Abyssinian Guinea Pig – A Guide for Owner

The Abyssinian Guinea Pig is among one of the most popular as well as recognizeable breeds of guinea pig in the world. They can be any type of shade in the guinea pig rainbow and also breed conveniently with various other types of guinea pigs. The only difference in between an Abyssinian and also various other breeds of guinea pig is the coat appearance and also growth pattern.

Abyssinian guinea pigs are typical. They are a kind of guinea pig with a distinct hairdo that includes natural rosettes, and also they can be found in a range of colours, from albino and agouti to dalmation and tortoiseshell.

The character of the Abyssinian guinea pig is also various– they are bolder, quirkier, louder, livelier, a lot more spirited and extra intense than various other guinea pig, hence they make fantastic animals.

Owning an Abyssinian guinea pig as an animal is a fantastic bonding experience for both adults and children– they are adorable as well as interesting and also need much less cleansing, but just as much love. Abyssinians are happiest when they have various other guinea pig buddies, mindful proprietors, normal outdoor time, activity (that’s why they excel with kids) and also some variation in regular.

Abyssinians are affectionate and react well to training. They could reproduce with other sorts of guinea pig, although the spawn might have blended outcomes. Caring for an Abyssinian is very easy– a little additional focus paid, plus some added cleaning as well as grooming is all that is required along with normal guinea pig treatment.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Beginning

Abyssinian Guinea Pig
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Guinea pigs are indigenous to South The U.S.A., where five different varieties can be found in the Andean areas. The forefather of the domesticated guinea pig is the wild guinea pig Cavia Porcellus, which is believed to have descended from C. tschudi or C. aperea (researchers are divided on which one, though there is very little difference between the two).

Coming from the same family as porcupines, chinchillas as well as capybaras, guinea pigs remain in a different classification to rodents such as rats and also computer mice. They are grazing animals and virtually entirely based on grass for both food and also shelter in the wild. The grasslands of the lower inclines of the Andes are the all-natural environment of the cavies of Peru from which the familiar pet dog guinea pig (cavies) are believed to have stemmed.

From Columbia as well as Venezuela to Brazil as well as north Argentina, guinea pig normally populate rocky areas, grasslands, swamps and also the sides of forests, and are most energetic at night when they appear to forage.

The colour of wild guinea pig has the tendency to be grey or brownish (like the salt and pepper colour of Agoutis) and does not differ as high as tamed guinea pigs. Reproduced in captivity, guinea pig development resulted in many different colours, layer types and also mixes. The harsh haired Abyssinian guinea pig is an instance of among these types.

Where would certainly The Call Come From?

The genuine mystery bordering Abyssinian guinea pig  is just why they are called Abyssininan guinea pig. They are not and also never were from Abyssinina (which is the old name for Ethiopia). They likewise share no similarity to an Abyssinian pet cat.

All tamed guinea pig are from South The U.S.A., spefically Peru and Patagonia. The very first guinea pigs to reach Europe were in the sixteenth century as well as cost a lot of money (perhaps a guinea?) Possibly anything unique was offered an international name of an international nation fashionable in England at the time– Abyssinia. However, all guinea pigs are neither from Guinea neither are they pigs (they are rats).

Maybe the Abyssinans themselves assumed they were from Africa as well as whispered there stories in the ears of human beings as they rested. Well, I think that’s just how Olga described it.

Nevertheless they got the name, it has actually stuck. I made use of to have a book on guinea pigs created in the very early 1900s, and also the type Abyssinian was prominately stated.

How Old Is the Type?

All at once, guinea pig have been around for millenia. There are records suggesting that guinea pigs were domesticated as early as 5000 BC in South America. They were brought to Europe by Spanish seafarers to be made use of as exotic pets in the 1500s.

The earliest created record indicating their usage as pet dogs in Europe is dated from 1547 ADVERTISEMENT. The earliest created documents of guinea pigs in the West occurred in 1554 AD, although there are accounts of them in the Caribbean from about 500 BC.

When it comes to the Abyssinian breed specifically, it’s tough to determine specifically when the first appearance took place. Abyssinians are taken into consideration among the earliest breeds, yet determining an actual day of their look is hard.

It is feasible that they initially appeared in Europe in between 1200-1550 AD when guinea pigs were first proactively bred to generate new types that appropriated as exotic animals. To review various other research study aiming to pinpoint the introduction of the Abyssinian type, check out the British Cavy Council.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Characteristic

The major quality of the Abyssinian’s layer pattern is that it growth in twirls formally called “rosettes”. They come in differing stages of recognizeability. Many Abyssininans look like they have moustaches, a cap as well as a tutu on.

Program Abyssinians need to have a minimum of 8 plainly defineable rosettes about the body. The sides of the rosettes should be “crisp” or look like a conveniently specified line. The rosettes should be symmetrically put along the body (ideally, if you are planning to reveal Abysinian guinea pig).

The coat texture is generally described as “harsh” and also “severe”, however it still is a great deal softer than sandpaper, which is usually just what I take the meaning of “rough”. Abyssinians are very pettable and also, with mild training, really affectionate. Some also develop as “lap pigs”.

The Unique Abyssinian Coat

The hair of an Abyssinian guinea pig is straight as well as crude and also withstands a height of 3cm (1.5 inches) throughout the body. The hair swirls around in guaranteed “rosette” patterns and also often there is a ridge of fur meeting from various instructions on the back.

Some Abyssinians resemble they have a moustache, or various other functions and “clothes” as a result of the different colours and hair behaviour.

The Abyssinian rosette genetics is a leading genetics, which means that reproducing a smooth haired guinea pig and also an Abyssinian will typically lead to baby partial Abyssinians.

Crossbreeding in this way means that occasionally there could only be 1 or 2 rosettes as the dominant genetics is combined with the recessive smooth haired one.

Abyssinians bred from two parent Abyssinians (purebreds) with the leading rosette genetics have more rosettes on their body and are preferable for competing in shows.

Hues Range of Abyssinian Guinea Pigs

A “brindle” Abyssinian sits smoothly. Abyssinians come in a wide range of colors, including multi-colors. “Brindles” have a well-distributed mix of black as well as red hairs as well as could be divided right into 2 various sub-categories: light brindles and dark brindles. Their specific category truly depends upon how much red or black they have as well as the shading of the coat.

On the other hand, “Tortoiseshells” have patches of colors. They’ll probably have areas of black and also red throughout the body without balanced patterns.

The “Roans” have a coat including mixtures of the white shade. They are categorized as Strawberry Roans or Blue Roans. The Strawberry has a layer containing white as well as red hairs, while heaven has a mix of white and black hairs.

Finally, the “Selfs” just have a strong color. It could be entirely white, red, black, or a few other rarer shades also.

I intend to keep in mind that you ought to never breed two Roan Abyssinians due to the fact that they have actually a gene connected to hereditary contortions when bred with each other. They could mate with other Abyssinian colors, just not another Roan.

The Abyssinian Guinea Pig Individuality

Abyssinian guinea pigs have loud individualities– they work as definite individuals with their own characteristics, habits as well as traits. I have actually possessed both Abyssinian and also smooth haired guinea pigs and also the smooth haired ones tended to be shyer and also quieter, while the Abyssinians are a lot more like leaders. Men have a much more intense character compared to the females, yet whether this is because of hormonal agents is unknown. This strength could be interpreted as naughtiness or aggressiveness, but it is really just part of their behaviour.

One of my Abyssinians (Milo) was put in an exterior cage for his morning meal grass. Whether it was the audio of birdsong or an abrupt longing for more firm, he determined to squeal extremely loudly across the yard– I might hear him inside as well as appeared to find out just what the fuss was about! When placed a metre away from various other guinea pigs, Milo would “scream” at them while they squeaked silently back. He could be quite loud at times, as any kind of females or even brand-new guinea pigs within ten metres were mercilessly teased with, with accompanying noises.

My other Abyssinian, Theodopoulos, also had an unusual nature. He grew to such as the pats I gave him and wanted to show that he liked them so much that he would keel in reverse in a loosened up, wonderful way right into my hand from a straightforward head rub. He additionally wanted to be carried about on my palm, limply hanging his legs off, like a feline (really unusual practices for a guinea pig). Visitors were impressed at his dedication to me.

Theodopoulos would certainly jump up in his indoor cage as well as “talk” to me, attempting to get food, water, rubs or action. He would certainly depend on his back legs as well as hold himself up on the wall surfaces with his paws to find out exactly what was taking place. Both of my Abyssinians were not worried to find beyond their exterior sanctuaries as well as see just what I was doing in the garden. They often observed me and other pets. The smooth haireds I possessed would certainly hide away for a long period of time before being endure enough ahead out as well as would certainly scoot back inside the shelter if other animals showed up.

Lots of people on the guinea pig online forums I check out also concur that the Abyssinian character is fairly lively as well as stands apart from various other guinea pig types.

Program Quality Abyssinian Guinea Pig

An Abyssinian guinea pig taking part in competitive shows has more rosettes compared to regular family pet guinea pigs. Having rosettes in the ideal areas (4 on the saddle, 2 on each leg and also one on each shoulder as a minimum) for an overall of eight to ten rosettes gives an Abyssinian guinea pig a great chance of racking up greater, as does having correct colouration.

Rosettes need to be plainly specified, with crisp edges as well as be symmetrically put along the body.

Acquiring a program quality Abyssinian guinea pig generally involves contacting an expert breeder, that could generate proof of an undisturbed genetic line of pure-blooded Abyssinians.

For more details regarding rosette placement as well as show high quality standards, call your regional Cavy Breeders Organization.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Treatment

It is easy to look after an Abyssinian. They require the very same treatment as other guinea pig, in terms of feeding, exercise and housing.

You might find that they like to have even more interest as well as get lonesome and bored quickly if there are no buddies or stroking proprietors around. They can additionally obtain moody as well as clinically depressed if their basic demands for focus are not satisfied, if their diet regimen is uninteresting, or if they are stopped from going outdoors consistently, and also this will certainly be obvious by their absence of enthusiasm and hostility to being cuddled.

The very best remedy for this is to pay more focus on your Abyssinian as well as entail others in cuddling it as well. Allow it have another guinea pig buddy to talk with and also have fun with. Offer your guinea pig more fascinating things to consume and let it hang out outside on a daily basis. Guinea pig toys could likewise be useful, however stroking and also making life intriguing jobs much better.

Just like all guinea pigs that have longer fur, heats in summer season could be an issue for Abyssinians. Think of living through a hot summer with a hair layer on! That’s what it can be like for them, so on specifically hot days, it is a great idea to give cooling foods (such as refridgerated carrots, watermelon as well as cold water). You could additionally provide a bath and also a fan to cool them down.

Many guinea pig don’t such as bathrooms, but if you try warming the water to a warm temperature, letting the guinea pig placed its feet in all-time low of the tub and only filling up the water to breast height, you’ll locate that bath time doesn’t have to be a battle. Don’t use scented products– a neutral soap or hair shampoo is ideal. After the bathroom, wrap your Abyssinian in a towel and carefully rub its fur completely dry, then place it in front of a fan to cool it down in heat.

For a lot of the time, your Abyssinian probably won’t require a bathroom. They prefer to brush themselves as well as they favor their own scent as well as hair oils to manufactured ones. But occasionally, if they smell instead highly, it is advisable to give them a bathroom to wash off too much skin cell buildup and also advertise better skin and hair (not to mention you will certainly seem like patting them extra!).

An additional great way to offer an Abyssinian attention is to brush its hair with a soft brush or even a tooth brush. They like the feeling of this type of grooming and will happily sit for hrs while you do their hair. This is not a need of taking care of an Abyssinian, as the only place an Abyssinian will certainly get knots is on their rear, when they age and also compaction could occur (a blockage of faeces in the rectum). Yet cleaning your Abyssinian’s layer will certainly decrease fungal infections.

Maintaining your Abyssinian tidy once in a while will make it really feel happier and also it will obtain the optimum amount of interest from the home!

Abyssinian Guinea Pigs Diet

Again, Abyssinians do not vary from other breeds. They need an ample supply of grass hay that should always be available. Ideally, they should get 75% of their diet regimen from grass hay, such as Timothy hay. They additionally need high-quality guinea pig pellets (1/8– 1/4 mug per cavy each day), fresh, clean water (a minimum of 5 ounces each day), sufficient Vitamin C (30-50 mg per 2-pound animal daily), fresh vegetables (everyday) and also fresh fruit (a minimum of 1-2 times each week).

At What Age Can Abyssinian Guinea Pigs Type?

A male Abyssinian guinea pig (boar) could successfully mate at 3 weeks old. A woman (sow) can be sexually fully grown as well as be able to get expectant at 4 weeks of age.

For how long Do Abyssinian Guinea Pigs Live?

Abyssinian guinea pig share the exact same lifespan as most other guinea pigs. The typical life expectancy is 5-7 years. However, as in all animals, it’s just that– a standard. Life expectancy relies on numerous factors– setting, diet, private genes, and so on. Some will not make it to 5 years of age, while others will certainly live much longer.

A guinea pig from Nottinghamshire, England named Snowball lived to be 14 years, 10 months, as well as 2 weeks old. (Guinness Globe Records 2013 edited by Craig Glenday, p. 263).

What Are Their Specific Health Issues?

Like all guinea pigs, if Abyssinian guinea pigs don’t obtain sufficient Vitamin C in their diet plan, they could create scurvy. As for Abyssinians specifically, a research done by David Williams and also Ann Sullivan in 2010 found that Abyssinians had a greater event of eye troubles than various other breeds, especially, microphthalmos (tiny eyes, often leading to blindness) as well as cataracts. Along with boosted danger of ocular illness, Abyssinians as a breed have a higher tendency to creating diabetes mellitus and ovarian cysts.

What Type of Housing Do Abyssinian Guinea Pigs Demand?

Abyssinians do not vary from any other type of guinea pig They require ample area to move, a location to hide where they could feel secure. They require a smooth-bottomed cage or living location so they don’t establish feet issues. At the really minimal, a solitary guinea pig ought to have a cage no smaller sized than 2 square feet, but many cavy organizations suggest no less than 7.5 square feet of area (30 in. x 36 in). A bigger location would certainly be perfect.


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