Peruvian Guinea Pig – Treatment Guide, Tips & Type Information

Peruvian Guinea Pig – The Peruvian guinea pig is the utmost ice-breaker for friends and family coming over for supper. This majestic-looking guinea pig with long, flowing hair is really an unique type of guinea pig and not your ordinary home family pet. Compared to the common American guinea pig, the Peruvian is practically like an unicorn cavy.

Although the Peruvian has an energised, sharp and general excellent individuality, there are a great deal of things to consider before you make a decision to choose one up. For appropriate guinea pig care with this type, it will call for a great deal of time– mostly spent on pet grooming. Let’s better investigate the Peruvian guinea pig.

Peruvian Guinea Pig Origins

Where did these amazing guinea pigs appear from? And how did their coat hair get as long? As a result of exactly how unique the Peruvian guinea pig looks, some might believe that they were reproduced in a laboratory, like the Skinny Pig. But really, they are native to South America. Particularly, they are believed to stem from nations such as Bolivia, Argentina and certainly, Peru. For this reason, Peruvian guinea pig.

Yet these pets were not always preferred pet dogs, specifically when they were just in South The U.S.A.. Back in the 16th century, Peruvian guinea pig were brought back by French European investors to France to be tamed. It was thought that the Peruvians came to the UK through France. And from there, this breed began to acquire appeal among households as well as households worldwide.

peruvian guinea pig

Quick Facts About the Peruvian Guinea Pig

  • The Peruvian is a non-self coloured guinea pig
  • They are classed as a breed of their own
  • The Peruvian is among the oldest breeds on the planet
  • They come from Peru, Argentina and Bolivia
  • The Peruvian boasts long hair that grows and covers their entire face
  • They boast gorgeous long coats with rosettes
  • Peruvian are born with short hair and two rosettes
  • Their coats need to be regularly and frequently trimmed
  • Grooming and spot cleaning are a must to keep their coats looking good and tangle-free
  • Many breeders who show Peruvian guinea pigs wrap their long coats in curlers which are referred to as wrappers
  • Peruvians in the wild live in numbers and often chew on each other’s hair which is a behaviour called “barbering”
  • These delightful cavies come in all sorts of colours with the more popular one being the tricolour of white, cream and slate!
  • Their coats can get to 20 inches long!
  • When first born, it is very easy to mistake a Peruvian for an Abyssinian guinea pig but after around 5 months they get their very unique and distinguished look

Peruvian Guinea Pig Qualitie

The Peruvian guinea pig is obviously not your daily cavy. They have special physical features that make them additional special. For example, the Peruvian can grow to be an instead large guinea pig, generally larger compared to any other breed. However regardless of their bigger dimension, they have an unusually small head compared to other breeds like the American.

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Peruvian Guinea Pig Hair

peruvian guinea pig breeders

The most significant characteristic is their long locks of hair, producing a stunning coat. It’s not a surprise that the globe record for lengthiest hair on a guinea pig layer is the 20 inches on a Peruvian. I would not suggest expanding out your Peruvian’s hair this lengthy since it would certainly call for a great deal of brushing work with the day-to-day basis.

A great deal of people get them combined with Silkie guinea pigs due to the fact that they both have long straight hair, however they are actually very various. A Silkie’s hair brushes up back as well as over its head, whereas a Peruvian will certainly have its hair split at the top of the head as well as part along the spine. When their hair is completely grown out, it’s sort of tough to inform where the head is. Just compare the pictures of the two, you’ll see it!

While the leading layer of the coat could mature to 20 inches long, the lower layer will not expand more than 7 inches long. They are similar to the Abyssinian guinea pig however have much longer hair and also have two rosettes rather than 6 to 8. Likewise, if you intend to show your Peruvian guinea pig at competitions, both rosettes are required.

Peruvian Guinea Pig Layer Color styles

The layer can be available in a large range of shades as well as patterns. There are single colored Peruvian guinea pigs, which are known as “self” Peruvians. Although it is not unusual to see one with two shades, a tri-colored Peruvian is the rarest. In fact, they are the preferred layer pattern option for those that intend to show their guinea pig.

The most common shades seen in this breed consists of white, dark brown, light brown or even black. I have actually seen grey tinted layers, but they are not typical.

Peruvian Guinea Pig Character

The Peruvian Cavy have been understood to be really interested little pests. Some guinea pig breeds are really shy when it pertains to exploring, however that’s not the case with most Peruvians. And although this could seem like a negative personality type for a victim animal, they are also really alert and knowledgeable about their environments. They don’t just thoughtlessly discover.

A PeruvianĀ guinea pig is a loving cavy that extensively delights in the company of people. Spend some time out of your day to play with them as well as they will really enjoy you. After they end up being comfortable with you, you’ll listen to all kinds of guinea pig sounds.

They are a very social breed, so it might be a good idea to provide a cage mate. Just make certain the cage is large enough to prevent any cage supremacy and also battles.

Peruvian Guinea Pig Care

peruvian guinea pig care

As you might have thought, the biggest problem with this breed is the long-haired coat. They call for a great deal of treatment, especially with the pet grooming.

The best point to do is to aim to keep their cage and also environment clean. The lengthy hairs tend to grab a lot of particles and dirt in the room, just from walking around. There is no way to avoid this, you just should keep the cage tidy as well as minimize the quantity of stuff stuck in their layers.

Naturally, the Peruvian guinea pig should be groomed like no other. Daily brushing of the hair is essential and some proprietors also clean twice a day. Cleaning is for clearing out the debris in the coat, yet it additionally functions as a means to keep their hair from tangling. If your Peruvian’s hair tangles, it can trigger a great deal of stress on them by making it really awkward.

As for food and diet, they will certainly consume like most guinea pig. There is no special diet needs for the Peruvian guinea pig. This implies, high quality pellets, a great deal of timothy hay with the occasional Vitamin C because their bodies cannot naturally generate this vital vitamin. Do not hesitate to feed some fruits like apples as deals with periodically. It is very important to note that these animals are herbivores, meaning they just consume plant. Do not feed them anything else.

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Who is the Peruvian Guinea Pig For?

I would certainly not recommend the Peruvian guinea pig for toddlers, rather explore American guinea pigs. This type is normally increased by enthusiasts and/or grownups with adequate time to take care of them. It’s the reason they typically aren’t as preferred regardless of the numerous pros.

If you intend to display a guinea pig in competitors, this is a great breed to check into. Simply make certain you could allot adequate time to do so.

Where to Discover a Peruvian guinea pig Available for sale?

I won’t exist, it’s instead tough to find a Peruvian. Large business animal shops or even small regional stores don’t typically bring this type. And also they aren’t precisely the most typical breeds found at guinea pig rescues.

Nonetheless, with a little of research study, you will certainly be able to find some guinea pig reproducing clubs or specialized Peruvian breeders that may or might not be around your location. If you really want one, simply keep looking. They typically aren’t difficult to locate, however when you do, they’ll deserve your time.




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