Guinea Pig Life Span – How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live – As compared to the all-too-brief 1-2 year life-span of a guinea pigs are reasonably lengthy lived little guys, with a typical life expectancy of regarding five years, and they can live also much longer. If you’re trying to find a brand-new rodent pal, bear in mind that a guinea pig is a much longer dedication than some of his relatives.

There are a variety of various elements which affect the length of a guinea pigs life, including her health, breed, diet plan, psychological wellness, as well as personal genetics.

Total Health and wellness

Watch on your guinea pig for indications of injury or disease. There are a variety of different diseases as well as problems which could impact your guinea pigs lifespan. Nevertheless, many of these concerns can be effectively dealt with if they’re captured early. This is especially vital as guinea pigs could not take most anti-biotics, so treatment must be taken care of without their use. See to it you review these 3 details points on how you could assist our your little person!

Analyze your guinea’s feet for red patches and swellings. Bumblefoot, a disease that impacts guinea pig feet, can create major infections.

Disordered teeth can make it impossible for your guinea pig to eat properly, as well as can cause other issues too. Ensure you piggy has something to eat on, as this assists her naturally use her teeth down, as well as take her to the physician instantly if her teeth are disordered.

Watch for other symptoms, as well as go to the veterinarian if you see: Your guinea pigs rejecting food or water, having difficulty breathing, sneezing, eye discharge, a messy or foul-smelling layer, tiredness, diarrhea, or any other uncommon habits. Guinea Pig Life Span

brown as well as white guinea pigs


Typical lifespan can differ rather depending on the breed of the guinea pig. While general guinea pigs have a typical life-span of five years, some breeds live a bit longer. For example, hairless guinea pigs live an average of 7 to 8 years!

Diet plan & Nutrition

An excellent diet will certainly sustain your hog buddy’s general wellness, and also can help to avoid particular health issue– which will certainly cause a longer-lived, happier pig!

Feed your guinea high quality hay and limitation pellets.
Pellets are extremely simple, yet they’re no replacement for just what should be the foundation of your piggy’s diet: fresh, premium quality grass hay, like timothy. Your guinea pigs need to have an endless quantity of hay available. If possible, purchase your guinea pigs hay from a local farm or store, as well as have it offered to your guinea in any way times. Avoid hay that is dusty, dry, lacking a green color or versatility, or is musty. Also, make certain your guinea is getting a good hay mix for its age and needs:

Young (< 4 months), pregnant, and also nursing piggies could have an alfalfa mix (50% alfalfa, 50% timothy). This is mix is high in calcium and also inappropriate for adult, non-pregnant or non-nursing guinea pigs.
Grownup, non-pregnant, and non-nursing piggies should have reduced calcium hays, like timothy and orchardgrass hay– no alfalfa hay in all.

Guinea Pig Life Span

guinea pig life span

Your guinea’s pellets should be especially created guinea pigs, and also consist just of hay & added vitamins or nutrients. Pellets are an excellent choice for helping your guinea pig obtain enough vitamin C, as stated below. 1/8 to 1/4 cup of pellets daily is recommended. Guinea Pig Life Span

Make sure your guinea pigs gets sufficient vitamin C.
Humans can’t make their own vitamin C, and neither can their piggy chums, which means you’ll need to make sure your guinea pigs is obtaining his everyday dosage. If his pellets don’t contain enough, or if he isn’t really consuming enough of them, supplement with powder or tablet vitamin C made specifically for guinea pigs. Vitakraft brand Vitamin C tablet computers are created guinea pigs, and also are available at major pet retail chains.

Include variety with veggies and herbs

guinea pig eating vegetables

As much as one cup of herbs as well as vegetables– ideally no fruit, though we know how tempting it is to treat them!– can be fed to your guinea pig daily. Guinea Pig Life Span

Mental Wellness

While guinea pigs may seem much lower maintenance than a pet dog or cat, in terms of their psychological or emotional well-being, it is necessary to keep in mind that guinea pigs are social animals. Friendship is essential to their psychological wellness, and also their mental and psychological health might effectively influence life-span.

how long do guinea pigs live

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If your schedule does not enable you to spend top quality time with your guinea pigs, or if it seems too shy to bond very closely with humans, you might wish to think about obtaining a 2nd piggy.

Make sure you piggies are either neutered/spayed or the exact same sex, or you’ll end up with more guinea pigs than you know just what to do with!
Present your brand-new pig to your present guinea pig slowly; strange piggies could combat. Location the new guinea pigs cage next to your current cage, so that they could end up being comfy with seeing, hearing, and also scenting one another.

Personal Genes

Some guinea pigs are just wired to live longer than others, as well as we typically aren’t precisely certain why yet. The lengthiest lived guinea pig on document lived to be 15 years of ages! So, there’s a component of good luck involved in the length of time your guinea pigs lives, also.

Do your best to give your little piggy with the very best foods, great deals of love, and lots of careful attention to her needs. Oh, and remember to take pleasure in every moment you have with her– whether it be five or fifteen years!


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