Silkie Guinea Pig – Everything About Silkie Guinea Pigs

Silkie Guinea Pig – Probably my favorite breed, the ever-so popular Silkie guinea pigs has the hairstyle of a Hollywood star. With enchanting personalities matched by gorgeous locks of hair, is it truly unusual why this guinea pig breed has come to be so popular? We certainly do not believe so.

In addition to being popular residential pets, they have ended up being a lot more popular program guinea pigs. They tend to do very well at these program competitions as a result of their undeniable visual looks, which captivates program courts all over the world.

Qualities of the Silkie Guinea Pig

silkie guinea pig

The incredibly appealing Silkie has hair unlike any other type of guinea pigs. Their locks of hair are really soft and glossy, making them great for kids to pet dog and communicate with. The Silkie’s layer is pretty much the opposite of the Teddy guinea pigs coat, which is brief and harsh.

They have lengthy straight hair like the Peruvian, however rather than having hair cover their head, the Silkie’s hair sweeps back over their head. It in fact looks like the hair had been styled that way intentionally. As well as, it truly appears like a sort of hair-do that I make sure Leonardo Di’ caprio must of contended one factor in his occupation. In such a way, it looks like the mane of a lion.

Although the Silkie’s hair isn’t really as lengthy as a Peruvian’s hair, it obtains longer towards the rear. If you observe them from the top, they in fact look like the shape of a teardrop. And because of this uncommon form, it’s sparked some innovative guinea pigs names for the Silkie, such as, you guessed it: “drop.”.

If you’re fortunate adequate to find a Silkie with a satin layer, you’ll observe they have much softer as well as shinier hair compared to the regular Silkies.

Among all the guinea pig types, the Silkie is recognized for being one of the most mild. They have actually a really relaxeded individuality as well as may appear like timid creatures in the beginning. It might take them a bit longer than other guinea pigs to heat up to you. So I would certainly suggest attempting more challenging by approaching them with foods as well as treats to get them out of their cage as well as comfortable being around people for the first time.

Origins of the Silkie Guinea Pig

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As you may have guessed, the silkie guinea pigs was given its name because of their “smooth” smooth hair. Nevertheless, people from Europe call them Sheltie guinea pigs instead. Why the Europeans called them Shelties when they wased initially discovered is still a secret today.

A reasonably brand-new breed, the Silkie was found in the 1970’s around the exact same time as the Skinny pig. They were initially bred in the United Kingdom as outcome of crossbreeding a “Self Black” guinea pigs with a Peruvian. The reason for reproducing these 2 kinds of guinea pigs may have been for experimental factors like exactly how all the other exotic types were discovered.

After producing such an unique as well as attractive guinea pig, they soon began to reproduce them as domestic pets. The Silkies rapidly got a great deal of recognition and also appeal and also currently have actually come to be home family pets discovered worldwide.

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Silkie Guinea Pig Treatment

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Although this type make great pet dogs for children to have fun with because of exactly how soft and also manageable they are, I would not recommend them as pet dogs for children to own. In order to keep their silky smooth hair healthy, they need continuous grooming each day. These are high maintenance pet dogs. So, if you’re a liable grownup or teenage happy to handle all the grooming for a small children, after that a Silkie would certainly be excellent for them.

I would certainly attempt to brush their hair a minimum of daily. Without doing so, the smooth hair will eventually tangle as well as may trigger a great deal of discomfort to your animal when it comes time to disentangling it. This indicates that you should get your Silkie comfortable with being cleaned day-to-day at an early age. Keep in mind, all guinea pigs like timetables. When you obtain them right into the routine of being cleaned, they’ll in fact look forward to it.

I don’t recommend a lot of guinea pigs take bathrooms, yet doing so sometimes can be really valuable to Silkies specifically. Due to the nature of their coat, showering could really maintain their hair extra glossy constantly. But don’t go off dunking your Silkie into a dish of water yet, the correct technique required for this particular type is called “area cleaning.”.

You need to always utilize a damp garment to clean down their layer as opposed to showering them in a dish of water. This ought to be done at the very least once a month, although I advise doing this every few weeks or two. As well as like with cleaning, ensure you start this procedure early in their lives, so they do not squirm so much when you wish to clean them.

This guinea pig’s diet regimen ought to be consisted of mainly of Timothy hay, food pellets, water, Vitamin C and also scrumptious fruits as well as veggies. Proper cage configuration and exercise is still the same as other type. Ensure to give them a lot of area for workout and keep them amused to ensure that they’re happy little animals.

If you have any type of questions concerning the Silkie guinea pig or caring for them, leave a remark in the area listed below as well as I’ll get back to you soon.




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