.

If the white frame makes the red door look bright, then the black one tones it down a notch. This makes the entryway still look welcoming, but not so intimidating. Add some bright flowers on the porch for bright decoration.

7. The Red Front Door for The Peach Exterior

For a slight Mediterranean influence, a red front door will look beautiful combined with the peach exterior. The peach stucco house will be toned down a notch, so it will not look too pink or super bright. It will remind you of a fancy beach house.

The door does not have to be fully-covered with red-painted wood. Well-carved glass windows will make the house look more elegant and unique. Add some lighting and urns with potato vines – and you will have the neat, inviting entryway.

There are many ways to make your red front door stand out without appearing weird. All it takes is the right combination of colors with other elements of the exterior.

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25+ Fantastic Shipping Container Swimming Pool Designs

Swimming pool in the backyard is a great addition to every home, especially for those who want to provide extra space for a friend or family get-together. However, the expensive cost and unpractical construction of a swimming pool could be an obstacle. As an alternative, you can consider having a shipping container swimming pool.

This type of pool is an efficient choice which offers more affordable cost as well as easier construction and installation. Besides, it fully supports the recycling program.

Shipping container, as the name suggests, refers to boxes that are usually used for shipping. With the proper foundation and a detailed project plan, a shipping container can be turned into a stylish swimming pool in various designs.

Here are some starter ideas for you.

1. In-Ground Flowing Container Pool

In-ground flowing pool, also known as streamlined container swimming pool, is one of the most popular and basic swimming pools in the backyard. As you probably guess from the name, this type of pool has an in-ground foundation with a standard depth of 2.5 meters.

The sink foundation will give you a sense of luxury, especially when you use limestone for the floor or some decorative materials for the borders.

2. Standard Backyard Container Pool

Backyard container pool commonly features a wooden-framed container in a semi in-ground design. It is one of the most recommended simple designs for shipping container swimming pool, particularly for those who set a low construction budget.

For better construction—and to make it lasts longer, the area where the container is placed should be layered with anti-corrosive paint. Additionally, you can fill the foundation structure using limestone. Such material is considered stronger to prevent the heavy container from ruining its surrounding soil.

3. Conveniently Futuristic Container Pool

Keeping the futuristic style in mind, this design includes Jacuzzi jets as well as a set of LED light with color-changing features. In addition, the pool is equipped with a large side window and a fully-functional water filter to make you more comfortable when using it.

4. Contemporary Industrial Container Pool

This swimming pool design combines the aesthetic industrial style with the modernistic appearance. It stands out in the clear glass container which is surrounded by wood panel borders. Moreover, it applies the free-standing construction that makes the pool look deeper and wider at the same time.

The pool can be easily reconstructed in several steps of your DIY project. However, keep in mind that this design is better to be installed in a large yard because it takes a lot more spaces than the in-ground shipping container pool.

5. Shipping Container Pool with a Complete Design

If you want more than just the regular shipping container pool, it’s time to apply the more complex and complete design. The design itself is proposed by a German company.

It includes several advanced facilities, such as a filtration system, auto pool control system, stairs, even a safety door for children. This, of course, requires a higher budget than the usual container pool. Therefore, you need to make sure that your budget is enough to cover all the facilities included in this design.

6. Shipping Container Pool with a Homemade Cover

A major benefit of building a shipping container swimming pool in your backyard is the fact that you are provided with a wide range of different designs. Unlike the traditional pool, a pool made of shipping container needs a special cover when it is not used for swimming.

Now, you can give a creative touch to this pool cover. Paint the cover in different shades of colors or patterns. Therefore, when it is placed over the pool, you can get a decorative feature in the backyard.

7. Shipping Container Pool with a Tropical Touch

In a more extraordinary design, you don’t have to focus on the swimming pool alone. Instead, you can give some additions to the area near the swimming pool. One of the most popular examples you can do is giving the area a tropical touch.

It can be done by planting some palm plants around the space in the yard or succulent plants on the hanging pots. Additionally, you can build a hammock or bamboo swing on the pool area.

8. Shipping Container Pool with Wooden Decking

While fiberglass is popularly used as the shipping container pool insert, wood becomes the popular material for the pool decking. In fact, wooden decking around your shipping container pool will give a beautiful sense and at the same time, add a natural element on the pool area.

Such a design also gives you a relaxing atmosphere when you are hanging around the pool with friends or family.

Several designs of shipping container swimming pool that are presented above serve as a rough guide for your own construction. When you plan to have one in the backyard, you can modify those designs to suit your budget and yard area. By doing so, you can get the most convenient swimming pool made of a shipping container.

Right here are 25+ great shipping container pool designs.













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20+ Best Interior designs for a Modern Spanish Home Style

Spanish architecture has long been known for its beauty. Since hundreds of years ago, Spanish people were known as a society that loved the beauty of the home interior design. The tradition can be seen from the iconic characteristics of modern Spanish home designs.

If you want to give an artistic touch to your home, implementing the concept of the Spanish home interior is the best choice. This concept will make the house look more elegant and classy.

To guide you to find a design that suits your tastes and desires, we have 8 of the best Spanish interior home style design ideas that you can try at home:

1. Build Your Staircase Near the Entry Area

One of the classic features of the Spanish home style is the placement of stairs near the entrance area of the house. This feature will make the middle area of the room look wider. The stairs used are usually spiral or slightly curvaceous.

Aside from the entrance area, another place that you can use is at the end of the hall. The staircase placement in this area is commonly used in Spanish-style houses that have long halls and big corridors.

2. Infusing Similar Styles to Your Spanish Home Decor

Spanish-style interior design is synonymous with the use of neutral and soft colors. This concept can be combined with several other interior design styles to give a unique and exclusive impression. You only need to match each style to your personal taste.

Some types of interior styles that are similar to this concept are Mediterranean, Tuscan, and colonial styles. All of those styles are highlighting charming neutral colors as their main features.

3. Be Dark, but Not Too Dark

Classic Spanish houses are known to have dim lighting arrangements. This condition is a consequence of the use of dark colors in its interior design. However, You don’t need to be stuck with classic designs.

Try to be more creative in setting the lighting in your home. Use the lights with the appropriate brightness level. Don’t change the main concept of the room by adding brightly colored ornaments because it will actually disrupt your modern Spanish home vibe.

4. Get that Classic Flower Vase

Apart from the feel of a slightly gloomy room, many Spanish-themed interior designs use flowers as the main decoration. Some of the most commonly used types of flowers are lantana, gazania, pomegranate, and water lilies.

Use the classic vase to maintain an elegant impression at home. If there is no flower shop near your house, you can always use imitation flowers instead.

5. Installing the Decorative Grilles Vent

Spanish-style interior design is known to use a lot of ornaments and wall decorations. One of the most commonly used decorative items is the grilles vent.

Installing decorative grilles vent in some parts of the house will accentuate the iconic architectural appearance of the colonial era. You can complete this look by using soft colored paint such as ivory white, light brown, or gray on the vent.

6. Using Natural Stones

The use of natural stones such as marble, andesite, and slate is very common in various types of Spanish-style dwellings. Natural stone is one of the building materials that Spanish people love because of their excellent durability and beautiful patterns.

However, it should be noted that the use of natural stones on the walls or floors is permanent and very difficult to change. If you often change your interior appearance, you can use wallpaper with a pattern resembling the natural stone.

7. Enhancing the Look with the Wooden Furniture

Using wood furniture with natural accents is the best way to enhance your Spanish home decor. some types of furniture that can be used are dining tables, chairs, decorative tables, or wall decorations such as framed paintings and wooden sculpture ornaments.

You can also use wood that has been coated with resin to give a glamorous impression. As a suggestion, you should buy a rather dark colored wood furniture to highlight the elegance of the modern Spanish home design.

8. Elevate the Old Spanish Vibe Using a Chandelier

Installing a chandelier in the main room will make a significant difference in the appearance of your house. The chandelier in the main room gives your house a luxurious and classy look.

The chandelier model for Spanish interior design is usually quite “rough-looking” with an open frame of metal. Fortunately, right now you can find a more modern variety of Spanish-style chandeliers in the market.

Finally, apart from all the ideas above, there are still many ways to change the interior of your room in order to resemble the Spanish design. Do some in-depth research to find a modern Spanish home concept that matches your wishes. Good luck!

More gallery modern spanish home ideas to inspiring you.

Modern arbors add plantings to the view right out the window

The general design centers around a series of cubes that compose the various areas of the residence, all linked by elements of nature.


The all-natural stone acts a unifying element between the house and the planet.


Reduced walls soften the progression from the roadway to your home as well as preserve the sight.

Image via www.standardarchitecture.com


Big mediterranean three-story stucco exterior house concept.


Transitional white one-story exterior house layout.


Traditional Spanish homes are asymmetrical in plan, have a low-tiled roof pitch with marginal overhang, stucco home siding, half-round arched windows and entrances.


Mid-sized tropical white two-story stucco outside residence concept in Tampa with a hip roofing system.


Massive tuscan two-story stucco exterior home picture.


The outdoor back view shows the various segments and the large areas of glass.


The partial wall protects the primarily open plan area.

Wood floors throughout create a natural base for the minimalist design.

From the entrance, you obtain an alluring peek of what exists beyond the wall in the type of the attractive all-natural setting.


The edge sight out the window attracts individuals into the living-room past the wall surface.

8 Outstanding Fire Pit Seating Ideas in Your Backyard

Backyards often become part of homes that are less noticed. However, you actually have many options to develop that available space in your backyard. You can use the space to make something interesting, such as a garden, miniature playground, or fire pit seating.

Even though it sounds simple, making fire pits in the backyard requires a little creativity and effort. You have to measure the size of the pit and the seating while paying attention to the safety and comfort of the place.

If you are interested in building the fire pit seating in the backyard, these 8 ideas might inspire you:

1. Hal-Circle Seating Concept

Most people tend to build a circle or square shaped fire pits. However, you can actually use another unique shape such as the half-circle fire pit. You can use this form as an alternative if the available space is very limited.

The half-circle shape is very suitable for you who have a small family. The half seating size will make the atmosphere more intimate and warm. This concept will make your family gathering at home more enjoyable.

2. Add Some Color Splash to Your Fire Pit

Fire seating in your backyard or patio does not have to be neutral-colored and monotonous. If you want, you can give bold and splashing color in that area. Use popping colors that are striking so that the nuances in your backyard look more cheerful.

Make sure that you use quality paint that is resistant to oil and smoke to prevent some black stains appearing around the combustion and seating area.

3. Old is Always Gold

If you are not too sure about the concept and design of the fire pit seating at home, just use the classic design with a hint of a rustic touch. This design is the safest to use because it fits in with various types of house decor.

If you don’t like the “rustic” design because it seems too old-fashioned, you can always use a minimalist concept. For example, try using raw red brick material and natural stone patterns.

4. Lit It Under the Gazebo

One of the most upsetting things while conducting a family gathering in the fire pit seating is the rain. When the rain falls, the pit you’ve built certainly can’t be used. To avoid this disturbance, you can build your fire pit under a gazebo.

However, you must pay attention to the material used in the gazebo. Make sure that you add weather resistant covering to prevent damage from the rain. As a suggestion, you should install the wicker or wooden chairs to elevate this setting.

5. Natural Stone Craze

Natural stone is one of the best materials for building a relaxing place in your backyard. The types of natural stone commonly used for this purpose are marble, granite, and andesite. If you have a limited budget, using more affordable natural stones such as ceramics or terrazzo is an excellent alternative.

Moreover, you can also combine natural stone with several other materials such as hardened wood, cement tiles, or raw bricks.

6. Garden Style Fireplace Seating

If you love growing plants in the backyard, making fireplace seating among these plants can give a unique natural impression. As a suggestion, it’s best to use the plants that don’t have thorns. In addition, you should not put the plant too close to the furnace.

Some types of plants are very flammable, so it is quite dangerous to put them near the fire. Therefore, use non-flammable plants such as succulents, ornamental flowers, or flowering vines such as jasmine, honeysuckle, or bougainvillea.

7. Building an Ultimate Fire Pit Seating at Your Patio

Fireplace seating can be built in the other area of the house other than the backyard. For those of you who have a spacious patio, you can build an ultimate fire seating area on it.

On your spacious patio, you can make some additional facilities next to the furnace such as a portable sink, dish rack, storage cabinet, and barbecue stove. These pieces of equipment will make it easier for you to cook delicious dishes while warming yourself with your family.

8. Getting Creative with the Stacked Stone Fire Pit

The stacked stone fire pit is a classic design that never disappoints. However, you must note that the design will make your backyard look out of date if it’s not used properly. Therefore, you should paint the stones with elegant colors such as silver or light brown.

Furthermore, you can also combine the stone with processed natural stones to give a modern impression. Use the folding chairs that can be brought into the house when not in use. This method will make your items durable and not be damaged easily by the weather.

Those are the 8 outstanding fire pit seating ideas that may inspire you. Which ideas would you like to use to build a cool place to relax in your backyard?

More fire pit seating gallery that inspiring you.















































8 Brilliant Ideas to Design a Modern Room Apartment

Designing a modern room apartment doesn’t require too much effort, as long as you understand the basic concept of modern style itself. In general, it mostly features simple shapes, neutral color shades, and functional furniture.

Moreover, there is actually a lot of ways you can do to design a modern apartment. Optimizing every corner and side in the room as well as placing the right choice of furniture are some of them.

If you need some sensible ideas, here are eight things you can do to create a stylish and modern apartment room.

1. Apply Different Color Combination for Each Room

Modern apartment is often associated with neutral and clean colors like white, gray, and some other shades in their groups. When it seems too plain, you can always break this barrier by applying different color schemes for the rooms.

Try to use soft shades of blue if you want to get a calming ambience. Alternatively, a combination of green and earthy shades like brown will also create a soothing space. If you want a cozier space, warm yellow or brown can be a good option.

2. Include Texture as an Additional Feature

Texture is not the most popular choice in modern room apartment. However, when it is used correctly, texture can expose some visual attraction in the room. You can also combine different textures to create a more modern look.

Glass and wood, for instance, is a great combination for furniture in the living room. Moreover, you can choose silk, velvet, or even natural fibers for rugs and curtains.

3. Optimize the Space on the Corner

Most types of modern apartment feature empty space on the corner, usually in the area of the living room. If your apartment has one as well, don’t leave out the corner space because you can upgrade its functionality.

For example, you can fill the space with a small sectional sofa or cornered shelves. In addition to being a space saver, such furniture will give you additional storage or sitting area. This design is also a great idea for a studio apartment.

4. Choose Clean-cut Furniture

The best option to furnish a modern small apartment is furniture pieces that have a sleek and clean-cut design. They are not only great and stylish, but can also save a lot of space. More importantly, compact and clean-cut furniture is often sold at a more affordable price.

Choose a clean-lined design for the main furniture, including coffee tables, dining room tables, or shelf and cabinet. Besides wood, you can choose some other clean-cut materials such as glass or plastic.

5. Tidy Away the Cutter

Modern apartment doesn’t have a lot of space, so you need to clear away any clutter in every room. By doing so, your rooms are not only tidier, but also look more spacious.

Just throwing away some random objects is not easy, especially when the object brings back sweet memory, or you have thought of needing them later. For that reason, you need to consider whether those particular objects are necessary for your daily routine. If not, it is better for you to get rid of them.

6. Use Shelves to Organize

Shelves play an important role in the design of modern room apartment. They can be used to arrange your collection, display the decorations, or simply as the storage for some types of clutters that you can’t get rid of.

Moreover, a wide variety of shelf designs allows you to choose the one that can serve as a room decoration at the same time. You can also choose the floating shelf for the wall instead of placing it on the floor.

7. Put Mirrors on the Wall

Mirrors will play with the space and light elements, so it will make your rooms look more spacious. To get such an advantageous result, you need to choose the right kind of mirrors and place them properly in the rooms.

Opt for a mirror that has a unique shape or patterned frame. The mirror size may depend on the space you have. Once you’ve found the right mirror, place it in the middle of the room to reflect natural light.

8. Include Your Personal Preference

Last but not least, don’t forget to include some items or pieces of furniture that can show off your personality as the owner. You can use your favorite color as the wall paint or display some photographs and mementos on the shelf.

Those are some basic ideas to design your own modern room apartment. Since most modern apartments have a small area, all you need to do is optimize the minimalist design with the aim of turning the room into a chic and pleasant living space.

If you follow the ideas above, designing your modern apartment will be a lot easier than you think.


















30+ Stylish Basement Bathroom Ideas to Suit All Your Needs

Fred Freer, the owner of Four Square Restorations Inc., suggests that a bathroom in the basement can slash the building cost by nearly 30 percent. That being said, basement bathroom ideas are actually a good idea because you can lower the budget when constructing the bathroom.

Alternatively, you can allocate the construction cost into other important things like the bathroom fixtures or fittings. It will make you easier when designing the bathroom, especially when you apply the following ideas for stylish basement bathrooms.

1. Minimalist Basement Bathroom with a Full Bath

You can go with minimalist design in order to cut down your basement bathroom cost. Despite its small space, a minimalist basement bathroom can accommodate a full set of bath fixtures.

However, you may want to avoid a bathtub because it takes a lot of space. Some fixtures that can be included in this design are a shower stall, a toilet, and a small vanity.

2. Basement Bathroom with Harmonious Flooring

Bathroom flooring in the basement should be built using water-resistant materials. Stone tiles are a perfect option for this case. They are not only resistant to water, but also durable and easy to clean.

More importantly, although they come in different styles and colors, stone tiles are complementary in tone and texture. Therefore, you can combine different color shades of stone tiles to create harmonious flooring in the bathroom.

3. Child-Friendly Basement Bathroom

Basement bathroom ideas are not only suitable for adults, but can also be applied to a family bathroom for both parents and children. A child-friendly bathroom in the basement should include a step stool near the sink. Therefore, your kids will be easier when brushing their teeth or washing their hands.

Keeping your children’s need in mind, the bathroom can be decorated in colorful accents on both the wall and flooring. Also, you can add some adorned towel rack that is attached to the wall.

4. Two-Toned Basement Bathroom

If the bathroom in the basement is smaller than the upstairs bathroom, try to combine two different color tones for the walls and the floor. The combination of two related and complementary color tones will make the space look bigger.

However, make sure you choose a solid color and simple patterns. Combining two-toned ceramic tiles in a checkerboard pattern is a safe play for this design.

5. Rustic Basement Bathroom

A rustic basement bathroom uses wood and metal as the main elements. This bathroom style is usually designed with barn or farmhouse in mind. Traditional bathtub and double sinks should be included on the list of the fixtures. Moreover, you can add rustic ambience by choosing vintage accessories and decorations.

6. Basement Bathroom in Industrial Design

Chic, industrial design is one of the most popular interior styles these days. You can also bring these design principles to your own basement bathroom. In general, an industrial bathroom exposes pipes and turns them into a part of bathroom accents. As for the fixtures, this design includes bathtub and sink that are constructed from wood and metal.

7. Basement Bathroom with a Laundry

Some practical basement bathroom ideas often combine a bathroom and a laundry in the same location as the basement. This is also a good idea if you want to optimize the basement function.

When combining the bathroom and laundry room in the basement, be sure to include a floor drain and an exterior wall. By doing so, you can prevent the area from overflowing, while the residual water from the dryer can flow outdoor.

8. Multipurpose Basement Bathroom

In some house designs, a basement can be used as an additional area for the guests. If you want to follow this design, a multipurpose basement bathroom should be your top option.

Separated by a partial wall, a guest bathroom in the basement is usually located near the guest bedroom. The bathroom itself should accommodate some basic fixtures, including a bathtub or shower stall and a toilet.

9. Basement Bathroom with Luxury Features

Adding some luxury features to the basement bathroom will make your bath experience more convenient. To do so, you can start by including a walk-in shower and a curved-front sink as the main elements.

Moreover, you can opt for rough-hewn stone tiles as the bathroom flooring. They come in various sizes and shapes, so you can easily choose the particular style that will match the whole design of your luxury bathroom.

By looking at nine basement bathroom ideas above, you can get a general understanding on how to design and decorate the bathroom in the basement. Just remember, when it comes to building a basement bathroom, the design is not the only important point you should think about.

You also need to carefully plan the bathroom, including where the bathtub and other bathroom fixtures should be placed. In addition, because a basement is located below the ground, the plumbing system should be insulated before you use the bathroom.

Some gallery of Stylish Basement Bathroom Ideas.







I’m not generally a fan of blue paint, yet I like this color!







Looks tidy and straightforward and reasonably affordable to build.














I such as the wooden bench in the bathroom! Pretty classy!




Contemporary cellar concept in Columbus. Like the inset shelving for towels alongside towel bar.





8+ Amazing Floor to Ceiling Windows Ideas in Modern Dwellings

Modern residential designs have many forms, ranging from the use of bold-themed interior spaces, the use of contrasting colors in the house, to room modifications such as the use of floor to ceiling windows.

Initially, this concept was only used in modern-minimalist dwelling designs. However, thanks to its popularity, the design has also been used in various types of modern dwellings such as private villa, cluster housing, and apartments over time.

If you are interested in using this design at home, you can make the following ideas a reference:

1. Stay Classy with the Natural Wooden Floor Accent

The natural color of wood can always bring an elegant impression to your home. This feature can be combined with large ceiling windows that face directly to the front yard or backyard.

You don’t have to use real wood, just use materials that have similar natural wood patterns such as vinyl, synthetic wood, or even natural stones such as granite, marble, and ceramics.

Adjust the material you use with the renovation budget that you have so that the construction process does not hurt your financial situation.

2. Big Square Frames for Extra Protection and Refined Style

The big windows don’t have to be “plain” without any accents or decorations. If you want to show a more refined look, use a tiny square frame in that window. Arrange it accordingly so that the frame does not block the windows’ view.

Besides giving the “refined” impression on a window, frames made of hard materials such as steel will also provide extra protection for your windows. If it is installed on the outside of the house, the frame will significantly reduce the risk of broken windows.

3. Use a Tall Mirror near the Windows to Enlarge the Space

If you want to make a room in the house look bigger, you should put a tall mirror between the floor to ceiling windows. Position the mirror to face the room perfectly. If possible, use a mirror that is the same height as the window so that the resulting illusion can work better.

However, you really need to pay attention to the light position in the room. If it is not positioned properly, the mirror can reflect sunlight into the center of the room so that the room will feel hot and produce the unnecessary glaring effect.

4. Illuminate Your Corridor with The Tall Windows

If your home is equipped with a number of corridors to connect the rooms, you can use tall windows on its side to create a “wider” impression in a narrow corridor area. This method is widely applied in luxurious private villas and top celebrity mansions.

You can adopt this method on a smaller scale at home. Make sure that the corridor faces directly to your garden or the courtyard so it will display such beautiful scenery.

5. Use Draperies or Light Curtains to Insulate the Windows

One of the negative effects of the installation of tall windows is privacy issues that sometimes cause discomfort for homeowners. In addition, solar radiation from the sun can also make the house feel hotter in the summer.

As a solution, you can use draperies or light curtains to cover the windows. These covers not only act as protectors but also as a fashion statement of your dwelling.

6. Creating a Door using Floor to Ceiling Windows

You can make direct access to the outer part of the house by making one part of the floor to ceiling windows at home as a door. You are free to determine where the glass door is made. You can also use a unique door model such as a sliding door or automatic door.

7. Dividing Large Space into Smaller Window Frames

Window sizes that are too large are sometimes disliked by some people. If you are a homeowner who doesn’t like it, you can divide the available space into several windows.

You can insulate those windows by providing separator features such as window frames, semi-permanent walls, or mirrors so that the room looks wider. You can even change some parts of the window and turn it into a door as mentioned above.

8. Elevate Your Windows Style by Using Different Shapes and Looks

Floor to ceiling windows do not have to be plain and square. Currently, there are various unique window models that you can use, ranging from oval, rectangular, to hexagonal. You only need to adjust the size of the available space and match it with your personal taste.

You can also add special decorations to the window such as coloring some parts of it, adding curtains, and providing new-stylish custom frames.

Finally, you should understand that renovating your windows requires time, effort, and a fair amount of money. Therefore, you have to do the renovation only if you have made a thorough preparation.













12+ Exceptional Ideas of The Cherry Kitchen Cabinets in Modern Kitchen

Renovating the kitchen is not as easy as you might think. There are many elements that must be considered to ensure that the kitchen function optimally while maintaining a stylish design. One of the elements that can improve the overall quality of your kitchen is the use of cherry kitchen cabinets.

The cabinets are a favorite because of their warm tones and elegant look. This furniture is known to be very versatile. It can be combined with various modern kitchen interior styles without changing the original concept.

If you are eager to elevate your kitchen’s utility and looks, these 12+ exceptional cherry kitchen cabinets ideas will match your purpose perfectly:

1. Be Natural

Cherry wood has a bright and attractive default pattern. Its color is very suitable to be a complement to various modern kitchen concepts, such as a minimalist, country, or farmhouse style kitchen. In other words, you don’t actually need to make any changes to the original color.

However, If you want to give a different touch of style to the furniture made from cherry wood, you can use neutral colors like white, dark brown, or gray to maintain the “sturdy” impression of it.

2. Multi-level Cherry Cabinets for Better Utilization

Cherry wood furniture is known to have good durability and sturdy properties. You can take advantage of these types of furniture by using a multi-level cabinet consisting of stacking drawers.

Multi-level stacking drawers will optimize the storage space in your kitchen. The sturdy cherry wood will also provide extra protection for cooking utensils that you store in the cabinet. You don’t need to hesitate to place heavy items in it because the cabinet is very reliable to use.

3. Choose Wisely: Replacing or Remodeling?

If you already have a quality kitchen cabinet, it’s good to consider remodeling instead of buying a new cabinet. By making a few modifications, you can turn your old cabinet into a unique cherry-like cabinet.

If your old cabinet is already unfit for use or is unlikely to be modified, you can buy a new cabinet that fits the kitchen’s interior design. However, make sure that you have enough budget to buy a quality replacement.

4. Protective Surface for Extra Protection and Better Artistic Value

The bare surface of the cabinet made from cherry wood will look flat and less attractive. In addition, the bare surface of the wood can be easily exposed to some “risky materials” in the kitchen such as oil or sauce spills. These things are known to cause permanent stains to your cabinet.

To provide extra protection, you can use additional layers at the top of the cabinet. Some additional materials that you can use are glass, fiberglass, natural stone, and industrial wood.

5. The Importance of Color Contrast

Color contrast can cause different effects even though the furniture you use is the same. To optimize the elegant impression of cherry kitchen cabinets, you must be smart in adjusting the color contrast in the kitchen.

Use bright white paint on the ceiling to light up the room. In addition, you should use soft colors on the floor like light brown or cream to highlight the natural texture of cherry wood in your kitchen cabinet.

6. Use Multi-Color Cherry Wood Cabinets

If you want to have a rather colorful kitchen display, you can use multi-color cherry wood cabinets in the kitchen. The typical cherry wood textures will still give a “sturdy” impression to the kitchen even though you don’t use its natural colors.

However, use contrasting colors, so the kitchen doesn’t look strange. For example, you can use black and white, gray and cream or brown and white contrast to elevate the looks on your kitchen cabinets.

7. Small Decoration Creates a Big Impression

Small decorations can make big changes if done correctly and effectively. This concept also applies to the interior design of the kitchen in your home.

Solid impression on cherry wood can sometimes look too stiff. To overcome this, you can use several decorative items such as flower vases, fruit baskets, and hanging lamps. Use striking colors to make them look more attractive.

8. Transparent Cabinet for Distinctive Look

If you want a distinctive look on your cherry wood cabinets, try using a transparent glass cover in some parts of it. The glass cover will make your cabinet look bright and charming.

However, a transparent glass cover will reveal the content of your cabinet. Therefore, you have to make sure that the kitchen utensils in the cabinets are arranged perfectly in an orderly manner.

Finally, based on the some ideas above, it can be concluded that elevating the cherry kitchen cabinets can be done in multiple ways. Regardless of all the ideas above, you can also try to be creative to find the most effective ways to use the cherry cabinet in your kitchen.

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